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MamaMouse's Avatar MamaMouse 07:56 PM 06-25-2002
I am 30 years old and pregnant with my third child. I have two girls, aged 9 and 5. Hoping for a boy, but you know, "as long as it's healthy....". I'm due Feb 12 or 16th depending on who I talk to. I'm in my seventh week and feeling absolutely exausted, and oh great, the morning sickness is starting to really kick in!
My DH and I are both in the military. He's posted about 300 kms away so it's a bit challenging to come home and be totally responsible for my daughters (thankfully they're both good little helpers).
Thank you,

Pookietooth's Avatar Pookietooth 11:30 PM 06-30-2002
I'm 36 years old and due 2/16/03. This is my first baby, and she/he was conceived on fertility drugs (Repronex) after several years of infertility. I found out I was pregnant when the fertility nurse called to tell me that my beta HCG levels were 100 -- after three negative home pregnancy tests.

I would like to give birth as naturally as possible, although I don't think a home birth is practical for me, given that my husband and I live in a 500 square foot apartment. I'd like to give birth in a freestanding birth center, but the closest one is something like 35 miles away. I live in Richmond, CA, which is just a few miles north of Berkeley and a few miles west of San Francisco (in the East Bay).
kazmir's Avatar kazmir 05:12 PM 07-02-2002
We just found out last night that I am pregnant with #2. I will be due around the first of March and this will be a VBAC. We have a 26 month old dd and am excited about this pregnancy since I am so much more aware.

Here comes the fun!

kater07's Avatar kater07 07:33 PM 07-02-2002
I hope you both have wonderful pregnancies!

May you not get stretch marks, may you not puke at all, may you feel baby move and enjoy every second.

Hugs and Belly Rubs!
oceansmama's Avatar oceansmama 09:19 PM 07-02-2002
Hello all, I am new here. I am due with baby #2 on Sept 16th. I have a 5 year old son from a previous marriage and this one is supposed to be a boy as well I plan to deliver at a birthing center with my nurse midwife
Hope to speak with you all soon
due 9/16
Einhorn's Avatar Einhorn 12:18 PM 07-06-2002
Hi my name is Debbie, I'm 33 and expecting my first on 12/31/02. We are planning a nurse midwife-assisted birth (hopefully a waterbirth) but at the hospital instead of at home since I've got ITP and the baby might have a low platelet count.

We're really excited, and a little scared about all of this too.
Bess' Mom's Avatar Bess' Mom 12:46 AM 07-09-2002
Hi Everyone-

I'm mom to a dinosaur-loving still-nursing 4 yr old girl and currently pregnant with #2 due approx. March 6, 2003.

We tried homebirth last time but had to transport to hospital. This time we're going for a natural birth at a hospital birth center. Really hoping things go better this time..

Hope all my fellow pregnant mamas are feeling good!!

Staceyhsmom1's Avatar Staceyhsmom1 10:04 AM 07-09-2002
I'm Pregnant!!!!! We're due Feb. 21, 2003! We have an 8 yr old son, and didn't think we'd have another child. I found a wonderful doula, and plan to look into waterbirths(my first was a c-section).
organicbanana's Avatar organicbanana 12:07 PM 07-15-2002
i'm a 26yo mama to an almost-5-yo boy and 15 mo girl - due with # 3 on new year's day... should be an interesting holiday season...
TranscendentalMom's Avatar TranscendentalMom 08:39 PM 07-18-2002
I am pregnant with my first baby on October 26. We are having a little boy and are so excited! We plan to have the baby in a hospital with a midwife.
HeatherSanders's Avatar HeatherSanders 12:33 PM 07-22-2002
We are pregnant with # 3. Our girls are 2 and 5. We are due December 25th! Yea, a CHRISTMAS BABY!

We are reading everything we can get our hands on - looking forward to our first natural pregnancy and delivery after two very emotionally-charged hospital deliveries with the first two!

Thank you MOTHERING for being a catalyst in getting us to OPEN OUR EYES to a better way of growing and delivering our baby!

SunflowerMama's Avatar SunflowerMama 05:25 PM 07-22-2002
Well we are going to have another little one. I am due March 19, 2003. As of right now I will be going to he navel hospital, but we are getting out of the marine corps in Oct. so when we get where ever it is that we are going..we will have a homebirth and use a midwife, or go unassisted.
lestouffer's Avatar lestouffer 07:24 PM 07-22-2002
I am still not sure, I am kind of hating to find out, since this is the big change in my life. #3 means a new house and a new car (neither of which we can afford). The house can wait, but my car has only 2 seatbelts in back (so there is NO way!, although my father had a seatbelt put in the middle of his backseat of his Porsche when I was a little kid, so.....)

If indeed I am preggers, this will be a c-section. My second DD broke my sacrum when delivering (still hurts and she will be 2 in 3 weeks) and I am just not willing to go through that again, my back won't handle it either. So, my ob said that a c-section was OK. We'll see.

Still don't feel pregnant.....hopefully I am late, I was hoping for a little more distance between them.....although I want 3.

mom to A almost 6 and E almost 2.....
Caroline's Avatar Caroline 09:09 PM 07-25-2002
I am pregnant with #3 after a long struggle with secondary infertility. I am so happy to finally be posting on this board! I had my ds and dd at home with midwives (dd was a water birth) but this time around I will be in a hospital with a CNM. I'm due Mar. 3, 2003!

Spooky Tuesday's Avatar Spooky Tuesday 06:02 PM 07-26-2002
We're expecting our 2nd March 28th, 2003
We have a DD that's 14 mon. and will love being a big sis! We plan to have a home birth, that is if our house is done by then! If not we'll go to a birthcenter with my same midwives.
I found out early, 11dpo (days post ovulation) !!
Overyonder's Avatar Overyonder 10:23 PM 07-26-2002
I'm 13 weeks pregnant now. This will be my 4th God willing. I have an 8 year old, 7 year old, and a 5 year old. I'm due the end of January.

wildflower1990's Avatar wildflower1990 11:17 AM 07-29-2002
I am having a boy and am due November 4th!
princesspiglet's Avatar princesspiglet 04:10 PM 07-31-2002
Hi I am new here! I am pregnant with our first...a girl. She is due to enter the world Nov 15, but I have a feeling she will come sooner! We are having a hospital birth with a midwife and doula. Plan to go au natural. Only 3 months to go!
sahm's Avatar sahm 04:16 PM 08-01-2002
I just found out that I am pregnant!!! Due in April. This will be our second. I am still bf #1 and he is 18 months. I am so excited and glad to be on this board!!!
boobykinmamma's Avatar boobykinmamma 01:36 PM 08-02-2002
Due around mid-March with #2. Going to do a home waterbirth.
organicmama's Avatar organicmama 12:24 AM 08-03-2002
Congrats all you pregnant mamas! My little angel is almost 4 weeks old now. They are so sweet & fun! You have so much to look forward to & don't forget to enjoy the process, too. (Ups & downs... )

Boobykinmama, good luck with the waterbirth. I had a home/waterbirth with my baby & it was great!
lisamarie's Avatar lisamarie 04:31 PM 08-03-2002
Well, we are so excited to announce that we are pregnant!!! Just found out today and had to share the good news w/all the MDC mommies!


Ms. Mom's Avatar Ms. Mom 06:40 PM 08-03-2002
WEEE - So excited for you sweetie! Feel well!
lisamarie's Avatar lisamarie 11:47 PM 08-03-2002

Thanks sweetie!!!

Much Love~

Journey's Avatar Journey 12:00 AM 08-04-2002
I'm pregnant with #3. My EDD is October 4th, but I tend to go a few days past the EDD. I'm planning my second unassisted birth. My first child was born in a hospital with an OB/GYN, my second was born peacefully at home into mine and my husband's hands. I have two daughters, and my intuition is telling me this will be a boy, but we'll see.
Mcaws's Avatar Mcaws 02:12 AM 08-04-2002

fizzymom's Avatar fizzymom 01:47 AM 08-06-2002
Hi -- I am pregnant with #2 and due in mid April! I'm excited and terrified at the same time. DS (19 mos.) is still nursing --a lot , so it will probably be an interesting journey.
JesseMomme's Avatar JesseMomme 03:13 PM 08-10-2002
This will be our first homebirth, and unassisted too. I am about 22-24 weeks preg now, and am really enjoying this pregnancy. It has been so simple! (besides a touch of sciatica and pelvic bone pain)
My belly has been showing a while now, man was I in a rush to go and get new maternity clothes (had none for summer months)...there goes the sears bill!:
Saundra's Avatar Saundra 12:37 AM 08-16-2002
I just turned 42 and I'm expecting my second child, another boy, on Nov. 15th. My first is 20 months. It will be a hospital birth with a low-tech OB (is there such a thing?)
MamaMae's Avatar MamaMae 09:24 AM 08-19-2002
Hi there! Just found out we're pregnant with #2, due in late April. DS is 19 mos old and a very frequent nurser still, so I'm a bit nervous about all of that. He was born at a freestanding birth center, but this time we're planning a home birth.

No symptoms yet...feeling good. Hope I can keep it up for the next nine months !
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