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Middle name for Zion?

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Help! I'm set on Zion for a boy's name, and would like a middle name that starts with "A" or "I" so his initials will be Zig or Zag

Any A or I middle name suggestions for the first name Zion?

and while I'm at it, which spelling do you like best for the girl name


joannamf's Avatar joannamf
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Zion Iliad

Zion Ike

Zion Inder

Zion Alexander

Zion Augustus

Zion Adler

Zion Alden

Zion Ace

Zion Asa

Zion Asher- my favorite
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Go with Alexander. The first name is unusual enough that it would be nice for him to have a fallback if he really doesn't like it someday. (Not saying Zion's a bad name, but kids are wacky, it could happen.)

Ellia. Make life easy for your daughter. Ellia can only be pronounced one, obvious way. Those other spellings will just set her up for years upon years of spelling her name out and telling folks how to pronounce it. Why do that to a kid? (By the way, I think Ellia sounds lovely!)
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I was also going to say Asher (slight prejudice as its my son's name but I think it is beautiful), it "fits" with Zion very nicely

My little one will be Zev Israel (after 2 great grandparents), going for the same feel here i think
Blucactus's Avatar Blucactus
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Zion Alexander is my favorite of the ones listed so far. The multiple syllables sound good with the shortness of Zion & I agree it's 'nice and normal' for a fall back. I do like Zion, though, it's been on my baby name list for YEARS and DH always vetos it bc of the Matrix.
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oh, Iliad that ones good!

I thought of Ichabod at first. I like to have lots of syllables in names tho.

Or you could go super matrixy and use Zion Nebuchadnezzars! Umm.... tasty.

I grew up LDS so Zion doesn't bring me to the matrix at first.
heidirk's Avatar heidirk
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Zion Ignatius!
BananaBreadGirl's Avatar BananaBreadGirl
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Zion Amos?

I like Asher also.
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Do not do Zion Israel, that would be WAY too much

With Zion I tend to like other hebrew names. They will sound like Jewish names I think. I don't know if that is something you want, or not where you are coming from.

Zion Asher (I third this)
Zion Abiel
Zion Asa
Zion Aryeh
Zion Isaac
Zion Isaiah
Zion Immanuel (very religious sounding name but I think beautiful)

If you aren't going for Jewish names than Zion Alexander does sound quite nice or

Zion Ambrose
Zion Arthur
Zion August
Zion Aurelius
Zion Isadore
Zion Ivar

Your daughter...are you looking for the pronunciation Ell -ee-a (like Ellie with an a on the end or the pronunciation E-Lie-ah (like elijah without the j)

If you are looking for Ell-ee-a than go with Ellia, its simplest. The name said this way does sound a lot like Aaliyah so I can see why you'd choose that but somehow Eliyah doesn't seem as clear in pronunciation.

If you are looking for E-Lie-ah then use Elia (as in Elia Kazan) or Elaiah.

I don't think you should use Eleigha for either pronunciation as I read that as "E-lay-a" which is awfully close to "I'll Lay yah" Bad name for teenage daughter.
Hesperia's Avatar Hesperia
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When I read the title, I initially thought of Rennex...
But, seeing as you would like an "a" name, what about Annex, or Innex.
Not sure why, or if this is even a 'name', but I sure love it!

There is a short story by E.M Forster called The Classical Annex
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I am from a small town. Zion, IL... The North/South streets in the town are all aphabetical Bible names. I don't remember all the A names, but I think they stopped mid-E, where they ran into another town :-) Also the town's founder was John Alexander Dowie, who claimed to be the profit Elijah. Just thought I'd share some interesting info about your name. Google or wiki "Zion, IL". It has a neat history, even if you are not big into the churchy aspect of it.
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when i saw this thread, i immediately heard in my head "zion asher"
neither name is one i would typically choose, but somehow, it just *feels* like the right name

for the girl name- depends on the pronunciation. is it like
ell- lie-ah
the best spelling would definitely depend on the way you want it said
KindRedSpirit's Avatar KindRedSpirit
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What about Zion Archer?
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I like Zion Alexander. My daughter is Zion Alexis. I like the meaning of the two names together. Alexander and Alexis mean protector.
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