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Just wondering.

I've morphed into the customer from hell.

I try to remember back those days (a few short months ago) when I was in retail.

But some people are just s.t.u.p.i.d. And lately, I aggitate far worse at stupidity than I have in the past.

Just little stupid stuff aggitates me. And mostly at fast food restaurants. And yes, I realize I've been going to fast food restaurants too much lately and have since cut back.

1) I realize that I may be asking for something that you may not always have cooked and ready to go, or that you had on your menu on special last week and may not be on special anymore.
So I ask, "Do you have an x available?" or "Is y still on special?"
I get a yes, EVERY TIME. (this happenned more than once, different restaurants....)
So. My pregnant craving gets all good and ready and mouth watering for the the item I'm longing for upon learning it's available.
So I give my whooooooooooooooooooooole order. What i want, what my husband want, something for the kiddo.
Make sure she gets it allllll right. With the mayo only on this, and no pickle on that, etc. she
Get to the end of the order. Invariably, the order is read all back to me to be sure it's correct....I'm like yeah!! perfect! all excited. 2 seconds later, the intercom tells me:
"OH. ma'am. We don't have any of those y's anymore." OR. "We don't have any x's." (Mainly whatever it was consisted the main bulk of my order.)
and it's stuff like that that my pregnancy hormones make me superpissed.
And it's always the laziness of the person who won't holler and ask some one whether they have x available or y still on special before going with your order. they always just spurt out an answer when they really don't know. (the line is never busy when I come through....I don't deal with busy restaurants. so that's nto usually an excuse.)

Like the other day. I ask for a chicken sandwich at mcdonalds. They have this huge gigantic poster with those new souther chicken sandwiches plastered in your face at the drivethru. So looking at that, I ask for the chicken sandwich, forgetting that they have about umpteen other kinds of chicken sandwiches as well. EVERYONE is ordering those new sandwiches, so shoot me if i forget to specify which one.

the lady knew this, when i get to the window. I suddenly remember that they have several different kinds of chicken sandwiches and realize that maybe i should have specified, so..I ask her if she rang me up for the new one. she's like, "oh, you didn't say, so I put you down for the $1 sandwich." THE ONE DOLLAR SANDWICH?????""" ugh.!! I'm too mfing hungry for the little $1 moutful, I want a REAL sandwich.
I tell her I wanted the other one. She basically shuffles me to the next window.
If i didn't specify which one I wanted, she could have asked me which one. I could have wanted the chicken club. i could have wanted the grilled. instead, these people around here are too lazy to offer basic customer services to find out what the customer wants.

and this stuff, ESPECIALLY involving my food is enough to make my blood boil. You dont mess with a pregnant woman's foood!!! it's just....not safe!!!!! i eat out far less...this is the much needed push to get me away from the addicting fast foods from heck.


I need my medication. But it's just little stupid stuff that people should know better that really pushes me over the edge lately. I know my hormones have a lot to do with it.
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Your'e not alone in this. I worked fast food for 3 years as a teen, and it perpetually blows my mind at how STUPID some of the workers can be. Stupid meaning absolutely no common sense, or they are just SLOW at doing their work (taking their sweet time, and wasting mine) or ring me up WRONG (almost every time) - put the wrong things in the food - have the shake machine down for 2 months and refuse to put a sign on the menu that says "shake machine down" (how hard is that!?). So irritating.
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I don't eat fast food anymore but when I did, I was constantly irritated at the level of stupidity I experienced from the employees. I figured they must have "lack of common sense" as a prerequisite for employment LOL Now don't get me wrong... I have known some smart people who work in the food industry, but they usually move up to management fairly quickly. It's the people on the window or at the cash register who seem the least able to deal with orders and money. So no, you're not alone... I don't even think you have to be pregnant to get annoyed with these people
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I'm mean and angry, too. I think it's started recently. I blame the chronic pain. SPD can bite my... oh, wait, it already has.

Also, I think things involving food would piss me off the most. We need food, we need the food we want, we need it NOW.
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I know exactly how you feel. I go to a drive-through cafe window. I order a decaf orange pecoe (spelling?) tea (some craving, silly decaf tea I would never drink normally). I specify decaf a few times because I know they don't get many orders for that one. I drive up to the window and they give me regular tea. I return it and repeat please decaf. Then they plonk in a decaf tea bag and proceed to (in front of me) remove a tea spoon they were stirring someone else's drink and plonk it into mine without rinsing (the rinse cup was right there). I asked what was in the other person's drink (I could tell it was frothy) and of course it was milk which makes me throw up, yes even the amount on a spoon going into my drink will do that to my stomach.
Then they get really upset with me and I finally get my decaf after the 3rd try.
Now I buy it in bulk (swiss water-processed) and avoid the cafe route. This was just the last straw-every single time they messed up my order over the course of @ 2 months.
Normally, I would just avoid the place. Now & pregnant, it makes me want to cry to not get my tea
Or even better when I ask if they had any other herbal or decaf maybe and she says no!, while standing RIGHT in front of the tea rack chock full of various herbal and decaf teas. Sigh.
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I find that I am very easily irritated right now. I have about 10 weeks to go (due Aug, 4) and I find I don't have the patience for other drivers, cashiers, and especially my 3 children. Sometimes I think I might have Bipolar, the way my mood swings from one extreme to the other. Now that the older 2 are out of school, they need more attention and the 1 yr old takes most of that. The nice thing is they really do entertain each other, when they are not fighting! I take comfort in the fact that I am almost done with this pg and this will be my last one. I really should enjoy this time, but it is hard to do!

My pet peeve with fast food restaurants is new people that were not properly trained, they just throw them out there and the customer pays the price!
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I was only mean while pregnant with a boy. During my pregnancy with my daughter I was actually more emotionally level than I normally am.
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Crabby here too!
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