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I'm Pregnant > TMI ahead painful rhoids ;) Has anybody used the earth mama angel baby stuff?
Barcino's Avatar Barcino 09:17 PM 12-30-2007
Oh my goodness... TMI coming your way. Bless your heart for reading. I have never had hemorrhoids like I am having now and I am only 18 weeks. I could cry. I did get them after pushing with my last but they went away well it is back! I am so miserable.

Have you guys tried the Balm and the Sitz bath from Earth Mama Angel Baby? I got me some MotherLove Rhoid Balm at whole foods because they didnt have the other brand and their sitz bath but that sitz bath has uva ursi and is recommended for postpartum not pregnancy unlike the other one. Anyway. What do I do?? Tips tricks? I also got some witch hazel and I am about to make some cotton soak balls with that and get them to the fridge to cool. I am also taking lots of water, I got me pear juice, prunes, and I took colace which I will continue for a few days. Anyway between bing constipated and also having a cold and have been blowing my nose and coughing non stop so I think the combo did me in. Tell me I am not the only one suffering and share your tricks with me please.

calendula's Avatar calendula 10:28 PM 12-30-2007
I used the motherlove stuff - it was near the end of my 1st pg. It helped after going to the toilet to have something to put on.

I also put witchhazel in the fridge and used endless cotton balls. That helped the most for relief.

Hope it gets better...
~NewMa~'s Avatar ~NewMa~ 11:43 PM 12-30-2007
Even though it's uncomfortable to do, I usually get them to shrink back up by doing some kegels after using witch hazel for a day or so.
I'm so sorry you're hurting
I know they can be miserable!
Try wiping with wet wipes instead of dry paper for now too.
GOod luck!!!
MaryLang's Avatar MaryLang 02:22 AM 12-31-2007
I LOVE the earthmamaangelbaby balm and there is a pp spray I used to use too for roids'. I used to put the balm in the fridge.
Barcino's Avatar Barcino 04:47 AM 12-31-2007
I am totally miserable. I can't sleep tonight, I can't walk I cant do anything. I can't for the life of me go to the restroom either after two doses of colace. Water water water and prunes, prune juice etc... I am about to go out of my mind. I did ditch the tp and using wipes instead. i got the tucks too and using them gives temporary relieve. This is so miserable I have not ever felt this powerless during a pregnancy or really about my body at any time
mirtodd's Avatar mirtodd 12:39 PM 12-31-2007
Its funny that you asked this, because I was going to post the same question a couple of days ago. I ended up ordering yesterday. I figure that it has to work beter than what I've been trying... so I'll post my review once it arrives.
Barcino's Avatar Barcino 02:27 PM 12-31-2007
I hope it works. I am going to try the motherlove stuff I have. I am using the balm and so much not doing much of anything at all I will do the sitz herbs next. I am freaking out about how long this is going to last because I can barely walk - I will call my midwife today and she if she can do anything else.
Etay005's Avatar Etay005 05:13 PM 12-31-2007
I totally feel for you. I have been fighting mine since 2003. This is what kept my beasts at bay. Bran flakes for breakfast then 1 t of psyllium husk powder and 1t of ground flax (shaken up in a big jar of water to dissolve) in the evening and drink tons of water during the day. Hot shower after #2 and 'roid balm to treat flare ups. This got me through 2 more pregnacies without another major flare up. I used Proctosol after my last baby and that helped if I felt it flaring but I don't know if you can use it during pregnancy.

Good luck
finn'smama's Avatar finn'smama 05:24 PM 12-31-2007
Right there with you, only I'm almost 9 months pp
What has helped me
-cold witch hazel after every bm
-a soak in the tub if it's getting really painful
-calendula ointment (TMI!! I actually use this to put counter pressure on my anus as I'm going since I also get fissures *sigh*)--this has really helped me
-3tbls of Beyond Greens
-And I was taking a homeopathic for 'rhoids, but now I can't remember what it was. I have to get some more, because I can feel another flare up...
Barcino's Avatar Barcino 06:46 PM 12-31-2007
Thank you so much! There is no TMI when you are suffering with this really.
I finally was able to go to the bathroom today THANK GOODNESS. I almost passed out though it was really almost worst than childbirth. Amazingly my hemorrhoid seems not to have gotten worse but it is really not better either I am drinking water even if I am not thristy. It is 3pm and I am on my 5th bottle of water. I just finished eating one orange one banana and one kiwi and now I am nibbling on carrots.
Anyway It has been PURE MISERY and I am just praying that I start feeling better in a few days. I am pretty much paralized by this pain. What a way to start the year I will start trying the suggestions. Thanks so much again!
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