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At 41 weeks I started feeling sick with sinus/chest infection and had to start antibiotics. I was so miserable as I couldn’t see how my body would go into labour feeling so awful. I was v worried I was going to lose my homebirth. The same day I went to my chiropractor and got adjusted as my back had been sore and babies head was still 4/5 palpable.

The next day 41+1 we had to go for fetal assessment. Everything was fine until they did the scan for fluid and it came back at 6.8 and the consultant wanted to induce. I had done my research on fluid levels and knew that while on the lower range of normal it was perfectly fine. We had a trace and baby’s heart rate and movement were perfect so I declined induction and asked for another scan on fluid the next day. I also had an appt with my herbalist who gave me the birthing pack a few wks back and she gave me an induction mix.

On Friday I woke up with pains, diarrhoea and vomiting so didn’t make it in for scan. My midwife called out and said that baby was now fully engaged (thank you wonderful chiropractor!) and cervix was softer than Wed but not favourable for a sweep. Everything died down that day and I went to sleep hoping the next day would be more productive.

Saturday I woke up to a bloody show and stronger than usual Braxton hicks that came and went all day but nothing more. I was feeling much better physically as the antibiotics had kicked in.

Sunday morning my midwife called again to check if I was favourable for a sweep which I was. Within an hour the tightenings started but they were v manageable. They lasted all day but I felt great, put on my hypnobabies tracks and spent time on the ball. They got stronger and longer around 10pm after dd went to bed so we called the mw and she got there an hr later to check me only to find that while cervix was more anterior it was still not effaced! I couldn’t believe it, I thought I was at least owed a cm or two after all that work!

My mw decided to stay the night hoping things would pick up by morning. I was woken out of sleep during night with every tightening, which was a little hard to deal with as each took me by surprise when I wasn’t alert enough to anticipate them.

On Mon things had died down again but they were still there only stretching out instead of closer together. I was 41+5 and v anxious to have this baby at home.
My mw suggested a low dose of castor oil (thankfully!!) and a 20 min brisk walk after. I did this at 9.45 and at 12.15, the castor oil kicked in, I won’t lie the first hour of bowel cramps and uterine tightenings was pretty miserable and I was worried it would be like that all day as I didn’t like the out of control feeling that went with it. (emotionally not physically lol!) Thankfully two more trips to the loo and that was all over and the tightenings were coming all day.

DH took DD out for the morning and again in afternoon to keep her entertained and give me some space to try and get things going. My wonderful doula called out in afternoon and we chatted through the surges, I was managing so well I would forget I was having them as I got engrossed with the chat until the next one hit! They never got regular but averaged btwn 4-6 mins apart. I asked her would it get more intense as I had no clue because I had epi in hospital for previous birth. She said I would know it was progressing when I wouldn’t be able to chat much in btwn surges. I laughed and said I guess I’m not there yet then! This was between 2 and 4, she left then and said she would pick up some oils etc. DH and DD arrived back and stayed in sitting room while I went upstairs and moved around from bed to bed. I found it easier to lie down for surges, as the hyonobabies brings on total limpness so that’s what suited best.

An hour or so later they were ranging btwn 3-4 mins apart and I had to focus more n btwn, I started feeling shaky but thought it was my blood sugar so asked dh to ring mw and see if it was ok to eat as I didn’t want to be on toilet anymore after the castor oil earlier! Afterwards my mw told me she asked DH if I was actually hungry, she thought this baby is never going to come if she feels like eating. When he said no it was because I was feeling shaky, she said she knew exactly what was happening and made her way out to us. I still had no clue how close I was but knew I didn’t want to be alone anymore so asked dh to call my doula, as it happened she was on her way too. Despite not feeling hungry I wolfed down 3 slices of toast with peanut butter, must have needed the energy!

My mw arrived at 7.45 and I said if I am not dilating I need drugs, she smiled at me and said ok knowing I wouldn’t have time for them. She checked me and I was so prepared for her to tell me I wasn’t in active labour that I got such a shock when she said the baby would be here in half an hour!! I had just asked DH to take DD to the park so he got a shock when our doula went out to him and said I think you should stay put!

I was shaking a lot while they scrambled around me getting the room ready as I ended up in the spare bedroom our smallest room in the house and the last place I thought I would end up. My mw suggested I go on all fours on the bed, so I asked for my ball to lean on. I must have had a small break in between but when the pushing stage started, it was as if my body was taken over with an unstoppable energy. The pushing phase lasted about 15 mins and I don’t remember consciously pushing at any stage. With each surge I heard these wild loud animalistic noises, which I knew, were coming out of me but I had no conscious part in creating them. I knew they were helping baby move down so I just surrendered and went with it. I felt scared at times but now recognise that feeling as being completely overwhelmed by the energy. I came out with every cliché associated with this stage such as “no no no I can’t do this” to which I was told “you are doing this I felt the ring of fire, and I shouted at my mw to take her hands away from me (sorry mw!!) and she put her hands up in the air and said It’s not me it’s your baby moving down!!
Delivering the head was absolutely amazing and such a relief and within seconds my beautiful DS was in my hands.

He latched on in no time and has been nursing since. DH and DD came in to see him and DD was so happy to see him it was lovely. Delivering the placenta was easy and I needed a few stitches after but I was on such a complete high I didn’t notice or mind.

I still can’t believe everything worked out so well in the end with the threat of induction looming over me. As it turned out I had plenty waters. Recovery has been so easy and DS is such a calm and contented baby. Homebirth has been such an amazingly empowering experience and has been an incredible start to a beautiful bonding of our now family of four x
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Congratulations on your new son! What a beautiful story...I'm glad you got your homebirth!

Emily: Homebirthin' mama to 3 boys and a girl.
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What a vivid and inspiring birth story! Congratulations, Mama! I wonder how differently that story would have turned out had you been induced at a hospital. Congratulations on your first home birth!

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