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With those concerned about waterbirthing violating the lease. We had a large aquarium that our landlord knew about. We assured them that our renter's insurance would cover anywater damage and gave them a copy of our policy so that they wouldn't be worried about it.

But we didn't tell them about us having a home water birth in advance. We told our immediate neighbors so we wouldn't get the police called on us and put a sign on the door that said "Labor in progress, do not disturb". Our neighbors claimed to have not heard anything. After the birth when we went over to the manager's office with baby in hand I told her she was born at home. She thought that was really cool and told us she used to be a midwife herself.

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I'm not comfortable having a birthing pool, but it's more because I don't want to deal with the damage if it leaks. If I had a different style of apartment I might be okay with it, but I have a townhouse so the only place that's on the ground floor is the garage.

I haven't decided about telling the neighbors, because we do have really thin walls, to the point where sometimes we overhear conversations.

I'm not telling my apartment manager just because I don't think it's really any of their business. It's a huge complex, so it's not like I really know the management. but if I did there would be nothing they could do about it.

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I'm having a HB in our apartment next Jan. As far as the screaming, I'm sure it'll be more controlled and quieter than many of the "drunk fights" I've heard around this joint.

As for the apartment managers, it's none of their beeswax. Giving birth is legal, for Pity's sake.

/sigh. People.

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Originally Posted by emc03 View Post
my husband is hoping to drop the bomb to our manager around the due date, maybe shortly after. just to have the pleasure of giving the jerk a conniption.
I like the way your husband thinks!!!

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You've gotten some awesome responses already. But just to chip in...

We're planning an apartment HB too. We are in one of 4 apartments in a big old farmhouse build in the 19th century. The walls are a bit thin, suffice to say.

DH was worried about this same issue. Would our landlord try to stop us if we told them? Would the neighbors call the apt manager, or worse, the cops?

My take on it is, there is some concern maybe for the apt manager trying to stop you before hand. But honestly, everyone here is dead on. They've no leg to stand on with that nonsense. My take on it is, we made this baby in our apartment, didn't we? We can birth it here too.

As for the neighbors, if you choose not to tell them beforehand, a sign is a good idea. I kind of fall back on the idea that you'd have to be a pretty gigantic jerk to see a sign like that, then still elect to call someone to try to interrupt someone birthing. I mean, that's pretty cold, my friend. I don't think most people are that, well, ballsy. At least they aren't in the midwest where we're from. And I tend to take full advantage of that.

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