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heatherRN's Avatar heatherRN 01:08 PM 08-02-2008
My MW has offered to prepare a smoothie postpartum with my placenta. She said it doesn't really taste like anything...hmmm...could this be true? She insists the iron is very important and I don't really want to spend a lot of money to encapsulate it, so...raw anyone? smoothie anyone?

lil_earthmomma's Avatar lil_earthmomma 08:05 PM 08-02-2008
I have never personally sampled placenta smoothie, but the uc board is full of smilies when refering to the placenta smoothie. I would go over there and ask for advice and taste opinions! good luck with your quest for the yummiest placenta ingestion method!
sapphire_chan's Avatar sapphire_chan 11:48 PM 08-02-2008
If the placenta was well rinsed, I could see it not tasting of anything but the other ingredients. And doesn't orange juice help iron absorption anyway?
KindRedSpirit's Avatar KindRedSpirit 11:54 PM 08-02-2008
mine tasted like strawberries.I just added lots of them and a banana to each tablespoon or so of placenta in the blender.I HIGHLY reccomend doing it!