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How dangerous would a HBAC be for a higher risk pregnancy?

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I know Hope(!) you HB Mamas will have answers for me.

I have had two cesarean births. The first was an emergency. I was planning a natural  hospital birth, I guess. I was eighteen at the time and didn't have a real birth plan. My water broke a week before my due date and I went to the hospital. Only to find out my boy was footling breech. ( I TOLD the health dept. Dr. that I felt baby was breech, but did he listen?! No! First time Mamas don't know anything I guess.) Thirty minutes later I have a babe in my arms. I was put under general anesthesia for that birth because the epidural didn't work quickly enough. They would't let my husband in, so no one even witnessed my boy's birth. :(

They did discover during the surgery that I have a Bicornuate uterus. That was most likely the reason for Babe being footling.


Which brings us to the next birth, nine months ago. 

I qualified for Medicaid so, I ended up going back the same doctor, who I hated. But I felt I had no choice. I am now considered high risk because of the uterine anomaly. And this Boy was breech, too. I had a scheduled cesarean and my water broke two weeks ahead of the due date this time (bigger boy, too). I just went in and had the c-section. At least I was awake this time, and got to see/hear my baby right away. I could't hold him, my arms were strapped, and I was shaking badly/ and teeth chattering uncontrollably because of the spinal block.  I had to wait so long to hold him because of the shaking and I couldn't sit up or move because of the spinal block. 


I DO NOT want to have these horrible childbirth experiences again. It makes me want to cry. I feel robbed of something. I'm just wondering if anyone has ANY advice or opinions or experience with a situation like this? I know I want more children. I just want to know if there are any other options for me?  Homebirth would be awesome, or even at a birthing clinic.... I don't think any doctors/hospitals would let me even try a VBAC, being high risk. I don't even know if a Midwife would take me? And I assume you must transfer if your baby is breech? Which is very likely for me because of the anomaly... Am I stuck with this crappy birthing situation??

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Ack! Sorry, don't know why that double posted...irked.gif

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You should talk to some midwives. Breech is definitely not an automatic reason for a c/section, especially if it's the relatively uncomplicated frank breech rather than footling. Whether they're allowed to attend such a birth, or feel comfortable with it, will depend on specific laws in FL and their own individual level of experience with breech births. You should also research the risks and benefits of vaginal breech deliveries for yourself.


I don't know much about bicornate uteruses (uteri?), but if I were in your position, I'd become a passionate spinning babies/fetal positioning practitioner (check out and do everything I could do help encourage baby into the right position before s/he runs out of room to flip. Find a great chiropractor. Take up yoga. Become proactive in helping achieve the best possible outcome you can, rather than just assuming the worst.

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I seem to remember that the author of one of my VBAC books had a bicoronate uterus and her third was a VBA2C. Sh even had an inverted-T for her sencond incision , if I remember correctly. It was either in The VBAC Companion or Natural Childbirth After Cesarean.

I would think that if you can keep your baby head down you should have no trouble with a VBA2C, all other things being equal (good BP, general health, etc.). I personally think that c/s JUST because baby is breech is pushing it a bit. I was reading something that mentioned that Canadian doctors are beginning to rethink that practice, but they are having trouble finding doctors who know how to help breech babies be born.

I agree with PPthat you should at least call and talk to some midwives. Woul you be comfortable in a birthing center if DEMs aren't allowed to attend VBAMC? (I don't know if CNMs are allow to attend HBs in Florida.)

Hang in there mama! Do some research and ask lots of questions. ab have great information; you might be able to find something there too.
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Thank you so much for your replies! I am feeling a bit hopeless, mostly because I didn't know where to even begin researching. So, thank you for the advice. The was very interesting. I'm wondering if that might work for me. Yes, with the Bicornate uterus the babes seem to run out of room pretty quickly...

I'm just glad to hear that it has been done and could be a possibility for me. Thank you. 

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