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I had a hospital birth with my first child (ds, 3yrs) and although it was rather uneventful, for our second child we decided we wanted to have a home birth.
We didn't want the baby to be subjected to heel pricks, eye goop, shots, etc that weren't really necessary.

Also, we live in a town that doesn't deliver babies at it's hospital, and so we'd have to drive 1hr to the next town to deliver there if we chose a hospital birth, which I didn't really want to do this time if we could just stay home anyways

On the morning of Wednesday Aug 18th, at 40weeks 1day, my water broke at 4:30am. DH was supposed to work that morning at 5am, so we decided he should go for at least part of his shift and that he'd come home at his first coffee break, or sooner if I called earlier than that. So off he went and I tried to get back to sleep, but of course I couldn't because I was just too anxious of what was to come! With DS my water broke and within 7 hrs he was born, so I was expecting things to be quick this time as well.

As it turns out DH could have just went to work for the full day because not much happened throughout the day. I had a few cramps here and there, but they were few and far between, of course, whenever I did have one I got some "show" so I knew things were progressing at least. It wasn't until about 5pm that I actually started getting some contractions that were closer together. Around this time we decided to start getting the water into the birth pool. By 5:30pm they were uncomfortable enough that I couldn't sit still and had to get up and move through them. We timed a couple and they were between 4-7 mins apart. We decided to give the midwife a call since she is an hour away in the other town and would need to make that hour long drive still before she'd be there.

Everything sped up quite a bit from that point on. Contractions got more intense with that "stabbing pain" feeling and I really had to move around and just bear through them as best I could. They were getting closer together, about 3 minutes apart. I decided to give the pool a try to see if it would help ease the pain a bit, I climbed in and found it wasn't warm enough and had DH turn on the hot water again to warm things up. I had a few intense contractions in the newly warmed water and then with the next contraction I started getting that pushy feeling!

It was only DH and I at home still at that point. My mom had taken DS for awhile and MIL had also gone home for awhile. We told them we'd call when things picked up... We had tried calling my mom when I first got into the pool, but they were napping and didn't answer. The midwife hadn't arrived yet either!

I still had my undies on in the pool when I got that pushy feeling, so I whipped them off as best I could but still had them caught around one leg when I started to push! I told DH that the baby was coming and I needed to push. I was on my knees leaning against the side of the pool, so DH quickly got around to the opposite side so he could see what was happening. After a couple of consecutive contractions the babies head was out. It was such a surreal feeling to reach down and feel the head there, amazing! DH and I both did a check to make sure the cord wasn't around the neck, and it wasn't. Then we just had to wait a minute for the next contraction.
Just then the phone rang and DH ask if he should answer it, I told him to put it on speaker phone. It was my mom calling to check in. DH told her to come quick, that the head was out and then hung up to help me finish delivering.

Another big push and baby came sliding out! DH got to catch the baby and I turned over so I could hold the baby. A quick check and we found out it was a GIRL!! She was slightly grey, but pinked up really quickly. DH had enough time to grab the camera and take a couple of pictures and then my mom and DS came running in the door! She came out at about 6:55 pm, 14.5hrs after my water broke that morning.

I stayed in the pool for a few more minutes but wanted to get out so that we could dry off and get baby girl nice and warm in a towel. We moved over to the futon that I had made up earlier with a plastic sheet and got dry and warmed up. I was shaking a little bit, but warmed up quickly and the shaking stopped. The cord was still attached and I hadn't delivered the placenta yet, so we waited.

The midwife still hadn't arrived yet and mom my was a bit worried since we didn't have anyone there that could check me and the baby to make sure everything was OK. I was still a little shocked that DH and I just had the baby completely alone, so we all decided it would be best to call the paramedics to come and have a check since we didn't know when the midwife would arrive, and we had never discussed what should be done if she didn't make it before.

The paramedics came and clamped off the cord (we wanted to delay the cutting of the cord, and by this time the cord had finished pulsating, so that was fine by us) and then I delivered the placenta. Just then my midwife came quickly through the door and let the paramedics know that she was a registered midwife and could take over from there since she had all her equipment. The paramedics stuck around long enough for the midwife to let them know baby and I were stable and then I had to sign off that I was declining to have them take me to the hospital for care. I'm sure glad the midwife arrived when she did, because I really did not want to have to go to the hospital, and I'm not sure if I would have been able to stand up for myself and say no.
After that the midwife did her usual routine and did a more thorough check of me and baby and the placenta. Everything after that was uneventful, nursing, shower, clean up, talking with the midwife, our families were both there by then so there was visiting, and baby oogling, lol.

And that was how my planned home birth turned into an accidental unassisted birth! I'm so proud of DH and I for doing it on our own and not panicking. DH really was great! He was quite calm which really helped me to stay calm and just focus on delivering our baby girl.

Baby girl doesn't have a name yet, but will by the end of the day
She was 7lbs 15.5oz and 20in long!
(DS was only 6lb3oz, born on his due date, so I was quite surprised by her size, lol)

Thanks for listening to my birth story Wishing everyone else safe and healthy labor/births!
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Congratulation! Sounds lovely.

Oddly enough, I had a very similar second birth and both of my babes had broken bags too.
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What a great story! Congratulations mama!

Your pictures are amazing! You look so beautiful and calm, like "I just had a baby by myself. No big whoop."
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Congratulations! I keep hoping my next baby will happen something like that

Mama to DS (6/07) h20homebirth.gif, DD (6/09) h20homebirth.gif, and DD (07/12) homebirth.jpg..

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Thanks for sharing! Congrats and welcome baby girl.

wife to DH mama to DD14 Jan '08 and DS 6 Sept '10
and 2 rescued greyhounds
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Yay! Congratulations!!
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Any misspellings or grammatical errors in the above statement are intentional;
they are placed there for the amusement of those who like to point them out.
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it! Thank you for sharing your empowering birth story! Congratulations!

"A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bank balance smaller, home happier, clothes dirty, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for." ~A.U.
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