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sweets's Avatar sweets 02:47 PM 03-21-2004
Congratulations Colleen and family,

a perfect spring celebration, enjoy

SamuraiEarthMama's Avatar SamuraiEarthMama 03:55 PM 03-21-2004
oh, mamaroni! how WONDERFUL! i can't wait to see a pic of your beautiful girl, and hear your magnificent birth tale...

congratulations, happy babymoon, and joyous spring!

katje, with tears on her face...
adventuregirl's Avatar adventuregirl 03:57 PM 03-21-2004
Congratulations Mamaroni!!!!! What a wonderful gift on the first day of Spring!!!!!
rubelin's Avatar rubelin 10:03 PM 03-21-2004
Congrats Colleen!!! what a wonderful blessing on this first day of spring! We can't wait to "meet" your sweet baby girl!!
wildthing's Avatar wildthing 01:02 AM 03-22-2004
Oh Colleen!!! Super huge CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!

How wonderful to start a brand new season with a brand new baby!!!!!!

ChildoftheMoon's Avatar ChildoftheMoon 01:39 PM 03-22-2004
Congrats Colleen! Happy and peaceful babymoon to you and your family
mamaroni's Avatar mamaroni 01:44 PM 03-22-2004
Thank you so much everyone! It was such a great experience to have been at home (my first 2 were born in the hospital). I can't get over it!

We are still trying to decide on (or rather agree on!) a name, but our girl was born March 21 (actually the day after the first day of spring, my dh was a day off) at 10:37, peacefully and gently at home! She weighed 8 # 12 oz, and was 20 1/4 in long.

I'll work on my birth story in the next few days, and also plan to get some pictures up to share with you all. This 3rd birthing experience was really different for me. I'm still processing it all.

She is nursing really well, and I'm feeling really good. Dh will be home all week, and the weather is turning to spring for us here. So, life is good!
ketilave's Avatar ketilave 02:52 PM 03-22-2004
best wishes Colleen to you and your entire family.
chumani's Avatar chumani 09:58 PM 03-22-2004

Can't wait to hear all the details!

Happy Babymoon!

mamaroni's Avatar mamaroni 11:53 PM 03-22-2004
Originally posted by chumani
WELCOME Babyroni!!

Good one!

I just wanted to pop back in to say that "babyroni" has a name. . .

Karis Renee Kennedy

Birth story still to follow.
tabitha's Avatar tabitha 12:05 AM 03-23-2004
awwww congratulations mama!

cant wait to hear Karis's story.

sorry everyone ive been out of the loop. planning to jump back in ! ill let you knwo we i update the site- SOON!
2BMamaof3's Avatar 2BMamaof3 12:19 AM 03-23-2004
Oooooo I like Karis.....

Welcome to the world little Karis!!

tanjarine's Avatar tanjarine 12:34 AM 03-23-2004
~~Congratulations Mamaroni & Family ~~ Happy Baby Moon !
Yay for another born at home babe! Im so happy for you both!
Cant wait to hear another lovely birth story here

Tanja! mama to four crazy kids!

~My Kids~
MistyD's Avatar MistyD 01:12 AM 03-23-2004
Congratulations Colleen! Karis is a ~beautiful~ name! Enjoy your baby moon...
Spark's Avatar Spark 12:04 PM 03-23-2004
YAY Colleen! Karis is so beautiful and you did such a great job! As you know, I love, love, LOVE the name! Yay!
tabitha's Avatar tabitha 01:47 PM 03-23-2004
morning- Mamaroni, spark, tanjarine,sbf mommy, amyrobynne, dnr3301! I hope you are all cuddled up with your new little people!

everyone, if you havent, go see the pictures of Karis on the site!

Also: sweets (shannon) has a belly picture!

and wildthing (donna) has 2 new ones. Its really cool to see how youve grown donna, you look great

thanks all for bearing with me and the site. i am preparing for this event sunday and spend most of my time in front of the sewing machine. oh well.

I am 28 weeks. Now we sit amazed at nite watching my belly tent out and up as this little girl kicks so hard and strong. Tristan now thinks it a "Sissie in there!"

ChildoftheMoon's Avatar ChildoftheMoon 02:06 PM 03-23-2004
Just wanted to say thank you Tabitha for all your efforts with the homebirth site! I just love being able to go and look at everyone's pictures. I will be sending you some updated ones soon
greenbeing's Avatar greenbeing 11:31 AM 03-24-2004
Congratulations mamaroni!!! And welcome Karis!
ketilave's Avatar ketilave 04:13 PM 03-24-2004
Ok - this is bothersome. I was reading that women who have been in the hospital system have the highest transport rates. I had an emerg c and then vbac'ed in hospital. BUT I HATE BEING THERE!!! I have some of the fastest check -outs in history. Any input?

Oh - Ina May is going to be here this weekend!! Doing a workshop on c-section prevention and another open forum in the evening. DH is getting the kids for the day. What a great way to enjoy the pg!
Greaseball's Avatar Greaseball 04:49 PM 03-24-2004
Ok - this is bothersome. I was reading that women who have been in the hospital system have the highest transport rates. I had an emerg c and then vbac'ed in hospital. BUT I HATE BEING THERE!!! I have some of the fastest check -outs in history. Any input?
Maybe because women who have birthed in the hospital have been told there was something wrong with their bodies, or have experienced a difficult delivery because of hospital interventions but then blamed their own bodies, and these feelings of inadequacy and fear carry over to future births?

I've been told I have a higher-than-average chance of needing a transfer because I've had a previous instrument delivery. I just have to remind myself that the reason I needed assistance in the first birth is because of the hospital routines, not because of my body.

I'm afraid to let any medical professionals know I'm pregnant, for fear that they will get in touch with my midwife and give her all sorts of reasons why I shouldn't have a home birth. That's what happened last time, and my midwife decided at 36 weeks not to accept me. Not even our family doctor knows I'm pregnant.
mollyeilis's Avatar mollyeilis 06:18 PM 03-24-2004
..."they will get in touch with my midwife"...

They can DO that?

Actually, you might now be protected from that kind of thing by the HIPAA rules. I'm not sure but it's possible.

How on earth would they know who your midwife IS, anyway? Crazy.
Wabi Sabi's Avatar Wabi Sabi 07:01 PM 03-24-2004
I'm so excited that I get to join you!

I'm about 9-10 weeks along with our first baby. When we first found out about the pregnancy we toured a freestanding birthing center and decided to go that route. However, just last week we found out that our insurance co-pay will be more than just paying for a homebirth out of pocket. DH was hesitant at first, but now that he has read a bit, met the midwives and compared $$$ figures, he's all gung-ho about it too! It also didn't hurt matters at all when we discovered that there's a good chance our insurance company will re-imburse us for about half of the midwife's fees! Ah, the joys of living paycheck to paycheck...:

I'm not necessarily all that "crunchy" of a person and I'm not against all medical intervention. I guess I'm a pretty middle-of-the-road person but even so I know that a hospital birth just isn't for me! In college I took a sociology course in which the professor had just finished her disertation on the medicalization of birth so we spent a good portion of class talking about birth. Around the same time I was able to be present in the delivery room withmy mother when my youngest brother was born. I was absolutely horrified. That class made such an impression on me and combined with the experience of seeing what happened in the hospital I then and there decided that when I had kids, I'd have them at home if at all possible!

We just met with one of the four midwives in our area last night. Everyone tells me that I really ought to interview all four of them, but I really felt like I "clicked" with the only one we've met. Will I end up regretting it if I don't even meet the others? DH is supportive of homebirth but money is a huge issue right now and this is the only midwife that has had success with insurance reimbursement...but I've heard even more wonderful things about a couple of the other midwives who pratice in this area too...is this too big of a decision to make with our pocketbook?

Anyhow, regardless of who we choose, I'm just excited that we've decided that we're definately going for a homebirth! I'm not very far along, so we have plenty of time to work out all of the details...

Congratulations to everyone else on their pregnancies!

mollyeilis's Avatar mollyeilis 07:10 PM 03-24-2004
Meet with the others. If anything it might give you MORE questions to ask the first one!

We only met with one on our initial round, and when I got to the third trimester and found my energy, I realized she was ALL wrong for me. And had to fire her and hire someone new, at 28 weeks.

Not fun. Meet with them all and take notes! (heck, I'd bring a tape recorder...things get confusing, remembering which one said what)

good luck!
TurboClaudia's Avatar TurboClaudia 07:52 PM 03-24-2004
Definitely meet with more than just one. The first midwife we met was someone I had met before and I share a lot of philosophies with her and she reminds me of a very good friend of mine. I wasn't ready to commit to her, though. So we met a second one and then the final two, who practice together. The first and the final two would have been fine as far as working with them, but we really just clicked with the final two.

tanjarine's Avatar tanjarine 02:52 AM 03-26-2004
new homebirthing mamas thread!

Just thought I would start a new thread..... !
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