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maple's Avatar maple 08:31 PM 11-17-2003
I've never posted here before, but thought you ladies may be able to offer me some comfort and advise.
I had my 20 wk ultrasound last Thursday, and my midwife said they noticed a "shadow" in the heart. Has anyone ever heard of this?
Of course, my midwife said not to worry, it's too early to tell anything much, and more often than not when I have another ultrasound in 4wks. (which I'm not too happy about), they'll find everything to be okay. Still, I can't help but freak out a little.
This is my second pregnancy, and everything went so perfect with my first.
The baby seems to be developing normally, and kicks alot, etc.
I hate waiting, and wondering if everything's okay. Help!!

ja mama's Avatar ja mama 08:43 PM 11-17-2003
Without getting technical (because I forget it all),my ds2 had a shadow in his heart also and they told us we had a higher chance of him having downs syndrom. If that was reason for us to abort or plan to adopt him out we could do an amniocentices. Clearly we did not!!!!! He was born perfectly fine, and his heart is perfectly fine! One more example of science giving us too much info, that doesn't help at all.

By the way, welcome to MDC!!!
saintmom's Avatar saintmom 08:44 PM 11-17-2003
Hi!Sorry you're having to worry so out the us.fom wha Ive read us a'rent an accurate predictor of fetal outcome.i don't know what the stats are.I do know they keep us very dependant on ob's and their opinions!
bebe luna's Avatar bebe luna 08:49 PM 11-17-2003
I recently had a similar situation happen to me...
I had an u/s at 20 weeks, at the follow-up visit my midwife said they want me to have another u/s at 25 weeks (This week) because of something that appeared in the brain area. She said "don't worry... it's most likely a muscle... there are no other indications of something being wrong... we see this fairly often and it usually turns out to be nothing... don't worry... please just go have the 2nd u/s"
In my heart I feel that it is nothing, I feel that my baby is fine. I haven't decided on a 2nd u/s yet. Mostly I would agree to the 2nd one just to take another peek at my little guy, but then I think of all the controversy and innaccuracy w/ u/s's and I think I should just skip it...
Trust your intuition, most likely your baby is fine!
anothermama's Avatar anothermama 09:04 PM 11-17-2003
Read "A Thinking Womans Guide to a Better Birth". There are wonderful statistics and references to MORE statistics about the accuracy of ultrasound.... kind of sum up, from reading that, as well as other things I've read, it seems like U/S is really only, overall, about %50 accurate. Thats as good as flipping a coin. U/S is also LESS accurate EARLIER in's MOST accurate at the END of the pregnancy.

You can read all of the online parenting boards and see moms who got a weird thing at 16 or 20 weeks and BOOM ended up with a perfectly normal healthy baby...

Soooo DON'T WORRY!!!!!! I bet you'r baby is FINE and in 20 more weeks your going to be here telling us your wonderful birth story!!!
maple's Avatar maple 10:43 PM 11-17-2003
Y'all are really making me feel better! I'm so glad I posted. bebe luna, I, too, have been relying on my intuition on this one, and intuitively feel like the baby is fine. It's kind of funny because every time I start to really worry, she gives me a little kick, like everything's going to be okay.
Thanks, guys!
applejuice's Avatar applejuice 02:59 AM 11-18-2003


Those U/S and other technologies keep us from bonding with our babies in a normal and early way. The OB and other HCP should be ashamed of themselves.
breerod77's Avatar breerod77 10:55 PM 10-06-2008

I just got news today from my doctor with the exact same news. I had an ultrasound at 20 weeks and just found out today this little scare. Exact same scenario. I am now 25 weeks and she says it is probably nothing and my little man is kicking and growing as to be expected. This is my 6th pregnancy and the first time I have ever been given this kind of news so it likely that I am a little bit paranoid. I am so glad to hear that this is probably nothing but am going to have another U/S on thursday to see what they say. In my heart I feel that he is doing just fine and is going to be a strong little man!!! thanks to all of you for posting here. I just found this site. Thankfully I feel much better.
peainthepod's Avatar peainthepod 11:08 PM 10-06-2008
Yeah, I had this too. I also had the nuchal translucency and the blood tests to screen for Down Syndrome and the only result that was even remotely questionable was the spot on the heart.

The radiologist, my old OB, and my current midwife have all told me repeatedly not to worry. By itself that indicator means nothing. The "problem" will resolve itself by birth in the vast majority of cases. Chances are excellent that your baby is completely fine.

Try not to worry, mama!
hollycat's Avatar hollycat 11:37 PM 10-06-2008
the accuracy of ultrasound is almost ALL about the reader. my OB has had me and about 10 of my friends and has never been wrong. its just a tool for the person reading it.
nuwavemomma's Avatar nuwavemomma 11:50 PM 10-06-2008
Google "echogenic focus." That was seen at my 20w us with my ds, so I had a level 2 the next week to recheck. Wasn't there. Technical error, ds's heart is fine. Was it the left ventricle by chance? That's the one that seems to keep popping up, I don't know why.'s Avatar 11:57 PM 10-06-2008
also, even it turns out there really is some anomaly with bb's heart, still it is most likely that everything will be fine. i have known a few babies whose mothers were told either before or soon after birth that they had some heart defect (a "small hole in the heart" was one dx), but these babies were fine and didnt need any surgery or special treatment and really were healthy and normal. i know in the case of my cousin with a hole in her heart, it was expected to and did close up on its own.