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Before 12 weeks 9 100.00%
12 weeks 7 100.00%
13 weeks 9 100.00%
14 weeks 9 100.00%
15 weeks 7 100.00%
16 weeks 11 100.00%
17 weeks or later 32 100.00%
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Katielady's Avatar Katielady 03:49 PM 05-07-2008
I'm still sick at 11 weeks. Last time it lasted til 16 weeks. I'm curious what the average is...hoping this time it'll end sooner.

Please click more than one option if you had m/s with more than one pregnancy. If you didn't get m/s at all, please don't vote. Thanks!

sg784's Avatar sg784 04:49 PM 05-07-2008
with dd i was sick till 7 mos pg

ds only 16 weeks
Mrs-Mama's Avatar Mrs-Mama 04:55 PM 05-07-2008
I had m/s from 5-10 weeks with both pregnancies.
Spark's Avatar Spark 04:58 PM 05-07-2008
Thanks for allowing for multiple responses!

1st - 16 weeks
2nd - 14 weeks
3rd - 9 months
4th - never had it.
jenniferadurham's Avatar jenniferadurham 05:13 PM 05-07-2008
I haven't gotten m/s with this pg yet but...I have been incredibly nauseous and haven't been able to put anything in me. My DR told me to try Prilosec to help with the acid, that didn't work. So he called me in a med called Zofran. MIRACLE MEDICATION. I'm deff not one to take med or even tylenol for that matter while being pg, but something had to give. It was either that or go to the ER. I have only taken 2 pills(one last night and one this morning) and I feel wonderful! It is what they give patients before surgery to make them not throw up, and what chemo patients use as well. I made sure to check it out before I used it, and I didn't find any resources that said it was bad for the baby. The only problem with's terribly expensive. I had to call my insurance to make sure they would pay for it. Without insurance, name brand....$6,000 for 30 pills! OUCH! I have insurance, and got the generic brand and it was only my co-pay of $10.

Sorry for the novel, I just wanted to help some of the girls out if they were just absolutley miserable.

amy_dawn's Avatar amy_dawn 05:21 PM 05-07-2008
I didn't have morning sickness with either of my first two. But this time around, I had it until well into the second trimester. And it was literally, every single morning, heaving over the toilet... Fortunately, I was able to eat food, though my appetite wasn't very big.
cj'smommy's Avatar cj'smommy 05:25 PM 05-07-2008
I had HG the first 20-22 weeks of my last two pregnancies. With my first I had morning sickness until about 16 weeks or so.
crosscat's Avatar crosscat 05:28 PM 05-07-2008
I am exercising optimism that my morning sickness has in fact ended 9 days ago.
the_lissa's Avatar the_lissa 05:40 PM 05-07-2008
9 months each time.
Ruthla's Avatar Ruthla 05:42 PM 05-07-2008
I don't remember exactly how many weeks. Around 3m pg, the morning sickness got a lot less intense, and by 4m it was just about gone. Throughout the pgs, I'd get nauseated if I didn't get enough sleep or went too long without eating, but it wasn't a constant thing the way it was the first trimester.
Mrs.Oz's Avatar Mrs.Oz 06:02 PM 05-07-2008
I had it every day until week 14, on the dot, then it decreased to about 2-3 times a week until week 22. SUCKED!!! Hoping next time around I won't have it so bad (or at all).
fizzymom's Avatar fizzymom 06:19 PM 05-07-2008
Hyperemesis X 3

#1 until @ 27 weeks
#2 until @ 29 weeks
#3 32 weeks and still going - bleh.

What is worse than being sick all the time is constantly being told "Shouldn't you be over that by now?"
barefootpoetry's Avatar barefootpoetry 08:35 PM 05-07-2008
With my first I was sick until about 5 months or so, and I probably would have kept being sick if I hadn't finally quit my job. I worked in a restaurant, and all the smells would set me off over and over all day long.

I'm pregnant with my second and have barely had a touch of MS. I think I threw up twice early on. I did have one day where I puked for about 24 hours but I think it was the flu.
thefragile7393's Avatar thefragile7393 08:46 PM 05-07-2008
I can't vote for this pregnancy because at 16 weeks it's still happening! With ds I had 3 bouts in the first trimester and that was it.
Gumby's Avatar Gumby 08:48 PM 05-07-2008
sixteen weeks.
Katielady's Avatar Katielady 08:48 PM 05-07-2008
Holy crap! Please tell me the results are skewed because people who've had extended nausea are more likely to click on the thread and answer the poll!

Seriously, my sympathies to those of you who've had such a rough time.

About the zofran....I've thought about it, but I don't feel like it's warranted in my case. I can eat most days, I just can't eat much. I only throw up every three days or so. I'm gaining weight, not losing. If it were more severe I'd go for it but unfortunately I feel like I should probably just suffer through it. I am taking b6 though, and the occasional unisom when it gets really bad.
lizzylou's Avatar lizzylou 10:48 PM 05-07-2008
I started to feel a lot better around 14 weeks. I was about 15 weeks when I last threw up.
NullSet's Avatar NullSet 05:03 AM 05-08-2008
I've always started feeling better at 11 weeks. However, my m/s is never too bad at all. Just a general nausea with no throwing up.
hannybanany's Avatar hannybanany 10:46 AM 05-08-2008
With DD it ended at 14 weeks. This pregnancy - it hasn't completely gone away at 14 weeks, but it's better than it was at 13 weeks. In fact, I'm feeling pretty nauseous right now.
rightkindofme's Avatar rightkindofme 11:37 AM 05-08-2008
I was sick for 5 1/2 months and lost 12 lbs. Luckily(?) I had that much to lose without it being that big of a deal.

Then I discovered acupuncture. I'm of the opinion that acupuncture is a near-miracle cure. My morning sickness was going strong up until the day of my first appointment and I haven't had an issue since. I've had various other problems during pregnancy and acupuncture cleared them up too.
ribeccalin's Avatar ribeccalin 12:20 PM 05-08-2008
I never had morning sickness with either pregnancy. Once or twice I got a little nausea, but that was it. But then I have super easy pregnancies it seems.
Beeblebrox's Avatar Beeblebrox 12:29 PM 05-08-2008
With DD1, 14 weeks. With this pregnancy beyond 17. I think I was about 26 weeks before I started to feel a bit better and stopped losing weight.
kittyhead's Avatar kittyhead 01:06 PM 05-08-2008
i threw up every morning of my pregnancy, even on zofran. but it did get a little better around 20 weeks.
crosscat's Avatar crosscat 02:06 PM 05-08-2008
Originally Posted by crosscat View Post
I am exercising optimism that my morning sickness has in fact ended 9 days ago.
I SOOO jinxed myself! I was projectile vomiting last night. I don't feel bad at all these days, but I suppose I should have selected 17 weeks or more instead of 16 on the poll! Ooops!
selena_ski's Avatar selena_ski 02:26 PM 05-08-2008
Originally Posted by Katielady View Post
Holy crap! Please tell me the results are skewed because people who've had extended nausea are more likely to click on the thread and answer the poll!
i think it might be the case. but 17 or 18 weeks is still soon compared to the 24 weeks i had with DD, but i am 14 weeks now and the ms is starting to ease. although nothing like first pg where i couldn't keep anything down, this time has been more nausea less actual throwing up.