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So at our 19 week U/S we clearly saw something that looked like a penis-and were told "it's a boy!" My mother being the happy grandma-has taken over the clothing department and has sent us a box of "boy clothes". We are talking blue-lots of it, and onesies that say "Thank Heaven for Little Boys" Besides the gag factor (we wanted more gender neutral stuff-politics, but I'm grateful for my mom's generosity!) both DP and I looked at each other and said what if the U/S was wrong? I know girls are really boys sometimes-but can boys really be girls?

So I know that this is pregnancy anxiety-but how often are girls mistaken for boys?

Karen, mother to a wonderful active three year old.
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I think it probably depends on a number of good a look the tech got, for one thing, and the skill of the ultrasonographer. (If that's a word) I think the age of the machine has a lot to do with how clear a picture you get. I had a recent 2d ultrasound, and it was a brand new machine. The clarity of the pictures was pretty phenomenal.

I'm a born skeptic. I'll believe it when I see it with my own eyes, Earthside. You can always do what I am doing (and did with DD) and leave the tags on almost everything! Tell Mom to please keep receipts just in case. If she's anything like my mom, she loves to shop and wouldn't mind getting to shop all over again to make exchanges.
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Sure, they can always be wrong, and there are always stories from people who have had it be wrong, or know someone who has. However, a skilled ultrasound tech looking right at a penis is probably going to be right on.
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My female friend (younger than I, obviously) was "very definately!" a boy.
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I have two boys already and just found out that we are having a third. The tech only got a quick look and the doctor wasn't able to confirm that it was a boy because the baby changed position soon after. I actually think the tech would be able to tell better than the doc anyway - lol. But, my point is that if she was wrong and we do have a girl, she will be a little girl dressed in boy clothes for the first several months! All we have is boys clothes and I don't intend to buy new baby clothes.
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My ds was "Charlotte" until the day he was born. We were told by u/s at 20w that it was a girl. Take it from me, just don't take the tags off! And baby boys/girls don't care about the color of their clothes! My ds still wears pink PJs and is right now wearing a pink ballerina dress over his clothes, LOL!
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I was just about to post the same question. I just had a sono this morning, and it looked like a girl to me (and also to the tech) because of the lines between the legs. anyone know if the lines are a pretty good indication of it being a girl?
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Dh's cousin was told it was "definitely" a girl on the ultrasound, suprise! Boy!

Jessika, wife to Turbo, mommy to Codi (12/04), Kayce (8/08), Colten (10/10), and a new little stork-suprise.gif coming 12/13 .

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I think unless I see the gender myself, I don't trust it.

With my boys, it was obvious. I mean, every single angle the tech looked (and we looked a lot at the boys, since they were a surprise twin pg discovered at 20.1 weeks) - there was def. two penis'! And with my DD, I questioned it a bit more - but the tech looked a few times and we saw the obvious hamburger shot, so I went with - though still didn't 100% believe it, since I thought I'd be a mother to three boys and not two boys and a girl.
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I have wondered as well, since all the reading I have done had told me that the tech should be able to see the gender by our first ultrasound. She thought it was a girl, but it was too early to tell. Then at the next appt she said "definitely" a boy. Of course my mom had already bought pink.

If you want some fun, here is a website that fascinates me. I have taken the quiz more than once. I am not affiliated, btw.
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I just had my very first u/s last week, at 37 weeks pregnant (midwife was worried the baby wasn't growing enough, turned out baby's right on track) Anyway, I saw the testicles with my own eyes and there was no mistaking it.

But, I think it the u/s had been done earlier in pregnancy I would be more skeptical about the gender. And, like lots of others replying have said there are so many variables with the u/s's!
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These stories make me nervous. I want to know, and I want it to be accurate!
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I've only heard of people being told that it's a girl when really it's a boy. I've never heard of someone being told it's a boy but really it's a girl. A good sonographer can tell the difference between a penis and the cord/leg/arm.

Mommy to THREE sweet boys & ONE sweet girl + a newb due in February!  I need a nap. 
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