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GracesMama's Avatar GracesMama 11:04 PM 01-09-2008
I'm planning a homebirth and seeing a midwife in conjunction with my back-up OB. I'm 34 weeks pregnant, and last night my midwife asked me if I was sure I was having a girl (I had an ultra sound at 30 weeks). She said that if she didn't know any better, she'd think we were having a boy because every visit the baby's heart rate has been in the 120s or 130s consistently. I showed her the ultra sound photo and she said it did look like a girl, but she was definitely going to check the gender right away when the baby comes out because she's so curious.

What do you think? Do you think you can really predict gender based on heart rate? (Consistently above 140 a girl, consistently below 140 a boy)

I'd be happy either way, boy or girl, just curious.

ChristyM26's Avatar ChristyM26 11:19 PM 01-09-2008
Well, I wouldn't put any money on that, cause my little boy has consistently had a hb well above 140 (high 160 to low 170). And there's no mistaking that he's a boy. If the u/s looks like a girl, then I'm sure she is, regardless of what her heart rate might be.
Barcino's Avatar Barcino 11:30 PM 01-09-2008
In my case it correlated. My boys were way slower this one which is a girl was way faster. I do not think it has statistical significance though.
kerikadi's Avatar kerikadi 11:31 PM 01-09-2008
After 2 boys and 3 girls my vote is no.
rad's Avatar rad 11:58 PM 01-09-2008
Mine have never been consistent. My oldest boy (160) was realy fast, my DD was slower (135), my last 2 boys and this boy are right in the middle (140-150).
elfinbaby's Avatar elfinbaby 12:51 AM 01-10-2008
I vote no - not for mine. However, it did correlate with their activity level! Spot on every time.

Writerbird's Avatar Writerbird 01:46 AM 01-10-2008
Despite the heartrate indicating a girl baby, I'm either having a boy or a girl with a clitoris like a banana.
aishy's Avatar aishy 01:54 AM 01-10-2008
Nah I had two higher heartrate boys. my daughter was high too though.

only one of my boys was consistantly low.
Theia's Avatar Theia 06:17 AM 01-10-2008
I asked my midwife the same question. My little one has always had a heart rate from 125-140. She said in her experience the heart rate during pregnancy didn't indicate gender reliably, but, the heart rate during labor was much more accurate.
I don't know what gender my little one is, we are hoping for a boy. This is a really active baby, so maybe a boy? :
crazydiamond's Avatar crazydiamond 06:21 AM 01-10-2008
I don't think you can.

Both my DD and now my DS have had the same heartbeats (130 bpm) during pregnancy.
Sunshine4004's Avatar Sunshine4004 12:35 PM 01-10-2008
I read that that is an old wives tale. I wouldn't put any trust in the heart rate predicting gender.
mchalehm's Avatar mchalehm 02:16 PM 01-10-2008
Research says no, it's not an indicator.