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I am 8 wks pregnant with our 7th pregnancy/6th birth (Lord willing) within 8 years.  I have had 4 homebirths with my last four babies, and never had a problem except with my last homebirth after everyone left I began hemorhaging badly.  By the time we realized what was happened I was about to pass out.  An ambulance, manual removal of clots multiple times (holy cow that was excruciating), and D&C later, I am fine. 


My husband was completely against a homebirth, and another pregnancy for that matter, but soon wanted another baby but only if we agreed on a hospital birth.  I agreed to it.  After much discussion, prayer, and talking with other childbirth professionals we are hoping to homebirth again.  I know what to expect this time around and know to act much quicker than we did last time if this happens again.  There are so many things we could have done differently but being so exhausted I don't think either of us were thinking straight.


We are beginning to look into homebirth midwives that we feel comfortable with who can have pit on hand if necesary, as my usual midwife moved out of state. 


But I am wondering in what specific ways, other than the usual 'eat healthy, get rest, drink lots of fluids, RRL tea in last trimester' can I help prevent another experience like last time.


Last time I took for granted the importance of taking care of myself.  I drank a lot of pop daily.  I havent had pop in over a year at this point.  I cook from scratch with an eye high on nutrition.  What foods, if any, can specifically help my body prepare for labor and the toll it takes on the body?  The reasoning for my hemorghage last time was a 'tired uterus' and they blamed the fact that I had so many kids close together.  But, I blame myself.  My body was void of nutrition and sleep - how could it function properly?


I want to be proactive and make this the best pregnancy yet and give my body the best opportunity it has to recover.

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I had 2 pit augmented births before attempting a homebirth (turned hospital induction at 42 weeks) and I feared that because I had been given pit during and after those births, I didn't know if I was prone to hemorrhage or not so I did a few things to prepare.  I took chloroform?  I think? It's a dark green liquid my midwife suggested that would help get my hemoglobin levels higher?  I mixed a few tspns in some grape juice and drank it a few times a day, every day at the end.  Not very yummy, but it did up my hemoglobin from 10 something to 12 something which is what my midwife wanted.... She said moms with higher hemoglobin levels tend to have lower chances of hemmorage.  I also planned to have a friend available who wasn't squeamish who could make me a quick placenta smoothie.... Just a small chunk of cleaned raw placenta blended with ice, yogurt and strawberries.... Lots of them ;). I was planning on drinking it as soon as it was ready, and honestly was prepared to just bite into it (you don't have to chew and swallow it raw to get the effects, just biting into it will usually work) if I started hemmoraging.... I did (and still do, lol!) have a vial of pitocin in my fridge (midwives don't carry their own here, when your OB signs off that you are safe for a homebirth at 36 weeks, the midwife has a list of prescriptions they need the OB to write for you, including the eyes drops, vit k and a few others, even though we never used those either, lol) so if it was needed, she could've administered it.  Those are my only suggestions.... Keep your hemoglobin levels high and be prepared to eat a placenta smoothie or bite into it.... 

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I had great results with acupuncture and taking Chinese herbs, prescribed by my acupuncturist. 


I hemorrhaged badly after my second baby (first homebirth).  I ended up passing out.  My midwives took good care of me though, trying lots of herbs and natural methods, but eventually giving me a shot of pitocin. 


During my 3rd pregnancy, I had regular acupuncture.  I took Chinese herbs, in tea form usually through much of the pregnancy.  My acupuncturist also gave me herbs to have on hand for right after the birth.  With all of that, I did not hemorrhage after that birth, even though it was very similar, in terms of length of labor (short!) and size of baby (large!)


When I got pregnant again, we had moved, and I did not have a close relationship with an acupuncturist.  I dropped the ball, and did not get much acupuncture during that pregnancy.  Again, I hemorrhaged after that birth, ultimately requiring pitocin. 


If I ever get pregnant again, I will definitely get acupuncture and take chinese herbs during the pregnancy and immediately postpartum.


Best of luck to you!  I hope you have a fabulous pregnancy and birth!

Chrissy, lucky mama to Noah (9), Lilah (6), Rowan (3) and Laney (1).
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Yes, there is a lot you can do.  You could opt for prophylactic pit and there are also other anti-hemorrhage drugs you can get (I took some little red pill that I think started with an M).  


Apparently blood building supplements also help (like iron, alfalfa, chlorophyll and etc.).  


I think getting well prepared for labor with things like spinning babies would be helpful.  


I had a hemorrhage with my first birth and really tossed and turned about what to do with my second.  I never feared death but just felt that the recovery of that much blood loss is so unfortunate when caring for a newborn.  I'm sure you know.  I considered prophylactic pit and did a lot of blood building stuff.  In the end I made sure my MW had pit on the ready but asked her to hold off for signs of needing it.  I did end up bleeding quite a bit and requested a uterine massage and then took some pill...wish I knew what it was, sorry.  

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Was the pill Metergine?  That is what I was given after my D&C to prevent hemorrhaging. 


I don't have any other advice, but it looks like you got some good info here.

SAHM - to DD 11/30/06 DS1 1/03/10 DS2 9/24/12 Baby 4.0 EDD 7/2015
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Originally Posted by cryswilkins View Post

Was the pill Metergine?  

Yes, I think so.  

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My Midwife recommends chlyorphyll.  I have never hemorrhaged but am kind of getting nervous about having a tired uterus.  SInce this will be bay 5 in 7 years.  I really think eating lots of iron rich foods would be easiest though...  And RRL tea.  Ohhh not sure if this is dual purpose- but I take Ligaplex2 for cervical lips and that might help tone the uterus too?  

Iowaorganic- mama to DD (1/5/06), DS1 (4/9/07), DS2 (1/22/09), DS3 (12/10/10), DD2 (7/6/12) and a new kid due in early 2014

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Every MW I know has always recommended a double dose of motherwort under the tongue just after baby comes out...I have used it with each of my HB and have never hemmoraged. GL Mama!

lady.gifLady to my Fellaheartbeat.gif fuzmalesling.gif, knit.gifMama to my Babies: babygirl.gifDD-10 (Hospital), babygirl.gifDD-7 (UC), babyboy.gifDS-4 (UC), babyboy.gifDS-newborn 9/2/12 (UC)


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I also had a hemmorhage at my second baby's birth, my first home birth.  My midwife was equipped with pitocin and methergin and it was controlled right away.  As far as prevention goes, I just had my third baby a month ago and it was about as picture perfect as anyone could hope for, with minimal blood loss.  I've done a lot of thinking about what was different between kid 2 and kid 3, and I was just much healthier this time around, eating as many vegetables as I could.  I also tried to stay positive and think only about the things that can go right rather than thinking about all the things that can go wrong.  I learned to do that from hypnobabies.  And I also drank nettle leaf tea, which as far as I know is supposed to help with blood vessels.  I also looked up some statistics about hemmorhages at birth and they varied widely, saying somewhere between 1 in 4 and 1 in 10 have a repeat problem.  So who knows.

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I had a bad pp hemorrhage with my first (hospital birth). I am 32 weeks with my second and planning a homebirth. My MW has me taking floradix liquid iorn 2x a day, will have my blood taken at 36weeks to check iorn levels and depending on the results talk  more about having pit & an IV after the birth.

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My midwife recommends nettle leaf tea prenatally as it is rich in calcium and iron. one cup daily in the third trimester and 2-3 cups daily from 38 weeks on. I mix my dry RRL and nettle and brew them together. She also recommends alfalfa, 6 tablets daily from 34 weeks.

She checked my hemoglobin at my 27 week appointment, and it was over 13, which is really great. She told me she may not want me to take as much alfalfa this time. I am unsure, though, because I had enough bleeding last time that she gave me a shot of pit before I even delivered the placenta, and she is not someone to intervene lightly. I need to look into it more and decide what to do.

I think it helps that I cook everything in a cast iron skillet. We have also moved and have a very high iron content in our water. I figure at least it is good for something.

Mom to Sam (3/2007), Bekah (4/2009), Jedidiah (4/2012), and Caroline Grace (3/2014)
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