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rainbowmoon's Avatar rainbowmoon 11:33 AM 08-02-2006
can we get a tea smiley for all of us tea lovers? TIA!

loving-my-babies's Avatar loving-my-babies 08:03 PM 08-03-2006
OHHH I would lov this one... I'm a major tea lover
Calidris's Avatar Calidris 10:08 PM 08-03-2006
I like tea
MamaTaraX's Avatar MamaTaraX 11:21 PM 08-03-2006
I see the coffee one all the time. I always wondered why there wasn't a tea one too

Namaste, Tara
Silvercrest79's Avatar Silvercrest79 01:42 AM 08-04-2006
I want a tea one too!!! I'd make one but I don't know how.
Kidzaplenty's Avatar Kidzaplenty 02:23 AM 08-04-2006
I want one, too! I LOVE my tea.
terrabella's Avatar terrabella 02:05 PM 08-04-2006
Me too! Excellent idea.
lunadoula's Avatar lunadoula 02:33 PM 08-04-2006
I just wanted to add my vote too!! Happy herbal tea drinker here.
meggles's Avatar meggles 02:43 PM 08-05-2006
Great idea! MMMM!
BabyBumblebee's Avatar BabyBumblebee 12:25 AM 08-07-2006
c'mon - where are the smiley makin' mamas? We neeeeeeeed a tea smiley pleeeeeeease?:
talk de jour's Avatar talk de jour 12:42 AM 08-07-2006
Let me try! BRB
talk de jour's Avatar talk de jour 01:10 AM 08-07-2006
'Kay, what do you guys think of this?

rainbowmoon's Avatar rainbowmoon 01:14 AM 08-07-2006
that's awesome!
talk de jour's Avatar talk de jour 01:15 AM 08-07-2006
Woo! I'm glad the response isn't "Ew... that's ugly."
Kidzaplenty's Avatar Kidzaplenty 01:18 AM 08-07-2006
I really like it, but now how do we get it added to the smiley list? It would go great in my siggy!
talk de jour's Avatar talk de jour 01:21 AM 08-07-2006
I think we PM a mod.

CM or Ms. Mom, maybe? ::searches::
BabyBumblebee's Avatar BabyBumblebee 01:44 PM 08-07-2006
that's awesome! :
*GreenMama*'s Avatar *GreenMama* 06:15 PM 08-07-2006
mmmmmm teeeeeeeeea
talk de jour's Avatar talk de jour 11:43 PM 08-11-2006

So how do we get this put up? :
tinybutterfly's Avatar tinybutterfly 12:19 AM 08-14-2006
Oh, tea!
Avena's Avatar Avena 12:45 AM 08-14-2006
Another tea lovin' mama here too
**guest**'s Avatar **guest** 09:48 AM 08-14-2006
I love tea! Is there any way to make it look like a tea cup, instead of a mug? I'm really not a tea snob (drink from a mug most of the time) but I just think the traditional tea cup would be SWEET.
loving-my-babies's Avatar loving-my-babies 11:04 AM 08-14-2006
can someone make a cup of tea on a saucer? that way you could really see it's tea

oh, OdetoJoy, I think I might be a tea snob

**guest**'s Avatar **guest** 11:15 AM 08-14-2006
(I really am a tea snob. Shhhh)
littlehalo's Avatar littlehalo 02:12 PM 08-16-2006
Yeah, I love the teacup idea! I rarely drink coffee but I almost always have my tea nearby.
asoulunbound's Avatar asoulunbound 02:25 PM 08-16-2006
yum, now I want a cuppa tea!
wonderwahine's Avatar wonderwahine 08:40 PM 08-18-2006
I want a tea smiley!!