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waimeagirl's Avatar waimeagirl 07:28 PM 09-13-2013

Ahhh is it just me or does having Kraft as an advertiser seem bizzaro?

Hylands, Bummies, Floradix and Kraft....

blessedwithboys's Avatar blessedwithboys 08:24 PM 09-13-2013

Yeah, MDC just doesn't make sense any more  :(

waimeagirl's Avatar waimeagirl 08:40 PM 09-13-2013
Pretty much the definition of contradiction to 'healthy' 'natural' living
What next Similac?
JamieCatheryn's Avatar JamieCatheryn 10:50 AM 09-14-2013

Pretty sure they don't get to screen them that thoroughly and pick and choose. Kraft mac 'n' cheese = wholesome family food to most people so it ends up lumped in for family site ads. I've learned to tune out ads but I did see that buffalo flavor, reminded me I used to love mac and cheese with hot sauce, still occasionally get Annie's rice mac and cheese at my kids' insistence and cover mine in hot sauce actually.

waimeagirl's Avatar waimeagirl 04:05 PM 09-14-2013
I guess it strikes a cord in me because that equation is faulty. There is nothing wholesome and natural about Kraft Mac n cheese. I understand advertising needs to happen but for anyone who comes to this sight who maybe does not have a strong educational back ground, or passion for making informed choices would make the assumption that because Mothering supports them as advertisers that it must be wholesome and natural.
It is more than a little discouraging that a site dedicated to natural living and a beacon of light for wholesome living can make any correlation to a shelf stable, chemically laden food imposter as a wholesome choice for nutrition.
Super disappointing....makes my heart ache a little that a magazine and site I have had so much respect for has gone the way of big box advertisers. ; (
heldt123's Avatar heldt123 05:30 AM 09-16-2013

I lothe those Kraft ads!  I'm constantly accidentally getting my cursor over them and then they buzzz and fill my entire screen.  Their ads are on both the top and side so it is almost impossible to not hit them constantly.  GRRRR

Ragana's Avatar Ragana 07:20 AM 09-16-2013

I use AdBlock Plus (browser add-on), and I don't see them at all.

SweetSilver's Avatar SweetSilver 09:52 AM 09-16-2013

Apparently you didn't see the Flintstones cereal a couple of years back.


But, really, do you think that no one on MDC buys Kraft macncheese?  Or Flintstones cereal for that matter?  Or even Similac?


ETA: agree about the annoying hover ads.

erigeron 10:04 AM 09-16-2013

Meh, I agree it isn't a particularly natural product, but I don't think that anyone who is otherwise determined not to buy it is going to be swayed by one ad on MDC. And as SweetSilver noted, odds are some people on MDC do buy it! So I have a hard time getting too worked up about it. 

dalia's Avatar dalia 10:14 AM 09-16-2013
I would never buy that stuff. Like, EVER. Never, never, never. That lady you saw at the store with five boxes in her cart and a package of frozen corny dogs? That wasn't me. She just looks exactly like me. *insert smiley hiding under chair*
heldt123's Avatar heldt123 10:21 AM 09-16-2013

I don't have a problem with the ad in general, just the fact that it hums and pops up in my way like every 5 minutes.  I wasn't planning on buying Kraft, but I sure as heck am not going to buy it when it makes that kind of annoying ad.  None of the other ads do that, why this one?

SweetSilver's Avatar SweetSilver 11:08 AM 09-16-2013
Originally Posted by dalia View Post

I would never buy that stuff. Like, EVER. Never, never, never. That lady you saw at the store with five boxes in her cart and a package of frozen corny dogs? That wasn't me. She just looks exactly like me. *insert smiley hiding under chair*




And I did not buy that bag of fritos last week.  And I did not buy that bag of pure-sugar-n-dye-n-corn-syrup candy, either.  

Here's our chair to hide ourselves under: hide.gif

But just because the food is crap doesn't mean I always hide under little chairs.  Yesterday after my can-o-coffee and skor candy, I felt like this: :joy. Then I went home and made an organic veg dinner from our garden.


No, I hate hover ads, whether they come from kraft or Hylands.  

rainbowasylum's Avatar rainbowasylum 11:13 AM 09-16-2013
Originally Posted by dalia View Post

I would never buy that stuff. Like, EVER. Never, never, never. That lady you saw at the store with five boxes in her cart and a package of frozen corny dogs? That wasn't me. She just looks exactly like me. *insert smiley hiding under chair*


I just left the store with mac and cheese, tater tots, and kool aid- oh, and a big bag of all dressed potato chips.  

It's a birthday here, the 4 year old dictates the menu choices. 

Sometimes my crunchy self indulges in a little bit of mainstream sogginess. (And we all like it! Nom)  Tomorrow we'll be back to our better choices, but there is a place for a box of Kraft Dinner in my cart on occasion.  




dalia's Avatar dalia 12:26 PM 09-16-2013
Shame! SHAME!!! ;-P
Imakcerka 12:53 PM 09-16-2013

I but it in bulk.  Because sometimes that's all my oldest will eat. 

waimeagirl's Avatar waimeagirl 03:15 PM 09-16-2013

Easy girls!

I am not a picture of perfection when it comes to nutrition nor am I judging your food choices.  

I have fish sticks and french fries in my freezer as "emergency food" for crying out loud.

It is about the association.

All I am saying is that as a magazine and site that upholds natural living it seems a grand contradiction to have a 

advertiser like Kraft hovering accross my page.  

All I keep thinking is as it bobbles and shimmey shakes is "this is the kind of....uughhh ....less than optimal food choice...

I am trying to get away from."

What is the message you send to a first time visitor/mama who is trying to find her way and leaves with the interpretation that 

wholesome natural living= Kraft mac n cheese...if Mothering endorses it it must be good for my child.

rainbowasylum's Avatar rainbowasylum 03:45 PM 09-16-2013

Oh gosh, I really think that- while it is less than ideal as an advertiser, it keeps money coming in the door.  Beyond that, I don't think anyone is foolish enough to think that is endorsing it as the ideal  and healthy food let alone that they ought to be responsible for total education of folks who might visit this site.  At some point, people have to be responsible for their own ignorance.  How many people really exist who think Kraft Dinner is the optimal choice every day?  Probably not many, and if they do, their being easily swayed by advertising is the least of their problems. 

I get it, really.  It is a bit of an ironic advertisement on this site.  I just think sometimes there is a bent towards 'this is a bad choice, so you are a bad parent!'  which pretty offputting within the AP/crunchy parenting community.  

waimeagirl's Avatar waimeagirl 04:20 PM 09-16-2013

Oh goodness Rainbow you would be surprised...

I guess my sensitivity to this issue is that I have worked with populations addressing nutritionally associated health disparities and it is SOBERING how influenced "the masses" are by the power of association.

I own that I am 100% overly sensitive to issues of health, food, advertisers, and our collective apathy as a species : )

Never my intension to make a reader feel as a bad was not meant to be about the purchasing of the product but the placement of it on the site.

Blessings to all as we navigate this beautiful road with grace, humility, and acceptance.

dalia's Avatar dalia 06:48 PM 09-16-2013
I was just being silly and I didn't think you were being judgmental! And to be honest I NEVER buy Kraft dinner (gross). But I do buy Annie's organic Mac and cheese by the cart-full LOL. Also, the corn dogs were from Applegate Farms gluten free! Oh man, even my bad food is sorta good!!! LOL
erigeron 09:02 PM 09-16-2013

We found Annie's for 50 cents a box once... we bought a lot. (Then forgot about it and realized a lot of it had gone post-dates, and donated most of the rest. Derp.)

heldt123's Avatar heldt123 05:33 AM 09-18-2013

Ok, now I'm seeing Pfizer ads for ADHD medication??  Is that some sort of sick joke?  Pfizer on Mothering??  :irked

erigeron 05:37 AM 09-18-2013

Can you flag them? 

heldt123's Avatar heldt123 05:39 AM 09-18-2013

How do I do that?  they are banner and side ads.

dalia's Avatar dalia 08:31 AM 09-18-2013
I thought the ads would be coming from your search engine not the site you are on. For instance, if you were looking for baby stuff on google then whatever site you went to would pop up with baby ads. Am I wrong?
Imakcerka 10:36 AM 09-18-2013

This happens often.  Last time they said they really didn't have control over it.

HappyHappyMommy's Avatar HappyHappyMommy 10:41 AM 09-18-2013

Hi All, I'm moving this thread to the Site Help forum where it's better hosted. You can report an ad if you feel it is something unacceptable by posting to the Site help forum.

adinal's Avatar adinal 02:05 PM 09-18-2013

Hi ladies. :)


We sell a certain percentage of the ads - stuff that is really well targeted, like Ergo, Hyland's, etc.  And then we have the ad service ads.  Those are based on your cookies, sites you may have recently visited, and they show different for a lot of people.  A while back I got nothing but TV ads for shows like Mistresses because I had visited a TV site. LOL So, those we don't have control over.  

heldt123's Avatar heldt123 03:22 PM 09-18-2013

Well, they aren't based on anything I have ever looked up.  Kraft Mac-n-Cheese, Pfizer ADHD meds, and now Blackheart Spiced Rum--Seduction in a bottle.  Um...yeah....if they are targeted, it is pretty rotten aim.  lol  I do see targeted ads when I use search engines, and on other sites, but not on  this site.

adinal's Avatar adinal 03:25 PM 09-18-2013
I wish I knew more about how they work. I'm kind of jealous you got a rum ad though. Lol
Tara2's Avatar Tara2 12:58 PM 09-21-2013

AdinaL- Are you saying that we see the mac and cheese ad based on what we personally search for or communally, if some folks on mothering have searched for things that bring up the kraft ad? I have seen this ad a lot on here lately but not other sites?


Was going to mention the option of 'healthier' box mac n cheese such as Annie's Organic. That even if you determine as a parent the need for quick, easy, instant type and yes, even fairly cheap meals, there is pretty much an organic/more natural ingredient option for everything out there: candy, chocolate, ice cream, mac n cheese, corn dogs (we also buy the gluten free organic version), pizza, soda, etc. etc. I confess to living off a fair number of frozen, ready-quick options since having baby#4 ...17 months ago...:D I recognize that the boxed Annie's Mac may cost around 3 bucks a box, compared to Kraft which is maybe a dollar. There is a fairly natural Trader Joes brand that is middle of the road, I believe. I wish everyone would know about and choose organic options of these things when possible, which are just as tasty if not more so. Not to mention that much healthier for human consumption. Maybe even fair trade, some of them. My family feels the price difference, believe you me. Shopping for a family of 6 on a teacher's salary is not easy. :o  But compared to a meal out, what have you, even the organic is way cheaper. 

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