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Our insurance will not cover a homebirth, however I think it will actually save us money to pay out of pocket for a midwife than it will to pay for a hospital birth.

We're planning on saving up, it will be the "baby fund" to help cover things like the home birth, maternity clothes, cloth diapers, etc... At least that is the plan

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Insurance covered half and we bartered for the remaining half (our midwife needed a website and that's our business.)

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Our insurance paid it at the out of network rate. We also got a cash discount for paying upfront (usual bill is $4000 but if you pay by week 36 and file for insurance yourself it's only $2500 before insurance pays)
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Insurance paid all but $250. We could certainly swing that!

I would say, since you have several years to plan for this, start saving and looking for a job with good benefits. I know, easier said than done, but you have years. In my experience, state jobs come with good medical coverage, better than what private industry offers, that's for sure. This may not be true where you live, I don't know. But since you have several years to work before children, I would take full advantage of it. I'm not opposed to taking a lower paying or less interesting job if it comes with great benefits.

And save. If your insurance won't cut it when it's time to pay for the midwife, if you have a chunk of money saved up (you have plenty of time!) then you're good.

But my bottom line is medical insurance. The birth was cheap, but my daughter was born with undetected health issues which would have put us into huge amounts of medical debt if not for our insurance company. I tell this to everyone TTC: you never know if your baby will be born with complications, so be prepared.

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While my husband was deployed, my DD and I moved to a smaller apt, lived without a TV, without a car, and never ate out... and so on. This was not so much for saving for a HB, just saving in general. I grew up poor, so a lot of things my husband could never live without (like cable tv) are total luxuries to me.

I could have had a hospital birth for DD2 for way cheaper. $200 vs $2700. But my experience with DD1 taught me to never go back to the hospital. Since DH was still in the military when DD1 was born, it was free in the military hospital financially, but I paid for it in sooooo many other ways

Personally, I couldn't afford NOT to pay for the midwives. I would have done whatever it took. DD2 was born 2 weeks ago, and the decision to go with the MW was one of the best decisions I ever made.
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My CPM let me pay her as much as I could each month until the debt was paid off. We made payments for about seven months, then paid the balance with our tax return. A hospital birth would have been completely covered by our insurance, as we had the state children's health insurance program, but it was worth it to us to pay for the homebirth.

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Well, this will be costing us less than my last vaginal birth at the hospital, and WAY less than the previous c-section/re-hospitalization for severe post surgical intra uterine infection!

Our maternity deductible is $5000, plus a 20% co-insurance. What ends up happening is that we pay the providers after they globally bill for the maternity care/and hospital fees. So, up to a year or so later, we're still paying! We'd prefer to pay along the way (my husband is a CPA and we are a no-debt cash living family) but global billing doesn't allow for that...we'd end up over/under paying, and as you know, settling up with insurance companies can be a nightmare.

So, with all that said, our MW fees are not covered by insurance, BUT her total charges are 3k or 2500 if paid by 37 weeks, which we are doing. That's a lot less than a hospital birth, even with birth supplies we are buying. So, each month we make a payment. When LO arrives, the birth will be all paid for, (the way we like it) and we can move on to RAISING the child, rather than having the bill hanging over us when trying to! If for some reason I need a transfer, we'll end up having a partial refund (depending on when/how it happens) from the MW, and our maternity coverage will be the same as the past, and we'll deal with that then, as we always do...

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Public health care.

Ontario pays for your choice of a midwife-attended hospital birth, a midwife-attended home birth, or an OBGYN attended birth. It also covers emergency transfers of care. We literally pay $0.

Since you've got a few years until you have a baby, perhaps you could participate in the public health care movement as it relates to maternity care in your state (and start saving, just in case ).

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With great difficulty and much sacrifice!
Ours was not covered by insurance and we felt the financial fallout for almost 18 months after the birth. But I can honestly say I would do it again in a heart beat. It was worth every penny for the gentle birthing experience I shared with my little one. But, it was very tough financially.

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I live in NY. I had to ask around to find a HB midwife who would take my insurance, but everything is covered! One or two midwives who I liked were concerned that they weren't preferred providers, and wanted $6,000 up front!
I am really happy with my midwife...only 3 weeks to go!
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Yep, old fashioned saving and budgeting. I found a provider and started saving before we started TTCing. The whole $3015 has to be paid by week 34.

If our insurance ends up covering it, that will be a super bonus. But I wasn't going to go into a known expense with the possibility of it becoming a debt.
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We got very lucky, and my husband got 2 large bonuses that made this a non-issue. If he hadn't received those bonuses, we would have worked it out. We went into this pregnancy knowing that I deeply wanted a homebirth, and I'm at the point now that I couldn't imagine giving birth in the hospital like I did with my other two children.
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We're saving every month, should have it paid in full right when the baby is due. Totally worth it to have the birth of my dreams!
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I have Medicaid and it covers home births. That's a big reason we moved to New Mexico from California. Our first son was born in California, planned home birth turned emergency hospital c-section birth. We had to pay out of pocket for the home birth but insurance covered the hospital. Actually got a full refund from the midwives because we never started at home, once I hit 42 weeks they said they were not going to be doing a home birth for us. It was a fight to get our money back but worth it since they didn't do anything for us. When I got pregnant with #2 we decided to move to New Mexico, DH's homeland, because of how home birth friendly this state is. We are about to have our third baby, it will be our second home birth and covered by Medicaid.
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