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cynthia mosher 07-16-2003 07:22 PM

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Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.

It is a fundraising thing for the Mothering Board. Read on to find out all about it what it is and how it came to be.

Originally posted by Hilary on 11-19-2002 10:45 AM here

There is an explanation to the DDDDC that no-one has stated, and I think it would be a nice thing to do.

Yes when you are new, joking around and stuff can seem to exclude you. I joined - oh... some time ago, and felt left right out. Not only because of being knew, but because of my age. And being a clutz with the computer, half the time, most of the stuff was spun to planet of misplaced posts...

Anyway... if you know the story of how DDDDC came into being (rather than what Kama's thread means) then you might understand better what Kama is trying to do.

As you know, when you get to 1,000 posts, you suddenly become a "Senior Member", a title which grates my brain with a "passion".

In case you didn't guess

So if you will take a minute to squizz mine, you will see that there abides at the top of the page, "Junior member". Which one day, suddenly arrived without any say-so.

(Blush Cynthia )

Now over at Activism, there was a tiff, which ironically was about insider joking. Because once you get to know a person's "body language" you can sometimes have fun. To cut a long story really short, I got annoyed at a totally unrelated matter, and was accused of having verbal diarrhoea. ( Never mind. Don't go there.) ... and mentioned that there were so many "prunes" to eat (or something to that effect) that verbal diarrhoea was inevitable.

Anyway..... ONE DAY my name had been replaced with RAPMAMA.

(If by chance the thread is still there, the URl was

Posted by Just Wondering on 09-02-2002 02:54 PM:
RAP Mama???????!!!!! Could somebody please explain

why my beloved "Junior Member" status which I dearly cherished, has vanished, and I am now called "RAP mama"?

I spy with my little eye, some behind the scene plotting, scheming and otherwise whispering campaign while I take a few days hard labour on the medico-legal grindstone.... spme practical joker maybe???

so could the relevant criminals please admit their parts in the dastardly deed, and give me some explanations as to why they think I should live with such an unlikely moniker.....????

I will come back later today to listen to your confessions...

Line up now....

P.s. no invented stories will be taken at face value. And if I find a stream of varying different briefs, you will all get custard pies. Except we don't have an emoticon for that so it will have to be

PPS No-one please hide. I will search you out, be sure of it...

Oi....including you Cynthia, since you are the only one who can eventually change names, so you had to have a hand in this.....

Editted to add more emoticons, since I can see the funny side to this....


I did not suspect Cynthia to begin with.... just thought someone was playing a prank. Everyone else tried to figure out what it meant too.

After some discussion as to meaning, who would and why, Cynthia posted:


Posted by Cynthia Mosher on 09-03-2002 12:02 AM:

And it has miraculously changed just as predicted!

My bad. Noone else. All gone. Good grief!

Oh, and "Junior Member" was my bad too so I'm not putting it back unless requested.

But the puzzle remained. So Cynthia led us on a word hunt to track down how it happened....but then she said that to get her to fess up to the whole story would require a bribe

Imagine that

So just in case you think she's an innocent little two shoes , she ain't....

After being accused of having accomplices, she replied


Posted by Cynthia Mosher on 09-03-2002 02:24 AM:

No no. A lone criminal I am.

Waggin that finger at me? I'm gonna change my sig to "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap"

And gave us more clues.

It was Kama and Britt who figured it out, because on a thread in finding your tribe I said something like "We should all be called Rapmamas "Real Activist Prune Mamas" but it had skipped my memory.. Britt mentioned me saying something about being one of the guilty parties and taking the "rap" for that, so it could have had a double meaning...

Cynthia clarified it, but directing us to the "prunes" act...

But it didn't stop there, because MsMom got into the act, and one night, changed Cynthia's name, and Cynthia then responded by changing MsMom's name to Flylady's Nightmare.

.... correct me if this is wrong ....

Not being entiredly happy with Rapmama, another option came to mind, so the letters I have now, appeared at a naming party. But there were no clues again people had to figure it out....

And again, Kama was the one who broke the code. And they were a humorous direct tilt at Cynthia. As in "Old Grey Nag, Don't Mess With Me."

All in good fun.

So since Kama was the one that was most successful, not only at working out letters/acronyms/new names, her new DDDDC thread is a logical extension of that.

After all, Cynthia had said that she would accept bribes , so why not... to raise money? (all in a good cause).

But perhaps it might have helped had you known where the whole deal originated. It wasn't malicious, ... it was Cynthia's idea

and the thing is, once you have hung around here long enough, you won't feel left out. Maybe its like fitting into a new class at school, where all the others know each other from the previous years....

I didn't have the courage to complain, because of my age. For a start, the language was obscure( not "bad "language, just the slang and adjectives used were not familiar) so it was a case of working out what people were talking about. One that heppened the sometimes weird strange sense of humour exhibitted here at times....became more in a context

Anyway, that is the (longwinded) origin of acronym DDDDC.

Now to you, Cynthia. You don't need to suggested changing your name to something like immature games. (Whatever it was)

It wasn't immature games at the time. People round here aren't usually malicious or nasty. People didn't think it was immature at the time...leastways, they didn't say.

Having a laugh, even if it was a my, your, then MsMom and Nursing Mother's expense was great, and everyone took it fine....

Anyhoo, Cynthia. Give me time. Maybe someone will muster a bribe and offer it to MsMom to change your name again. Can't think who.... you never know....

But it might have to come with an explanation.

Like when Nursing Mother was "hit" (by Mamapie???)with Booby Bakesaler.

(Which was a spin-off of the initial DDDDC plot. For those who don't know that story, NM had beeing trying to bribe her youngest with money to stop feeding, but it was getting somewhat expensive. ...)

Kama. IMO what you did was fine. Some of us just haven't had the guts or the money to wreak the kind of havoc invited....

Just as well for the board, don't you think?

Perhaps MsMom should have a new one, liked.... "Appliqued chain armour" (Her desire for multiple body piercings....)

Boysrus and Mystic Healer. Just wait awhile. One day you might be so comfortable here, that in good spirit, you can ambush someone yourself....

posted by kama'aina mama:
I just want to add, in the interest of credit wher credit is due, that this was NOT my idea. Irishmommy suggested it in one of the handful of "How can we support" threads a short time ago, and then during the recent spate of silliness (see the dayspruneforumid-ish thread for THAT) I remember what she said and thought... Heck yeah... Mothering should be making hay while the sun shines. So, that's that part of the tale.

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