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kaje62's Avatar kaje62 01:52 AM 07-27-2003
moving this down.

Wooby's Avatar Wooby 01:21 PM 07-27-2003
It is great to see the birth announcements in our thread! Who will be next?:
Luckymomma's Avatar Luckymomma 01:41 PM 07-27-2003
I'm going to mop the kitchen floor on my hands and knees. My due date isn't until the 6th, but for some reason, I feel like I "should" be having this baby now. When in reality I may not even have it until August 20th. I'd die. I can't stay pregnant that long. It's not humanly possible. I've really enjoyed this pregnancy, and even though it's my last time, I'm ready for it to be over. I'm a total bitch. The only thing I care about is keeping the house immaculate. I cringe when I see dh break out the english muffins because I know the little corn meal dust is goin to end up everywhere. This can't go on. I got a good nights sleep, I want to go into labor....NOW!!!
kaje62's Avatar kaje62 01:55 PM 07-27-2003
I don't know why but I am not ready for the new baby.

I am still a bit scared of the VBAC
I have so many things to organize
Wash more diapers that I just got from an Amity trade
DH is putting in infant carseat now
We have to get an ottoman for our rocker
Finish packing our hospital bag
and spend quality time with the three of us
we are doing the torso body cast today
and i want to use up our basil in the garden and make pesto

anyway luckymama. you are in wisc. why don't you cross the border and come and clean here?
Luckymomma's Avatar Luckymomma 03:53 PM 07-27-2003
Geez, I would, but I'd probably get stopped for speeding again:
Wooby's Avatar Wooby 05:44 PM 07-27-2003
Posted by Lucky momma
I'd die. I can't stay pregnant that long. It's not humanly possible. I've really enjoyed this pregnancy, and even though it's my last time, I'm ready for it to be over. I'm a total bitch.
You have me lauging out loud! I know just what you mean. I am short with dh, tired of people looking at me like I am going to explode any minute, and sick of involuntarily grunting everytime I bend over to pick up a cheerio! Am I really going to be pregnant for another month and get even bigger???

I am sure you will get everything finished... We did a body cast last weekend. It makes me weepy everytime I look at it . The is something so surreal about seeing it from the outside, instead of looking in the mirror. I hope you have fun!
Chanley's Avatar Chanley 06:57 PM 07-27-2003
Is anyone else experiencing extreme fatigue??

With my first child, I went to bed EARLY every night. I slept on average 10-12 hours a night.

This pregnancy, I have been staying up really late. It is the only way I get some quiet time with a toddler. My dh has been complaining that he thinks i need to sleep more the entire pregnancy.

Well the last 3 days, I have not been able to keep my eyes open. I went to bed early last night. Got up, had breakfast with dd and went back to bed. I lay down ALL of the time.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

~CM, congrats on Roman's entrance!!! I cannot believe that we are starting to have our babies. Woe is me, I am at the end of the list with a Aug. 29th due date.

~Luckymom, I totally know what you mean about NOT being that preg until 42 weeks. Would seem like a cruel joke at my expense. That would put this baby being born one week before Aria's 3rd bday. I do not want two bdays that close!!! My midwife checked me last week and my cervix is getting really soft she said. *fingers crossed*

Ohh and one more GREAT nesting tip, I did this and LOVED it that I did it. I oiled ALL of the door hinges. No more squeaking doors when we come and go from room to room! Sleep baby sleep!!!
Yin Yang's Avatar Yin Yang 09:07 PM 07-27-2003
Originally posted by Chanley
Is anyone else experiencing extreme fatigue??

With my first child, I went to bed EARLY every night. I slept on average 10-12 hours a night.

This pregnancy, I have been staying up really late. It is the only way I get some quiet time with a toddler. My dh has been complaining that he thinks i need to sleep more the entire pregnancy.

Well the last 3 days, I have not been able to keep my eyes open. I went to bed early last night. Got up, had breakfast with dd and went back to bed. I lay down ALL of the time.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

I AM!! Last few days I was not able to do anything! I went to bed, woke up, went fro breakfast with my DH, took dog for a walk and went back to bed and slept for 3 more hours!!! Got up ate and went back to bed!! I am experiencing cramping and having wierd feelings, like I am opening up. I am only 36 weeks.
But it felt soooooo goood to sleep so much!! Finally! Sometimes it's hard b/c my baby just keeps moving around - he seems to be very big and EVERYWHERE
Well, my mom is coming August 22, and I do NOT think she is going to make it......I am positive this baby will be born way before that.........
kaje62's Avatar kaje62 09:35 PM 07-27-2003
I hope I make it to august cuz my friend made me a beautiful peridot and aquamarine braclet in honor of my two babes.

Chanley, no more squeaking doors. Great idea.

wooby i love my torso cast

i never sleep!
kate42's Avatar kate42 10:24 PM 07-27-2003
I'm sooooo irritable! I want so badly to deliver early!
Wooby's Avatar Wooby 06:41 AM 07-28-2003
Insomnia again... If you can call it that. I can go to bed when I nurse dd to sleep at 8-9 pm but then I wake up again at 10, then 12, then 3am (like right now.) I think I have too much on my mind. I am focused on cooking, freezing foods, cleaning, having this and that ready... Any tips on relaxation imagery, etc. to help clear my mind? Also, every night the last thing I do is to picture the birth going exactly as I want it to, but I never get to the birth part! : Just the early labor and preparations, maybe I am just tired and fall asleep??

I know what Chanley and Pavlina are describing, too. Only my fatigue comes late in the day. I feel as if I have run a marathon and MUST sit/lay down. But, I hardly get to with my dd... I know these feelings of exhaustion will only intensify over the next few weeks.

I think I am behind you with a due date of Aug. 31. It seems so far away... At least we will be able to take strength from everyone else's beautiful birth stories!
MamaSoleil's Avatar MamaSoleil 12:33 PM 07-28-2003
Hi ladies!!! I was wondering why I wasn't getting any notifications of new posts!!!

I've really enjoyed this pregnancy, and even though it's my last time, I'm ready for it to be over. I'm a total bitch. The only thing I care about is keeping the house immaculate. I cringe when I see dh break out the english muffins because I know the little corn meal dust is goin to end up everywhere. This can't go on
That is so me right now. We had company this weekend, and they kept telling me to stop CLEANING...but I couldn't. Then, it seemed, just as the house was clean, someone would make something..and ugh..the process had to start again. And you want to talk about being a BITCH???? That is so me!!! And yeah, I'm so tired, it's unbelievable!!!
I've been having more and more discomfort in the pelvic area, except at night. Lots of period like cramps, and lots of mucous(sp?) discharge, this could go on for a while...I go for an ultrasound in two days, hopefully I'll get the go ahead for a homebirth. My m/w's second attendant called me today, she's coming over tomorrow to meet me. she's had two homebirths, and said there's nothing like it! She's hoping for me that I can have a homebirth too!!!
Man, I can't wait to not be so damn cranky all the time. And sweat, my friend couldn't believe how much I am sweating!!!!
Anyway, hope you all had a good weekend, I'm exhausted, but am glad I got to see my friends!!!

Ps>I have to pack a hospital bag too just in case, but don't know where to start!!! I'll have to go reread all of your lists!!!
MamaSoleil's Avatar MamaSoleil 12:34 PM 07-28-2003
Thought I would post my 2000 here!!!

Mamasoleil :LOL
Luckymomma's Avatar Luckymomma 04:18 PM 07-28-2003
My doula said that there are usually more births during the new moon. That's tomorrow night. Anyone heard anything similar? Oh man, that would be so cool.

For any other former(or temporarily on vacation) fertility charters, has anyone been able to find a cervix? It seems to have packed up and headed north. Waaay north.

I'm getting very impatient. I just want a clue when this is going to happen. I know, I'm not the only one. Anyway, I'm off to the midwife. Rather a waste of my time if you ask me. I'd be better off going to a psychic.:
Wooby's Avatar Wooby 04:54 PM 07-28-2003

Woo-hoo! 2000 posts. You are a veteran!

That is super good news about your cervical mucous. Could be part of your plug making its exit. Such a great sign!
So, if they determine at your next ultrasound that your babe is big enough, are you on for the homebirth?

Lucky momma,
I was just thinking this weekend that I might check my cervix... I haven't since we got pregnant! : I wonder if mine will be high, too! It was with dd because I remember very uncomfortable vag. exams right before she was born. They really had to reaaaach to find it. Ouch! Anyone know what it should feel like at this stage? I only know what it feels like during a normal monthly cycle and approaching/after ovulation. Wouldn't it be cool if I found it was opening a bit already?
Sharon's Avatar Sharon 05:56 PM 07-28-2003
I've tried feeling my cervix 2x and can't. My midwife did an internal exam on Thursday and said I'm really soft and starting to dialate so that makes it really hard to find. I don't think she had to reach up TOO far...I didn't feel like she was jamming her whole hand in.

I'm counting on the full moon doing something!!! I've heard lots of people say the moon cycles play a big part in menstration and birth. I was having some menstral like cramping last night and I was super cranky and tired. But today I feel "normal" and the contractions feel like the same old bh.....

Lady at the grocery store made me laugh today. She asked how much longer I had and I said, "just over 2 weeks". She asked if it was my first and I said, "yes, so I guess the 2 weeks doesn't mean much." She said, "Oh my gosh do I know that feeling! 2 weeks or 12 months is about how it feels, right?"

My accupuncturist told me today that he knows if it's a boy or a girl, but he won't tell me since we haven't found out any other way. I was ready to beat it out of him! I'm SO ready to meet this little kid!!!!! Anyway, I made him write it down so we can see if he's right or not! Oh and he said that he's willing to try the points that are good for induction next week.
Yin Yang's Avatar Yin Yang 06:53 PM 07-28-2003
I've tried to find my cervix just today and could not find it either. But I could totally feel baby's head, really really low!!! With no efford. So I guess my cervix isn't what it used to be any more it's probably flat that's why I could not find it - I have no idea how it suppost to feel like. I am going to my MW tomorrow so I 'll see if she is gonna do internal exam. I am going to be 37 weeks this Friday but I really feel I have only few weeks left!!! My BH's are stronger and very offten and my body is much more involved in it then it was before. I can feel them in my back!! Plus just like you Sharon - perhaps it is the moon, but I have been having period like cramps all weekend!!
So, I wonder............when.........
tls's Avatar tls 07:17 PM 07-28-2003
I've only posted once with you ladies, but I have so much in common with you. It is nice to have so many other people going through the same thing I am going though. I'm due 8-6 and my goodness can I be finished or what??? I was 2 1/2 weeks early with DD so I think I've been expecting to go early this time too. My midwife also told me I'm 2 cm dilated, 50% effaced and my cervix is very soft. She said I could go at any time. That was on Friday. Here I am on Monday wishing she never told me anything. I have tried to feel my cervix, but it is really high as well. Normally I have no trouble finding it, but there is no way I can reach it now. I can only wish the moon helps things along. I'm beginning to feel like the baby will never come out even though I'm only at 38 weeks.

I have terrible insomnia. Last night I'm lucky if I got 4 hours of sleep. I woke up at 3:00 and didn't fall back asleep. I called in sick to work just to get some extra sleep. I am sooooo ready for this baby to be born!!

I cleaned out my fridge yesterday. That has to be a sign of nesting doesn't it? I never clean out my fridge .
MamaSoleil's Avatar MamaSoleil 10:05 PM 07-28-2003
TLS~Definitely sounds like your nesting is kicking in!!!

Wooby~if the baby is over 5 lbs, which I'm sure he is now, then I'm good to go with my homebirth!!!

I've been having period like cramps for a few days now too. And my uterus pressure point is swollen on my feet, as of yesterday...last time they were swollen is when I had my preterm labour scare, so hoping this means labour is not too far away! But hoping not until after my u/s...and not this weekend, cause my m/w is off call...that would suck, but then again, I really like my back up m/w, and she's a waterbirth it might be in the stars...who knows!!!!
I swam today, for the first time in a week, it felt really good to float, weightless, but I tell ya, coming out is NOT a treat!!! :LOL
Looks like almost all the July moms have birthed, so our turn!!!

Come on babies!!!!

Sharon's Avatar Sharon 10:10 PM 07-28-2003
Mamasoleil, where are the uterus pressure points on your feet? If we press them should that help labor get started?!
kaje62's Avatar kaje62 10:14 PM 07-28-2003
Went in for my weekly ultrasound today, all is fine. Gained two pounds over the weekend so I am up 12 pounds from pre-pregnancy. Blood pressure was about the same 138/87, having a non-stress test again on Friday. Baby is still head down, cervix is starting to soften and I am diltated a 1/2 a centimeter. Woo hoo!
j/k, I am in no rush and most likely babe will come right around my due date which would mean during the full moon which always makes me dramatic etc..and dh too. So we should be in for some fun.

Anyway we have been accomplishing. We cleaned the garage a bit tonite during my non-bedrest shift and will finish packing our bag tonite.

Hang in there ladies, we are all going for a fun ride.

And by the way, the ultrasound tech wrote down the sex. I have it in an envelope. Do I dare open it?
Luckymomma's Avatar Luckymomma 10:25 PM 07-28-2003
Good luck to all cervical searchers. I would love to feel a head! But alas.

Hmm, Sharon and Mamasoleil, I like the ideas of accupuncture and pressure points. Hadn't thought about that possibility. Time to get this show on the road.

tls, I'm due on 8-6 too...Race ya!!

Midwife visit was pretty much a waste. I did find out that my hospital does "officially" still allow vbac, since they do have 24 hour anesthesia. Well yippee yay! I hate hospitals .Doesn't really matter. I'm going to walk into that place so transitional or crowning that it will be like I own the place. Jerks. Whoops. Sorry, just a little of my sparklin' personality shining through.
Luckymomma's Avatar Luckymomma 11:42 PM 07-28-2003
Kathy Jo! Don't open the envelope!!You're too close! Besides, it's too late for you to go out shopping for girl stuff, if it were a girl. C'mon, you want to be suprised don't you? It may be that curiosity that gets you through a difficult point in your labor. I don't know what I'm having either. I say, Burn the envelope!! You can do it
Wooby's Avatar Wooby 01:22 AM 07-29-2003

I agree with Luckymomma! Do not look in that envelope! You have waited so long. It will give you a little something extra to work for in labor.

I also want to know about pressure points on your feet. How soon did you go into labor when you noticed they were swollen with Soleil?

Hope everyone is feeling super. I know 3 mamas locally that have given birth in the last two weeks. It is super encouraging to hear the birth stories, but I feel like my time is sooooo far away...
nostrow's Avatar nostrow 10:00 AM 07-29-2003
Hey lovely ladies! I just wanted to give you a quick heads up. I'm not due until 8/12 and as you all know I've been on bedrest for the last 4 weeks. Well, I made a deal with the babe (in my head) to wait until 38 weeks to come. Well, 38 weeks is today exactly and my water broke at 6am Right now nothing much is going on, just some light cramping but I'll keep you posted!

super-excited/nervous first time momma!
MamaSoleil's Avatar MamaSoleil 10:22 AM 07-29-2003
NOSTROW!!!! OMGoddess, I'm thinking of you dear sister. All will work out, 38 wks is fully decent time to make an entrance. Oh, keep us posted, I have shivers right now!!!

Wooby, my feet swelled up with Soleil about 2 days prior to labour...the pressure point is on the same side as the big toe, just below your ankle bone, it's a sensitive area, if you've even gotten reflexology done...I was told that rubbing this area could indeed induce labour...I haven't dared do it yet....the babe will come on his own time...the other thing is, I believe that no matter what you do to 'induce', pressure points, acupuncture, blue/black colash(sp?), castor oil, nothing will work, unless the babe was already about to make an beware dear mamas.
We are all getting impatient, but our time is around the corner. So for you first time mama's, enjoy long leisurly showers, they become a luxury. For second, third time mamas, lets enjoy our family dynamics as they are, for this is the last time they will so be...Sorry, I guess I'm being dramatic, but as much as I love my baby and can't wait to meet him, I'm also scared, I"m so used to my fam as it's gonna be so different!!!!

Okay, off to calm down...Nostrow...good luck, and sweet birthing

Luckymomma's Avatar Luckymomma 11:41 AM 07-29-2003
I've enjoyed this as much as I possibly can......(rubbing feet frantically...)

Yay Nostrow!! I keep telling my baby I want to go into labor tonight. I hope it believes me! Yours minds so well Good Luck!
Wooby's Avatar Wooby 01:11 PM 07-29-2003
All your cyber sisters are pulling for you! 38 weeks is perfect! Happy birthing!

You are right to remind us to cherish our moments with our children as they are now. Our lives will be wonderful after these news babes, but the dynamic will be different. It is a bit scary! For those of you expecting #1, sleep, sleep, sleep!

I cooked up a storm yesterday. I told dh that once I get the rest of my nesting list checked off (probably this weekend) then I will feel more relaxed and can settle down to focus on the baby. Of course, then I will probably have weeks and weeks of waiting...:
MamaSoleil's Avatar MamaSoleil 01:23 PM 07-29-2003
Hello dear sisters!!!

I just got some shocking backup midwife, the waterbirth expert, had a brain anurism yesterday, and is in critical condition. The poor woman, I feel so bad for her. I'm sending her much health and strength in her moments of need!!!
Now, we have only one midwife in the whole community, and she is now taking over Alice's caseload. Her friend, who is also a midwife, will be coming up for a week to do any homebirths that might come up, of course, she does not have access to the hospital!!! So, I'm now in the hands of fate, hopefully, when I go into labour, Kathy, my midwife, will not already be at a delivery/labour...and we can have our homebirth. But, I'm open to going to the hospital at this point, it's beyond our control, and I'm healthy and so is baby...whereas Alice, the backup midwife, isn't.

I'm going for an ultrasound in 3 hrs...hopefully as is well with my babe!!!


Sharon's Avatar Sharon 02:41 PM 07-29-2003
Mamasoleil! That's horrible news about the midwife! My mom had a brain aneurysm almost 3 years ago and she's still in a nursing facility (they think she had a stroke or two after the initial surgery). I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I certainly can't believe all the ups and downs you've been through trying to plan for your birth. I wish the very best to all of you!

Nostrow, that's SO exciting! I'll be thinking lots of strong and happy birth thoughts for you today!!!

I spent a good deal of time last night thinking about my impatience with this birth. I am SO excited to meet this baby, but I also realized that if I have to wait 2 or 3 more weeks, that's ok too. It's not really THAT long. It'll give me and dh that much more alone time together and give me a chance to get a few more things checked off the list. I'm feeling more or less ready for the baby, so now I guess I need to concentrate on me and dh and try to make these last few days/weeks into another honeymoon. We'll never have the chance again! (So much easier said than done....can you all send me some patience!!!)
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