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transformed 07:51 PM 10-27-2007
I have had intense BH contrax for about a month. Usually they come on 1-4 spurts.

But I have been having themm ALL day today. And they arent messing around, its the whole belly. (Then again, its been the whole belly since a month ago....they are really strong.)

Can stress bring them on? What about having a cold or something?

Not due till xmas.


Grace24's Avatar Grace24 08:15 PM 10-27-2007
Stress can definitely bring them on... I've been getting them for a while too, it's gotten so that I can't do much anymore. I'm due in 4 weeks. They come and go all day long and in the evening sometimes they just stick around and there doesn't seem to be a break.

My midwife said to try to count and see if it's more than 5 an hour, she would consider that pre-term labor. But mine tend not to follow a pattern, or even let up for that matter, and at my last appointment she said the baby hadn't dropped yet so I was ok.

Take a bath, drink more water, remember to breathe! And call your HCP if you're concerned. Sorry, I know how uncomfortable they can get when they plague you like that. Try to keep in mind it's a positive thing... the stronger your uterus (cuz this is your uterus practicing for labor) the more efficiently it will work to push baby out! Hang in there sistah... I feel your pain!
Free Thinker's Avatar Free Thinker 09:50 PM 10-27-2007
Yes, it can be PTL, but it can also be stress or even doing too much. I'd suggest drinking a couple of glasses of water and laying down. If they do not go away and you have 6 or more in an hour you need to go to L&D to at least get checked. Other things I"ve done to make them go away are to take a relaxing bath, and go to bed early. This isn't something to mess with, so please go and rest!