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pumpkin's Avatar pumpkin 08:50 AM 09-18-2011
I haven't been able to use Tapatalk to view MDC for several days. I was just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem?

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 12:47 PM 09-28-2011
Yes, several members of my DDC have complained about this. I was hoping something would be included with the new platform. Not sure if it was?
Baby_Cakes's Avatar Baby_Cakes 08:56 AM 10-01-2011

I keep getting a "cannot connect to forum" message AFTER i've typed out a long reply.  irked.gif  What's up with that?  It says talk to a site administrator.

cynthia mosher's Avatar cynthia mosher 10:31 AM 10-01-2011
Similar problems are experienced at random by others. But often the issue is on the Tapatalk end, not ours - even though they tell you to contact a site admin. I know that doesn't help much but Tapatalk being third party software we have essentially no control over the problems. But they do seem to work themselves out after awhile so maybe someone is actively working to fix things when they are reported. And we do report your complaints. innocent.gif
Baby_Cakes's Avatar Baby_Cakes 10:38 AM 10-01-2011

ok thanks!!

Breathless Wonder's Avatar Breathless Wonder 07:48 AM 10-05-2011

I haven't been able to access the forums using TapaTalk in 3 days. :-(

talktomenow's Avatar talktomenow 05:01 AM 10-06-2011

This happens to me every so often. What I've found is deleting the app and then re-installing it fixes the problem every time. :)

cynthia mosher's Avatar cynthia mosher 03:43 AM 10-14-2011

Thanks for the tip! thumb.gif

Baby_Cakes's Avatar Baby_Cakes 05:55 AM 10-14-2011

I don't get it.  No other forums have these issues with tapatalk.  Are you sure it's tapatalk's problem and not mdc's?  My DH uses it for 3 or 4 other forums and has never gotten these errors that I keep seeing.  shrug.gif

JElaineB's Avatar JElaineB 09:50 AM 10-26-2011

I had not been able to access MDC on Tapatalk for probably the last two weeks, on my iPod Touch both iOS 4.3 and now on iOS 5. It works fine with the other fourms I visit, but those are based on vbulliten and this one is not, so maybe that is the difference. What I just ended up doing was deleting the MDC account (only - not the entire Tapatalk app) and adding it again it - that seems to have fixed it.