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I want to start TTC in the next year or so, but I'm worried. I have a phobia of vomiting. I haven't thrown up in about 14 years!! My biggest fear with getting pregnant/birth is vomiting.

Secondly, my mom and grandmother both had hyperemesis with their pregnancies. I'm wondering what my chances of having it are. Fortunately, my reproductive system is NOT like theirs in other way's -both of them have/had severe cramps and heavy bleeding with their periods - I only have a little cramping and consider my periods to be light to moderate. So, I'm holding out hope that I also will not have as terrible pregnancies as they did.

I think my fear of vomiting may actually have been caused by my mom's constant vomiting when she was pregnant with my sister. I was 4 years old at the time and home alone with my mom all day. I literally can't stand to hear someone throwing up. If I feel sick, I fight throwing up.

So, one question is, how many women do experience vomiting in pregnancy?

Do you think your level of sickness (with regard to nausea) had any correlation with the severity of your periods?

If your mom had really bad/good pregnancies, were yours also bad/good, or different?

Any suggestions on how I can deal with my fear of vomiting?

Heather, Vegan Dietitian, Wife to DH since 9-04, mom to Pepper : and mom to born 10/09
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Heather - I don't know scientific answers to your questions but I can tell you from my experience so far. I am going on 13 weeks and I have only vomited once at about 6 weeks...I have had nausea though. I don't know if this correlates with my periods but I have light periods and rarely have cramps. My period comes and goes without me even being greatly affected. My mom had a great pregnancy with me and claims she felt better pregnant than not-pregnant. I am her only child. My maternal grandma was deathly sick with her babies as was my aunt (mom's sister) so I don't know if genetics come into play or not.

As for your fear of just need to tell yourself if this is what it takes to be holding a baby in 9 months, you are willing the sacrifice. Pregnancy is not always a field day but once that baby arrives I know it will be well worth it!

Rachel - Married to my Best friend & Mama to Quinn Patrick 7/18/08 - Mama to : Clover too
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There are no good large studies on Hyperemesis. Some women do find it passes through the generations, others that it doesn't. Sometimes one daughter will get it and another not.

Without getting pregnant and waiting there's nothing you can do to tell if you will get it or not.

BUT... that's not to say you need to just float in unprepared. There are things you can do to prepare when you know it might happen such as finding a doctor with experience in successfully treating HG and get a plan in place for how to deal with it if you should find you have it.

Here's a link to a forum for those who experience HG (or are at risk of it) and most specifically the forum for those planning pregnancy.

As for dealing with the fear of vomiting (called Emetophobia) I would definitely see a counselor. Even if you don't get hyperemesis you may still vomit once or twice (things like garlic and stale cigarette smells can sneak up on a person) so it would be good to have support in fighting that fear.

I'm not sure how many vomit in a normal pregnancy, but Hyperemesis affects roughly 3-4 in 1000 pregnancies (so not many). Of those who get HG, about 80% or so find the symptoms ease or go away by 20 weeks.

For me personally, NOBODY in my family or my husband's family (either present H or ex-H) had Hyperemesis. We have no idea why I get it. My periods are very easy and light. NOTHING prepared me for it.
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s for you! I HATE throwing up as well, and will do anything to avoid it .

With my ds I only vomited once, and it was at the dentist when he had me swish with mouth wash. With this pregnancy I've felt really nauseous, but haven't vomited. The ladies on this board have some great tips, like that morning sickness magic from the health food store.

You can do it! Just remember that you get a baby out of the deal!

I am not crunchy enough for this forum. Everyday I get a little crunchier though! :
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My mom never threw up and says she never had nausea with her 4 pregnancies. I had mild nausea with 2 m/cs and HG with my current pregnancy. I have never had noticeable PMS symptoms, and I have the textbook 28-day cycle - My mom is the same way. My body looks like my moms. We are allergic to the same meds. I really thought that my pregnancies would be very similar to hers, but I was wrong.

I hate throwing up, and there were times when I felt like the world would end if I threw up one more time, but afterwards, it was never as bad as I thought it would be. I wasn't comfortable taking meds, so I used hypnotherapy and prayer to try to keep food down. Acupuncture also helped me. When I was too tired to keep that up, I used Zofran and Reglan. When I took the meds before the first time I threw up for the day (e.g., flying, being in a wedding), they totally kept me from throwing up. I would do counseling and hypnotherapy (it's learning to relax deeply and using your mind to control your body) before you TTC to deal with your fears. Even if you get morning sickness or HG, there is hope. Natural remedies work for so many mamas, and if they don't work for you, the meds can work really well. This may sound crazy, but I am thankful for the HG. The m/cs were really hard and made DH and I distant from each other. Somehow the HG brought us together and was healing for our marriage.
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I haven't thrown up since I was about 9 years old. My mom threw up the first five months of her pregnancy. I've had food aversions but no nausea or vomiting.

I honestly think it just depends on the person, no so much what your mother did. Do you react similarly to things as your momma? My mom is really sensitive to everything, little energy, doesn't eat much, sensitive to medication, easily gets headaches, has various allergies and is never feeling "right" (she's always been this way). I'm very active, have a short attention span, eat a lot, have no sensitivities to medication, no allergies and I rarely get sick. We just respond to things differently.

I always tease the man, because he throws up pretty easily, "Good thing I'm the pregnant one. You'd be hurling every few minutes if this was you." He agrees.
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I never threw up while pg... which surprised me because I have a weak stomach and get nausea very easily when not pg. It has to do with how well your body deals with the increase in hormones.
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I also have a strong phobia of vomiting-- I go into this little panic routine whenever I feel nauseated. So I totally know how you feel.

My mom had a terrible time with vomiting with both her pregnancies. I however have been pregnant four times, had four kids, with one set of twins, and never barfed once. I've been crazy nauseated, but never puked-- mind over matter, I assume.

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I've never vomited during any of my 5 pgs. I don't think my mom ever did either. Both of us seem to have had really easy pgs and births.

Rachel , wifey to best friend Karl ,
SAHM to Kaelan (11) Chandra (9) Liam (7) Lachlan (5) Killian (4),Riordan (1), Baby Boy EDD 11/14. All born at home!

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Thanks for your replies everyone.

I know phobias/anxiety problems are fairly common, but honestly, I never put this phobia in that category. I always thought I was extremely weird for this irrational fear of getting sick. In fifth grade, I was about to get sick at school but refused to go to the bathroom because I was terrified of vomiting and convinced I wasn't going to. I just insisted on going home. Of course, I then threw up on the floor. After that, I often had panic attacks where I thought I would be sick and wanted to go home. Needless to say, I wasn't a popular kid. I've always felt ashamed of this part of myself. I've suffered from low self esteem for a good portion of my life, although I am doing much better now. Still, I look back on this part of my life and am deeply embarressed.

Just today, after posting here, I decided to look it up on the Internet - never did that before. I think it was b/c a pp mentioned the actual name of the phobia, and I realized it actually is something real. I read that it is the 5th most common phobia. Who knew??? I definitely think I will check out counseling and/or hypotherapy before I TTC.

Anyway, thanks for all the info and hugs. I appreciate it.

Heather, Vegan Dietitian, Wife to DH since 9-04, mom to Pepper : and mom to born 10/09
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i never threw up while pregnant, which is good as i too have a vomiting phobia, i actually threw up for the 1st time in 16 years in Novembre!. unfortunately i did have a pregnancy like my mother's first and had pre-e and a premie and a cesarean.

Mummy to dd (Jan 13, '07) born by emergency c-section at 35 weeks due to severe pre-e  :ribboncesarean.gif and ds (Jan 30 '09) :hbac.gif and stork-suprise.gif    (06/11)
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I felt awful my first trimester, but rarely vomitted. Personally, I used to pray for the relieve of throwing seemed preferrable to me to nausea and dry heaving...

Good luck!
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