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dddD's Avatar dddD 04:58 AM 06-20-2002
Does it mean posting nasty comments about someone personally?
Does it mean discrediting someone's opinion?

It is a very loaded word, with much more meaning than just as a physical flame, so what is it exactly?

cynthia mosher's Avatar cynthia mosher 11:21 AM 06-20-2002
Before we switched to vBulletin board software we had UBB. I always disliked that UBB had a flame for all threads with more than 15 replies. It seemed to imply that the thread was flaming in content. Sorta like seeing this next to a discussion title!

In a nutshell it's a personal attack rather than a statement related to the discussion. For more try this: http://www.dictionary.com/search?q=flame
dddD's Avatar dddD 04:11 AM 06-23-2002
Thanks, Cynthia. I always wonder why words come to mean what they mean. Maybe we can use the definition of flame as "sweetheart" and turn it into a positive, flattering word.