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javilu's Avatar javilu 03:46 PM 11-21-2008
I'm doing okay. MUCH better than before, though! My nausea has FINALLY ended (still a bit gaggy, but I'll take it) and I've got my asthma about 85% under control. We're moving today, to a new apartment! I'm not looking forward to the actual moving process, but I am excited about the new place. The baby moves a lot now and I think I'm starting to look pregnant (I had just been looking lumpy for a while).

How is everyone? I think this whole thing is beginning to feel real to me. Yeah, even the nausea and vomiting didn't do that for me, but something in the past month has made me feel like there really is a baby coming.

Stacymom's Avatar Stacymom 03:47 PM 11-21-2008
I haven't been on in a while, but wanted to spread some good news-

I conceived in Feb 08 after 2 years and a late first tri miscarraige. We were using clomid+metformin and we were on our last cycle of clomid before moving on.

I had my little boy on Nov 13th at home. All is well, we're both healthy and happy, and all the waiting, testing, trying and crying was so worth it!

Best of luck to everyone here!
kssinca's Avatar kssinca 05:25 PM 11-21-2008
puffnstuff, I'm glad you're feeling better!! I'm very slowly building up a baby stash (whatever I can get free or cheap from craigslist) and everytime I"ve gone to pick something up, I get asked, so... are you pregnant? I"m 6 months and wearing maternity clothes, I thought it was pretty obvious!! So my ego has been bruised a little bit.

The baby definately feels real now! He is very active, especially when I am tell him that Daddy is near and will be kissing him. And maybe I am just projecting but the baby seems to get really excited whenever I take a shower. I think I may have a water baby on my hands!
kssinca's Avatar kssinca 05:26 PM 11-21-2008
Stacymom, congrats!!
javilu's Avatar javilu 05:31 PM 11-21-2008
Mine loves the shower, too!! I think it likes the warm feeling or the sound or something. It gets all squirmy and I imagine it's dancing. My mom asked "are you sure it likes it? Maybe it doesn't like it and that's why it moves," but it just somehow feels like happy movement to me. Swirly and dancy, not upset or anything. It also seems to like it when I drink warm things like tea or soup, but not quite as much as the shower!
kssinca's Avatar kssinca 06:10 PM 01-13-2009
bumping in case we have any new ladies joining....
javilu's Avatar javilu 07:09 PM 01-13-2009
How is everyone?
kJad29's Avatar kJad29 07:39 PM 01-13-2009
Hey Ladies,

Well you all may know that I've had my little BOY January 3rd at home! I'm so happy about it. We're pretty much enjoying our babymoon. Since we live up here in very cold Maine and we're getting an arctic blast, it's keeping us in the house with the exception for Thursday when we go to see the midwife for our after first week appointment. The birth was a very powerful experience and one that I believe I would like to repeat again some day. At this point I'm doing my research on non-hormonal birth control methods. I may just do what my mother did and get a diaphram and a fertilty monitor and call it a day. The other stuff just doesn't do anything for me or I don't like them. Oh yeah, pics can be found in my signature for Rohan (my baby).

Anyways, I hope that the rest of your pregnancies are going well and that you all have wonderful birth experiences. I feel so fulfilled now that I have a little one of my own. It's great!
PaigeC 07:40 PM 01-13-2009
Yeah!! I was just wondering the other day why MDC didn't have a pregnancy after infertility board!

I'm 36 weeks pregnant with my IVF miracle after 9 years of agonizing infertility treatments. We have male factor - anti-sperm antibodies. We went to a new RE last January to finally "move on" to donor sperm and we got a grant to pay for IVF!!!! Miracle of miracles.

We also have 3 snowflakes on ice at the embryologists - 2 3 day 8 cells and one blastocyst.

Being pregnant is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to us. Just pure bliss! I can't wait to meet my beautiful little girl. Her name is Aellyn.

So happy to meet others who didn't "get pregnant when he looked at me." *gag*
FayeO's Avatar FayeO 10:24 PM 01-13-2009
Glad this thread is here now. I want to jump in too.

Like PaigeC, we were dealing with male factor-antisperm antibodies (and that is not all that common from what I gather). Glad to have a comrad in the asa world.

Took us no time with my daughter almost 7 years ago so we had no idea there was a problem. This time, however, it took 37 cycles of frustration and an HSG, clomid challenges, semen analysis (2x), ruptured clomid cyst, 3 medicated IUIs and finally 4 unmedicated IUIs (when they determined I was not a good candidate for clomid) and we were about to move on to IVF. Consultation was set up for Jan 12th, in fact.

A miraculous 7th IUI actually worked!! We were stunned of course.

I am almost 11 weeks now and things look like they are going well.

So it CAN happen. Even when you are completely ready to throw in the towel, things can still work out. WOW.

And, yes, I nice to hear from other women who didn't get pregnant as an "oopsy".

PaigeC 11:57 PM 01-13-2009
Awesome Faye! That is so great - congrats on your pregnancy!!!:: How cool to meet someone else with asa problems. (well not cool, but you know what I mean!)
Everrgreen's Avatar Everrgreen 12:12 PM 01-14-2009
Congratulations to all the newly pregnant women!! : Well and to all of us!

Originally Posted by puffnstuff View Post
How is everyone?
I am doing well! 36 weeks tomorrow and sooooo ready! I can't believe it's almost time for him to be in my arms. I don't know how I'm going to handle it if he decides to come late

KJad29 - Congratulations on your new son!! : I peeked at your photos and he is adorable! I'm jealous!
WoodlandFairytale's Avatar WoodlandFairytale 12:34 AM 01-15-2009
Please keep this positive info coming, ladies... I just had to join the TTC 12+ months club and I'm hoping that I'll be graduating to a DDC sometime soon. It's hard to stay positive but I feel much better after reading all of your stories.
javilu's Avatar javilu 02:50 AM 01-15-2009
Alice, I hope you graduate soon, too. I had just about given up hope myself (but, I mean...of course kept on doing the deed!) when it happened for us. I had even started making serious plans to change grad school programs and other such life changes, so it really caught me off guard and I had to change my plans once again, but I think we've all learned that "planning" life in general is a joke, eh?
Everrgreen's Avatar Everrgreen 11:17 AM 01-15-2009
Originally Posted by WoodlandFairytale View Post
Please keep this positive info coming, ladies... I just had to join the TTC 12+ months club and I'm hoping that I'll be graduating to a DDC sometime soon. It's hard to stay positive but I feel much better after reading all of your stories.

Hi Alice! I remember you from the TTC boards. I'm sorry that you're still waiting. I know how you feel about trying to stay positive, it is so hard. I didn't wait as long as some - we got pregnant just after 12 months of trying. And we had actually decided to start having testing done the next month, but instead I found out I was pregnant.

Lots of baby dust for you!!
Tenk's Avatar Tenk 03:41 PM 01-19-2009
Kemi, I just wanted to say CONGRATS on the babe, he is adorable!!

Gillian, CONGRATS to you too mama!!!

You can see our little miracle in my siggy, he's 6 months old now. The 21 cycles and all the meds to get him here seem like a thing of the past now. We're still totally in love with him.
javilu's Avatar javilu 08:12 PM 03-27-2009
just bumping...
Talula Fairie 08:36 PM 03-27-2009
Oooh I never saw this thread before

I will tell my ever-amusing pregnancy stories.

The first time it took us just shy of 2 years to get pregnant successfully. After 18 months I went to a reproductive endocrinologist. She determined I was probably ovulating fine, based on an u/s and the fact that I had very regular 28 to 29 day cycle. We did a semen analysis on my husband and found he had a relatively low sperm count, (28 million sperm per mL versus a normal count which is more like 55-90). The doctor still called our infertility "unexplained" since I was so young (I was 21 at the time) and really should have gotten pregnant by that point. She put me on Clomid but I reacted badly to it so we tried Femara. I got pregnant and it was ectopic (this was December 2003).

At that point, I gave up. We had several stressful things happen during that period, and we weren't getting along very well. I decided to go out, have fun with my friends, enjoy my youth and just give up on having babies. Well, I promptly got pregnant (Feb/March 2004) . I think we had sex TWO WHOLE TIMES that entire month. After years of doing it at least every other day! Obviously it was meant to be.

So the second time, we were sure it would be 6-12 months of trying at least. I was aiming for my kids to be 24 months apart. We started trying when #1 was 7 months old and got pregnant right. away. I'd only had like two post partum periods, I wasn't even sure I was ovulating yet! Obviously I was

This time around, we started trying in Jan of 2008. I got pregnant in late Feb, but had to have a D&C in April due to a blighted ovum We kept trying and nothing. NOTHING! I took herbs at one point, did everything including the 'not trying but not preventing' thing, but couldn't get pregnant. It was baffling to me a little, to flip from being ultrafertile to not very fertile. Well, I started having health problems in October so we gave up TTC for awhile. I called my OB for a prescription for the pill, but when it was prescribed to me in November, I'd just had my period. I was waiting for December's period to roll around so I could start the pills.

And uh, that period never came I knew I was pregnant too becuase I had a dream that I was turning test after test positive! Again it was a situation where we'd had sex only two times, and we deliberately avoided my fertile days (obviously not very well!). So this time around, it took just barely shy of 12 months to get pregnant successfully, although I'm not sure if it totally counts since we were NOT trying the last two months. This baby was a surprise, but a wanted surprise nontheless. It's been tough though, becuase I don't think my body was prepared. I have to tough it out with my TMJ pain, my bipolar is better so that's nice but I can't take my bipolar meds either, and I get HG in pregnancy, probably even worse this time becuase my liver wasn't quite up to the task.

I still can't figure out why I get pregnant sometimes and not other times. I never get pregnant when I think I will. It's a crapshoot!

Congrats to all you mamas who tried foreverandever and are pregnant now!
WoodlandFairytale's Avatar WoodlandFairytale 01:08 AM 04-02-2009
Any more? I am about to hit 16 months and I know I'm going to lose my sh*t when my period comes next week Stories like this really help me feel like it's still possible.
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