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You can read my painless birth stories at:

and "Why I Chose Homebirth" at:

I'd love to hear all your birth stories too!
After my first birth in an army hospital (UGH!) there was no questions that homebirth would be the choice for my next birth. It was wonderful, and I highly recommend it.
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That was a beautiful homebirth story, thanks for sharing!
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Labor and delivery went as well as I could have imagined it. Better really
because I was certain it would be a good 12 to 18 hours, I never would have
believed she'd be out in four. I had taken some castor oil in orange juice at
about 4:30 Sunday afternoon (10/14/01) on the advice of my midwife who was eager to get
things moving. She had actually come over to the house twice that day once to
check on me and once to take me to the clinic for an ultrasound as she was
beginning to get anxious about fluid levels and the state of the placenta. As
it turned out they were both fine, but since it was 10 days past the due date
and we were all beginning to feel antsy (understatement of the year) the castor oil seemed like a worthwhile
exercise. She had instructed me to take one dose (1/3 Cup of castor oil to 2/3
C oj ~ ) and then another one two hours later to keep any contractions that
had started going. But after two hours nothing had happened at all and I was
feeling pretty tired and kind of dejected as I'd been pretty hopeful that this
was going to be it. So I didn't really feel like taking another dose and we (DH, Mom and I)
decided to go out to dinner instead and try not to think about it and I'd get a
good night's sleep and start drinking castor oil with a vengence in the
morning. Of course, as soon as we got to the restarant the castor oil's usual
function kicked in which had me running for the bathroom between courses but I
still didn't feel anything unusual. However, by the time we got home I was
beginning to feel a little twingy, no contractions yet but I felt kind of
funny. After another hour I
started to notice some contractions as soon as I sat down and very quickly found
that sitting was no longer really comfortable. After 45 minutes or so I started
trying to time the contractions which still hadn't petered out as I'd figured
they would. They were lasting between 1 and 2 minutes and coming every 2 - 2
1/2 minutes. That seemed pretty fast considering they are supposed to start out
slowly and not last very long. About this time Nick (DH) had gotten into bed and
asked if I thought it would be a good idea if he popped a couple of sleeping
pills to make sure he got enough rest, seeing as this was what they call "the
shopping stage", right? I told him that even if this was the shopping stage I
didn't think it was fair for him to dope himself up and conk out on me. I
decided to call Alison, my doula, to run the times past her and see if she
thought it was worth calling my midwife (MariCruz). She said it sounded like I
should at least let her know something was happening and she could decide
whether to come over or not. So then I called the midwife and gave her the
times of the contractions and she said she'd come right over. Maricruz showed up about a half hour later (9:30ish) and checked to see
how dilated I was. As it turned out I wasn't dilated at all yet, and only
slightly more effaced than I had been in the morning when I hadn't been even
remotely effaced. She told me that the contractions weren't strong enough and
that it would be a while. So again I felt pretty disappointed and a little
worried that these weren't considered strong because they felt pretty strong to
me and it occurred to me (at long last) that a drug-free labor might be harder
than I'd imagined. I also felt like a fool for getting the midwife out
unnecessarily when it sounded like it would be the next day before I really
needed her. But, she was very nice about it and took my blood pressure which
was high and so she gave me something to keep it down, just in case labor got stronger.
So we thought about watching TV or reading books but the contractions were
continuing to feel pretty strong to me and they seemed to be coming without much
of a pause between them so I paced around and did lots of long loud sighing to
try to keep my throat open which was supposed to help everything else open too.
Pretty soon the contractions were getting so intense that I couldn't sit still
long enough for MariCruz to check my blood pressure or anything else so she just
followed me around the apartment with a hot water bottle on my lower back and
massaging my stomach. That helped a lot for a while and then at some point I
started to feel queasy and puked up my dinner, but that helped too. At some
point around then I asked Nick to call Alison back and to let her know what was
going on. I don't know if he did call her then or not but shortly after that I
told him he had to call her because it was getting so intense that I figured if
I was going to have a doula I could sure use her there then.
Meanwhile I kept trying to focus away from the pain and to breathe in long
breaths (albeit with lots of sound). At some point MariCruz asked if I'd like
to try getting in the tub although it might slow things down. I said no that I
wanted to wait but as soon as the next contraction started I thought maybe
slowing things down wouldn't be such a bad idea after all. So I got in and just
about then I think I hit transition and suddenly I couldn't understand any spanish at all.
Happily that was also when Alison showed up. She came right in and started
helping me breathe without screaming (I guess I'd been screaming for a while
now ~ I like to think of it as vocalizing) and apparently agreed with MariCruz that things were going pretty fast and
that it was time to make up the bed. Just as she said she was going to go help
make the bed I felt the first pushing contraction. At first I didn't realize
what the difference was, I just knew I needed her to stay and breathe with me
more than ever. With the next contraction though it was like trying to breathe
slowly when you have a terrible cough and you just can't stop yourself from
coughing, and then once you start coughing you can't stop. It felt exactly like
that, as soon as I started pushing I couldn't stop myself. I don't know if it
was because my position in the tub was awkward for catching a baby or because
they really weren't sure that I was ready to push but both Alison and Maricruz
insisted that I get out of the tub and get to the bed. I don't know how I got
out of the tub, I think they must have muscled me out because I know I didn't
want to go. But once I got to the bed everything went very fast. And after the
first few pushing contractions I regained a little control, just enough to push
or not and that made the time between the contractions a lot easier. I think it
was only about 15 minutes or maybe less after I got to the bed that she was
crowning and by that point the pain had completely isolated itself to when I was
actually pushing so when Alison told me she was crowning and this was referred
to as the 'ring of fire' I actually started singing the Johnny Cash song. A
couple more pushes and her head was out and I could hear her cooing and sighing
although unfortunately I couldn't see her as I'd ended up pushing her out on all
fours. Once she was out we did a little yoga maneouver to get her onto my lap
and she latched on for her first meal very quickly. Her apgar scores were 9 and
10 and after the cord had stopped pulsing Nick cut it. We all hung out on the
bed for another hour waiting for the placenta to be delivered. There are a
couple funny pictures of Thurber (our dog)lying next to me and Chiara looking like he's
had a hard night.
Once the placenta was finally out (it took about an hour in which I was
especially glad I was home with a midwife and not in a hospital where they
probably would have shot me up with pitocin about 15 minutes after the birth)
MariCruz helped clean me all up and checked for tears (there weren't any ~
another fact that made me glad to be home as in a hospital I almost certainly
would have been given an episiotomy, just-in-case) while Alison made sure the
placenta was intact and then took it out to the kitchen to prepare some of it
for my postpartum dinner.
I had talked to her about eating the placenta beforehand and she'd said she
would be happy to cook some up for me and also to make capsules out of the rest
of it. She is a homeopath and was not at all skeezed out that I wanted to try
the placenta as a tonic. She sautéed up half of it and added it to a soup we
had ready and Nick and I both had some. I must say I was pretty impressed that
Nick tried it, I thought it was mighty brave of him. It was tasty, much like
liver and whether it had any immediate benefits or not I felt really good all
week so I think it was well worth trying.
All in all it was as ideal a birth experience I could have hoped for and Chiara is such a sweet wonderful little person I've long since forgiven her for being fashionably late

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Here is the story of my son Damien's birth. He was born in Ireland (in my parent's house while we were building our own) and it was a very calm, peaceful birth.
My Birth Story
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Here is the birth story of my third child and first daughter, Willow. She was 6 lb. 12 oz., 19 inches long, and bald. Apgars 10 and 10. It was a long labor and I was SO bored throughout most of it! (I had been expecting a much shorter labor, since my second had been 13 hours.) It was painful, but no worse than menstrual cramps, until the very end, the last hour when she descended, and because she was posterior I had some fierce back labor. 32 hours after the first contraction she was born (in two pushes) into my hands. Ah! I wish I could remember that feeling forever.

We found a very good reason for why the labor had been so slow and boring -- she had a velamentous insertion, so my body was purposely taking it as easy as possible. I'm thankful that there was no pressure from outside sources to speed up/intensify my contractions, as that would have dangerously put stress on the already fragile connection between the umbilical cord and placenta.

Here's the full story:
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It's so much fun to read others' homebirth stories!

Here's my daughter's HBAC story

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My first homebirth; a true unassisted birth... as it was only me and my 2 daughters (ages 7 and 3) at home.

It was by far, my best birth; hard for me to top... LOL But, we're pretty certain that 3 children is enough for us; so, its all good.

My first was an intended unassisted homebirth but due to only 'finding out' about UC around my 8th mth or later, I gave in and transported to the hospital after over 24hrs of hard labor. In retrospect, I'm so glad I labored that long at home; I'm sure they (hospital) would have wanted to hurry me along with drugs and pressure. I gave birth to her within 2 hrs of arriving.

My 2nd was born in a hospital but in the water with a CNM. It was very much like a homebirth but nothing like my 'real' homebirth.
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