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mama_moo's Avatar mama_moo 07:15 PM 02-17-2008
My sil is due on March-5 and is 36-7? weeks. She started taking 1000 mg at 35 weeks and her midwife told her to start at 36 weeks and to take 2000 at 38+ weeks..... Whens the best time to start? How much? What brand? What does it do?
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CherryBomb's Avatar CherryBomb 07:34 PM 02-17-2008
It varies depending on who you ask, but 1000mg starting at 36 weeks is pretty standard. I take it internally. I don't think brand matters unless you want organic. It helps to soften your cervix in prepration for labor. It's not a form of inducement.
Twwly's Avatar Twwly 09:36 PM 02-17-2008
I take EPO all the time - throughout my preg with DS and still take it now that I'm expecting with #2. Great source of GLA!

"Pregnancy and Fetal Development & EPO
Essential fatty acids have a unique role during pregnancy because of the rapid development of new cell growth, new tissues, and new organ systems in a developing fetus. Fetal development is associated with a high EFA requirement, and this supply is dependent on the amount and availability of EFAs from the mother.

Prostaglandins are also involved in the development and clinical expression of pre-eclampsia (the simultaneous occurrence of the clinical triad of hypertension, edema and protein in the urine at any time during the course of the pregnancy). These prostaglandins are modulators of vascular smooth muscle tone and platelet aggregation (blood platelets sticking together). Pre-eclampsia is characterized by increased vasoconstriction, frequently associated with increased platelet aggregation, reduced uteroplacental blood flow, and premature delivery. In a placebo-controlled clinical trial, a group of pregnant women receiving a combination of evening primrose oil and fish had a significantly lower incidence of edema."
DBZ's Avatar DBZ 02:35 AM 02-18-2008
Twwly, where did you find that info? What is GLA?
ZARAMAMA's Avatar ZARAMAMA 02:27 PM 02-18-2008
when my last, i started taking 1000 mg at 37w, then upped it to 2000mg at 38w until she came at 41w. i think it helped my labor to be shorter, but i don't know for sure.