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peacepie's Avatar peacepie 03:12 PM 08-21-2003
hi, short question, how soon can a test tell if you are pregnant?
we are nfp after baby 3 and not planning on having but would be excited if... and i still have a week to wait to see if i miss my period. but i am SO tired, and so naseous, and so weepy; and we do have sex, if carefully;
so i'm wondering if i have to wait another week to find out or if i can go get a test done now, over the counter or at the doctor?
something i've always wondered about!

bebe luna's Avatar bebe luna 04:56 PM 08-21-2003
Most high quality tests should be able to give you an accurate result at this point.
If you do test now you should probably test again in a couple weeks just to be sure.
peacepie's Avatar peacepie 02:47 PM 08-23-2003
thank you bebeluna, i am on my way to the store.!
whatever the results if i miss my monthly next week i'll be banging on the dr's door for a blood test the next day!!
thanks again