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cryswilkins's Avatar cryswilkins 06:46 PM 01-15-2012

We are planning a homebirth (hopefully!) in September.  Since we will be paying for out MW out of pocket and I will have to buy a pool I am trying to plan out my costs.


My Midwife recommends the "Fishy Pool" while I trust her recommendation, I am wondering what people though about it.  Was it deep enough?  Comfortable enough?  Were you able to lean over the sides? 


Birth Pool in a Box? Thoughts on this one?


What about tub rentals?  Any sites that you recommend?  How soon do you order?


Any other birth pool that you loved?

xnwife's Avatar xnwife 12:49 PM 01-16-2012

Congrats on your pregnancy!


I am posting because I am also interested to hear the answers. I also came across this site which shows step by step how to set up an inexpensive birthpool for about $50. I am still debating whether we are even going to go this route but if we do, I am positive that I will go this plan because we can't afford to pay 200+ just for a pool.

HippyMomOf4's Avatar HippyMomOf4 01:56 PM 01-16-2012

We bought ours because we planned to have more children and knew it would be used more than once. If our 4th would have been our last I would have use the one my midwife has. 

lovebirths's Avatar lovebirths 08:27 AM 02-01-2012

I think that the best solution is to buy a birth pool at a reasonable price (like this) and to keep it for next times or rent it wink1.gif. I think that the quality is very important for a birth

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