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My in-laws, landlord, and homebirth

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Well, to start it off, my in-laws ARE my landlords. There's nothing in the lease saying we -can't- have a homebirth, but considering their stance on my DS birthing center birth, I doubt they'd be thrilled with the fact we're planning a homebirth with baby #3(whenever that happens). 

Besides the meddling in-law thing, do they have any pull on saying "no" to a homebirth? I've looked over the lease with a fine tooth comb, and there's no mention of water furniture(which would exclude a birth tub) and obviously, no one thinks of saying DO NOT BIRTH HERE in the lease. I don't really want to hide the homebirth, but don't plan on really talking about it either(they didn't know about the birth center until after the fact). 

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Unless its in the lease, no, they can't legally do anything.
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No legally they can't prevent you from birthing at home. I suppose they could call CPS or something if they wanted to be really evil but whether CPS would even follow up depends on your state.


I'd personally keep it a secret. Negative energy is never worth it :(

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