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I had a not-perfect and somewhat traumatizing 4th delivery (UC) and did a homebirth for #5. I had 3 very traumatizing hospital births, though, so I was not interested in repeating that! I'm glad I did. Dh is "fixed" but if I were to have had another, I might have had a UC. I can't afford another hb midwife and the tricky legal situation here would hold me back.

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I hemoraged after YDD was born (3rd baby, but 2nd homebirth). My midwife told me God just gave her a feeling that she was going to need a 2nd pair of hands. So she called her apprentice who was there a few minutes before her. Labor was fast and over quickly (under 4 hours). Everything seemed fine, but my placenta was NOT coming out. I was bleeding alot. They tried bitter herbs, then resorted to giving me Pitocin in the hip. That hurt believe it or not, lol! But if finally came out (maybe 20-30 mins after DD was born). The bleeding continued, but really was just a little more then usual. My pad usage was normal within several hours. No biggie really. But the amount of blood on the bed was crazy looking. I rolled over into it and ended up having it go up my whole body, ewww! But I am so glad I was home. I had to wonderful ladies who were on me and my uterus like white on rice and took wonderful care of me. I got to lay down and nurse DD the whole time. They could see and reach everything even with me on my side. In a hospital DD would have been taken away from me, and I would have been on my back in the most compromising demeaning postion for a woman. I felt safer at home. DD even had some thick meconium (they had to wash her hair 3 times to get it out, she had a baby wig's worth of hair, so it was just so messy) and they suctioned her right away and she was also fine.


So yes I would stay home again. I do feel it was the safer choice for me.

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Originally Posted by ShwarmaQueen View Post

He came out in about 5-6 pushes. He was big- 9.2oz. Did any of that factor into it? Long labor, fast exit, big baby- tired uterus? I don't know...? But of course I'll always wonder if I could have done something different.

I'm no expert either, but a home birth midwife I just interviewed yesterday commented that fast pushing phases tend to have higher changes of PPH.   I doubt the size of the baby would have to do with it, but it could be that a long labor + fast pushing = tired uterus. Just a guess though.


I am very thankful that our state's homebirth midwives carry pitocin, cytotec &/or methergine for PPH.

Alicia, wife to an loving and faithful DH, and mama to three fantastic though nutty children (cs, then a fast HBAC, then a fast VBAC!!). Planning a third VBAC, again at home, in February 2016.
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My MW carried pictocin. I had 20 units at home (2 shots), but still no placenta. I was hemmorraging badly. It felt like my water breaking, but was blood and clots. We did 911, EMTs came and did an IV, firemen carried me to an ambulance, I went by ambulance to hospital (although they drove slowly and stopped at lights). Straight to L&D where a team was waiting to care for me. Second line went in and many people were rushing around. I think the worst part for DH was watching all these medical professionals doing their thing with such urgency. The doc came in and he asked if they were going to sugically remove the placenta, to which she replied. "we can't. If we put her under right now she won't be coming back." I had a BP of 60/20 and was tachicardic with a HR over 175. Bad, bad, bad! I remember the look on DHs face, and he was terrified. I, of course, was sort of loopy from blood loss, so I guess it was more surreal than scary for me, although I recall not liking the smell of the oxygen and the serious pain of a manual placenta removal. Ouch!

I guess mine shows that in a true emergency, transfer works. But I can understand why DH thinks we are done with kids. Maybe if the doctor had just said "no", it would be better. But having a medical professional tell you your wife might die no doubt scars for life.

As for the biology of PPH, the worst is from a placenta that is partially detached or torn from the wall. This is what happened to me. The arteries that run to the placenta will not seal until the entire placenta detaches, and the uterine muscle clamps down. So partially detached means basially an open artery just pumping blood out of the body. It is a lot of blood fairly quickly. My hemmorage lasted about 45 min (20 at home, 15 for transfer, 10 in hospital care) and i lost around 3 liters (3000 mL) (about 3 quarts) of blood. I needed a transfusion in order to be able to stand without shaking and getting the chills. It is fair to say birth nearly killed me.

With all that, i would HB again, as i said before. But DH might not be willing to do that. I would be very, very careful who I hired to tend me, and would go with a MW with decades of experience and several traumas under her belt. A big part of my personal trauma is not from the PPH/transfer itself (although that really sucked) but from the way my birth and transfer were handled/mishandled by my MW.

CD'ing, homebirthing, milk making school teacher. Supporting my family on my income and trying to get out of debt in 2013!
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Originally Posted by ShwarmaQueen View Post

Originally Posted by elmh23 View Post

I chose not to.  I had a HB with my second that ended in a severe PPH.  In the end, I should have transferred but didn't (midwife didn't push for it, I was in shock) and ended up really sick for several months.


When I found out I was pregnant with number 3, we opted for a hospital birth with a midwife and while I did have a PPH again (I've had one with each baby) it was handled a lot better and gave both my husband and I the peace of mind we needed.


If there is a baby number 4, we will go back to that hospital.


Have they identified what causes it? 


No.  I tend to bleed easily (frequent bloody noses that last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour) but haven't had any testing done.


And my midwife carried pitocin and something else that's supposed to stop a pph.  It didn't work.

Mama of three.
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 I have planned two home births and had to transfer both times. First time was after a long pushing stage that exhausted me and ended in a c section. It was devastating for me and the emotional scars from my c section took a long time to heal ( and I'm still working on them). For my second pregnancy I planned another home birth with different midwives. I absolutely loved my midwives and feel good about the actions and decisions they made. I know the transfer was necessary, and while I am sad and disappointed that I didn't have my home birth, I was treated well in the hospital and still had a vbac. I might not have any more children, but if we do, I think I still want to plan a home birth. Maybe the third times the charm! I just love midwifery care and the support I had from my midwives is unlike anything else. I am a little unsure though, because I feel like I already tried twice, yk? I also struggled a lot with the pain, and I know if I had been in the hospital earlier I would have gotten an epidural. The thing is though, this time was really a totally random, sudden reason for transfer and I don't think it would be likely to repeat. I also think I would feel a lot more confident already having had a vbac. I always knew my body could birth, but since I hadn't experienced it, I had a lot of fear and doubt this pregnancy. I think next time I would have more confidence. I am sad though because I couldn't hire my fantastic midwife again who I love, since she retired.  I'm sure I could find another good midwife though. A third child is totally hypothetical at this point though, but I am thinking about it a lot.

Maria, wife to DH, mama to DS 09/2007, #2 12/2010 and hoping for a
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My first two were born at home.  With my third, we had a planned hombirth, but transferred because my water broke at 35 weeks.  It was horrible...not the birth at the hospital, but the fear involved.  Then she ended up on the ventilator in the NICU for two weeks.  THAT was enough to convince us we were done having kids...until this fall lol.  We are absolutely planning another homebirth.  Despite the problems I had, I really believe the most peaceful entrance into the world for my kids is in my home.  But that said, we are also preparing to have 3rd trimester trouble again (each time has been getting worse) and are mentally preparing for another hospital birth.

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Originally Posted by Friday13th View Post

This is a fascinating thread for me.  I had an attempted HBAC w/ DS2 which turned into a transfer for a baby who's heart rate freaked out whenever he moved past 0 station.  We tried to labor him down w/ an epidural and no pushing but he kept having decels and not moving any lower so we ended up opting for a csection.  Overall, my midwife was fabulous and we felt really empowered by actually choosing the csection when we did but the transfer itself (car ride and hospital staff) was a nightmare.


We're not actively planning a 3rd but I think if it happens at some point I'd opt for a hospital birth, attempting a VB2C (luckily I live in a state where a few providers and hospitals are ok with that) and my amazing midwife as a doula.  I think for me it's not a risk thing but an emotional thing.  I was so wanting birth #2 to be the peaceful, beautiful  healing experience #1 wasn't and there is something in planning a HB that makes it hard not to get emotionally attached...getting the tub, the supplies, thinking about where to set up, walking around your house picturing labor and delivery.  I can't do it again.  I keep looking at our futon, where I was sitting when we decided we had to transfer and it hurts my heart a little.  So if we have a 3rd, I will try my best to give my baby the benefit of labor and of choosing their own birthday but will go into thinking it will end in a section because that's what I need to do for my own emotional well being.

 I can really relate to this. Mostly, I feel that I would want to plan a home birth, because each birth is different and it could work next time. I also just love prenatal care from midwives and can't imagine going to an o.b. I absolutely needed my midwives support and faith in me during labor. And I just don't think I could have a hospital birth as my plan, even though I had a positive birth after transfer. But, I got very attached and emotionally invested in having my birth at home both times, even though this time I tried hard not to, I still got  attached.  Both times coming back home after the birth, and seeing all the places in my house where I had labored (and some of the supplies still set up, birth tub, tray with gloves, etc was really hard and made me choke up and cry.  There are just so many memories attached. Both times I got to transition (and almost pushing, and so had to transfer during advanced labor. This time we were having late hear rate decelarations and were concerned for the baby. I don't know if I will have anymore children, but I am finding it really difficult to let go of my dream of a home birth. I can totally understand planning a hospital birth too, although I don't think I could do it, I also don't know if I could handle a third transfer if that were to happen.

Maria, wife to DH, mama to DS 09/2007, #2 12/2010 and hoping for a
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My last two births were suppose to be homebirths. The first was a transfer at almost 9 cms because my son flipped transverse! Apparently its pretty rare to have that happen. Anyway he ended up being a csection. My last birth (a little over two weeks ago) was another planned homebirth. We ended up having to do an induction due to dates. Luckily my midwife had access to an OB who will induce vbacs as long as they have a favourable cervix. Most doctors want to just do another csection. My last birth actually wasn't too bad. I went in at 8am, had him at 11:30am, and left the hospital at 2:30pm.


Having sad that, if we ever have another I would like to try for another homebirth. I know my husband probably would prefer a hospital birth but he has always been a big supporter of me doing what I want to do.

Kelly (35), married to DH and living happily with DD (8), DS (6), DS (3) and introducing brand new baby James b. 1/5/11, always remembering ~Joseph~ b/d March 10, 2001. 
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We had a scary bradycardia in 2nd stage, episiotomy and purple pushing and I'd totally do it again at home.  My midwife was awesome (and even with the sense of urgency, was explaining and getting my consent for interventions) when it hit the fan and I trust her.  I think I got much better care at home than I would have at a local hospital.

Melissa, wife to Brian, mommy to my home born, breastfeeding, sling-riding, sleep sharing, cloth diapered, intact kiddos Adam 11/09 and Leah 8/12.

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No. My experience at the hospital was so amazing, and so surprising, I will be going there again for repeat CS when we have more babies. I got a taste of the "what ifs" and the pain and don't want to revisit- what ifs aren't just silly fear, often it's your intuition telling you something very important! if you believe in trusting your instincts, you have to trust all of them, not just the ones you like. Also, 2 friends had tragic HBs, one lost a baby, the other almost did, both over easily treatable problems. Some fears have more basis in reality than others, and for ME the hospital ( ONLY one particular one btw) is safer and much more comfortable.*I never thought I would say this.*

What happened was this:
I wanted a HB (UC), planned for one, expected one, but after going into labor I just KNEW something was wrong. I had great prenatal care from a CNM/OB team, and they said everything looked great. Low risk, no health issues, baby looked good, no nuchal cord, good position. But something wasn't right, so I followed my instinct even though I didn't like where it took me.

I hated hospitals and had been VERY scared by stories I heard. Plus, I live in Mexico in a Spanish style ocean front house, and was going to birth on my terrace overlooking the water, under the stars, then sit in front of the fireplace with babe. While In labor, I hightailed it to this well known women/their babies only hospital, passing up many other hospitals on the way. After a total of 36 hours, 3.5 pushing, 2 laboring down, full dilation/effacement, but DS wouldn't budge. The very top of his head was showing I guess, but he couldn't decend further. he was stuck, and his heart rate was becoming problematic. I got a CS and it was GREAT. Boy was I surprised!!!

I can't tell you how great everyone was. NOT ONE time did anyone do anything- even clean my bathroom- before politely asking permission, and explaining fully no matter how many questions I had. every doc, nurse, etc was so kind, never pushy. No fighting needed. I've never felt as respected and cared for, no request too small or question to insignificant. I swear they find all the caring nurses and docs and hoard them at this hospital, they all love what they do and it shows. My DH commented on how nice and caring everyone was, he was just as amazed. I didn't know there even were hospitals like this one, and was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't my terrace, but it was still nice.

The CS was as big of a shock as the staff- the docs wanted to avoid CS so badly,they tried everything to get him to decend, with no luck. My CS was fast and recovery was easy (Im not in great shape either). The best part is my son came out alive and well, without CS I don't know what would've happened, but Im sure it would have been ugly. All I could see was the tiny coffin he would go in if something went wrong, and I was thankful we ended up safe.

I didn't get the UC I wanted, but what I got was good, and reallly was an eye opener. Now that I am not afraid of hospitals, and found an amazing one, I will use it again. My OB suggested a VBac for #2, but Im afraid of it, but not the CS. of course I still want a HB/UC, but it's no longer out of fear of the hospital/docs, now it's a fear of rupture or complications not easily managed at home.

ALL labors and mamas are different, What worked for me may not be good for anyone else. Don't worry, you will know what to do, just remember the 2nd birth is usually much easier and better than the first. Don't let anything stop you, no matter what you choose.

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