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BabyHopes's Avatar BabyHopes 10:00 PM 01-15-2008
hi everyone ...

has anyone had pregnancy syptoms (ie:really sore that just STOP??

mine were so sore and all of a sudden it just stopped... it makes me so worried becasue as annoying as it is when they are sore, it has become a real comfort to me knowing that i am ACTUALLY PREGNANT!

anyone else have this happened or should i be concerned? with my last pregnancy the symptoms just stopped and it ended in an early miscarriage...

any feedback would be SUPER appriciated!! THANKS A TON!!!!!!!!!

GISDiva's Avatar GISDiva 05:31 PM 01-16-2008
Yep. My boobs kinda just stopped hurting one day and I'm still pregnant. You may find that it stops for a few days and comes back too, as the hormones are just so up-and-down the first weeks and months.
kdaisy 08:14 PM 01-16-2008
I did this pregnancy, and I didn't miscarriage. Towards the end of the first trimester, they just stopped hurting one morning. And they shrunk! I was so scared I called my OB, who then scheduled an ultrasound.

But everything was fine. I wouldn't worry.
Naomismom's Avatar Naomismom 10:17 PM 01-16-2008
It happened when I was 7 wks preg with DD. I called the OB who scheduled an U/S. Everything was fine and then the symptoms came back full force about 24 hours later.

How far along are you?
BabyHopes's Avatar BabyHopes 11:15 PM 01-16-2008
I am just 4 weeks... few days over... they did come back... lol.. worried for nothin!

when did you all have ur first u/s?
kdaisy 12:23 AM 01-17-2008
I looked up my ultrasound records and that first one (when I was worried about my painless boobs) was in the sixth week. Earlier than I thought!

Glad things are back to normal now.
BabyHopes's Avatar BabyHopes 01:43 AM 01-17-2008
Originally Posted by kdaisy View Post
I looked up my ultrasound records and that first one (when I was worried about my painless boobs) was in the sixth week. Earlier than I thought!

Glad things are back to normal now.
did they actually see anything at 6 weeks?? heartbeat??
kdaisy 04:03 PM 01-17-2008
I counted wrong last night, it was 8 weeks not 6. Can I blame my pregnant brain?

They saw a lot on that 8 week ultrasound. It was vaginal, but they saw the heartbeat, and saw him wiggling back and forth. Which was amazing, because of course I couldn't feel anything yet. It was this little bean sashaying back and forth. And we even got a 3d image of this little alien bean with arm buds. (Still one of my favorite pictures!)
msjodi's Avatar msjodi 04:07 PM 01-17-2008
My 1st ultrasound was 6 weeks, 5 days, and they we were able to see the heartbeat. Basically she looked like a little thumping blob.

And around 8 weeks my symptoms went away and them came back around 48 hours later. I totally freaked out though... I'm 25 weeks along now and everything is fine!
BabyHopes's Avatar BabyHopes 04:31 PM 01-17-2008
WOW!! i didnt know they could do an ultrasound so soon and actually see something! I am so excited!! are there any downsides to getting an u/s done so early?
Meglegs's Avatar Meglegs 05:39 PM 01-17-2008
I am 9 weeks pregnant with my first pregnancy and my boobs have hurt since like 2 dpo. I am waiting for it to stop. Everytime my Dog jumps up on the couch when I am laying down it hurts and my twin neices always seem to kick me right in the boob. Mine hurt bad but hurt so bad when I take my bra off. I have bigger then average boobs though so I don't know if that makes a difference but OUCH!!
amberskyfire's Avatar amberskyfire 06:07 AM 01-18-2008
This happened to me with all 3 of my miscarriages, but it also happened with this pregnancy and I'm still pregnant I think for a lot of women it's just inevitable that it will eventually stop hurting. They have to stop growing sometime, or we'd all look like porn stars.