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gina's Avatar gina 08:08 AM 09-11-2003
I feel discouraged. Is there anyone out there who had periodic bleeding episodes whilst preg. and went on to have a healthy, full-term child? I would love to hear some encouraging stories. Bedrest is really hard!!

its_our_family's Avatar its_our_family 11:13 AM 09-11-2003
How far along are you?

I had spotting for about 12 weeks with my and brown...and he is 16 months old.

I also had spotting starting at 8 weeks with this babe. And a bleeding episode...soaked underwear and jeans and passed clots.... at about 13 weeks and baby is still in there. I'm almost 20 weeks now. I'm hoping it has a happy ending

Good luck and sticky baby vibes! (or stay in there till its time vibes )
Imonion2's Avatar Imonion2 11:16 AM 09-11-2003
feel discouraged. Is there anyone out there who had periodic bleeding episodes whilst preg. and went on to have a healthy, full-term child? I would love to hear some encouraging stories. Bedrest is really hard!!
MEmememe!!!! My son ws such a stinker--I had such heavy bleeding for the first 5 months, I didn't even know I was pg!! I always have issues with my cycles, and thought I had ovarian cancer, or something. Anyway, I had an appt. to see my OB, but since I was new, it took forever for me to get in to see him. Well, before I could get in to see him the first time, I went into preterm labor and spent Thanksgiving in the hospital. Imagine, finding out you're pregnant, 20 weeks to boot!!!!, and that you are in preterm labor. Anyway, the bleeding with him was quite a bit, and I even had a "gusher" one night with lots of clots. He was born at 39 weeks healthy and strong, and beautiful!! We did have to do bedrest here, too, and it does suck. Have you checked out They can hook you up with an email buddy to help you with support. I am a volunteer that does this and have met some really amazing women through the process.

I had bleeding with this babe, too, and here I am at 21 weeks with full confidence we'll have another full-term babe.

Good luck, and feel free to PM me, if you'd like.
mamarsupial's Avatar mamarsupial 11:19 AM 09-11-2003
one of my best friends had bleeding around 12 or 14 weeks. the did a vaginal ultrasound and everything was fine. her son is now 2.
GoodWillHunter's Avatar GoodWillHunter 12:51 PM 09-11-2003
When I was pg with my twins, I waited to tell my parents. We got such a negative reaction from my Mom (we weren't marriet, yet, but going to be in 3 months!) that I spent the day in an emotional hell, vomiting violently, etc. The next day, I was bleeding, passing clots, etc... I, of course, freaked out and called my OB who was calm and told me to come on in and they'd check me out. turns out, we never knew exactly what happened, but the Babes were okay...As a matter of fact, they're watching Winnie the Pooh right now and running around.... So s to you!
TreeLove's Avatar TreeLove 02:32 PM 09-11-2003
I lost a LOT of blood around wk 11. The mw told me that bleeding's never good and that I should face the reality of the situation. I went in and we found a strong heartbeat and did an u/s and found a healthy babe. I am sch to deliver this full term darlin' next week!
USAmma's Avatar USAmma 04:54 PM 09-11-2003
One of my friends bled off and on almost daily from 6 weeks until around 18 weeks. So much that a few times it was running down her leg after a shower. She had lots of u/s and all they could guess was the placenta had a tear. That baby is now a very happy and normal 6 month old. She was born at around 7 pounds, my friend's heaviest baby of three.

Hope the bleeding stops soon so you don't have to worry so much. Just take it easy and no lifting or long walking.

Anguschick1's Avatar Anguschick1 05:06 PM 09-11-2003
I had some light bleeding weeks 10-13, then it stopped. We never found a reason. At 35 weeks, dh and I were celebrating the fact that we'd be having a baby soon and, um, well, 6 orgasms later, there was a lot of bright red blood. Turns out my cervix was irritated and not having nearly as much fun as the rest of me! Went on to deliver at 38 weeks, 2 days. DS is 4 months old and napping in my lap.
gina's Avatar gina 09:29 PM 09-11-2003
Ah, thank you all. i love this board! i so needed to hear these stories today. tomorrow i begin my 14th week and i feel all of these odd sensations- perhaps my uterus is stretching and i am having ligament pain instead of the aches being due to bleeding in uterus? i don't know. thanks again for the encouraging stories. what a hard few weeks i am having- i just keep thinking about the prospect of bedrest until march... i guess if i am lucky enough even to have this little one...
mrzmeg's Avatar mrzmeg 02:28 AM 09-12-2003
Around 13 weeks, I had some bleeding...not just spotting, actually some gushes. The color ranged from brown to bright red. It was really scary, but I went on to have a healthy, full-term baby.
My ob recommended that I go on 'vaginal rest', meaning *nothing* goes in there, but bedrest was never suggested.
its_our_family's Avatar its_our_family 03:00 AM 09-12-2003
just a side spoting was always worse when I could feel the ligaments stretching (could it have been my internal c/s scar stretching??)

Anyway, so when I feel them now I fully expect to see spotting but I've been spot free for about 5 weeks!
gina's Avatar gina 01:46 AM 09-13-2003
did all of you who bled during preg. carry to full term? i understand that bleeding is an irritant to the uterus and can create premature labor-
mamaley's Avatar mamaley 11:30 AM 09-13-2003
I had spotting with each pregnancy during the first trimester, usually only one time each. Carried each to full term, although I don't know when this baby will arrive.
marbles's Avatar marbles 01:31 PM 09-13-2003
I had dark spotting for a few weeks with my first 2 babes...carried them both to full term and I am pregnant with my third now. I fully expect to see some spotting any day now I'm almost 6 weeks. I have just come to realize that spotting is something my body does in pregnancy.

This is a great thread, there's alot of bleeders with success stories! I hope you are feeling more reasured. Smart to post this question Gina!
Ione's Avatar Ione 02:11 PM 09-13-2003
I had one bright red gush of blood at about 8 weeks pg... ultrasound confirmed all was fine. 1 week bedrest to be cautious.

Then 3 repeated near-bleeding episodes (more than spotting, not quite "bleeding" always bright red at first (one flow, not that big but a little more than "spotting") followed by dark brown spotting of and on for DAYS) near the end, in the last month. Ultrasound again to check... all was fine, as far as they could tell (placenta attached as it should be, etc.).

DD was born 2 weeks "early" but in France, the "due date" is usually set about 2 weeks later than in the US as far as I can tell... still classified as "full term" here.

Perfectly healthy then and still doing fine nearly 8 1/2 months later.

Forest Sage's Avatar Forest Sage 11:37 PM 09-13-2003
Hi Gina,
I had spotting/bleeding in the second trimester and it lasted a good few months. I was REALLY worried because I hadn't had any bleeding with my first pregnancy. I did have a low-lying placenta, diagnosed via u/s, but it "righted" itself quickly. I went into labour naturally four days before her due date and it was wonderful. The best kind of labour you could ever want! My daughter is now three months old and she's a stunner. Good luck!
gina's Avatar gina 07:32 PM 09-14-2003
Thanks all for your stories- i feel more encouraged- i so appreciate this board!