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going "past due"?

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My mom went past her dates with every single one of her 7 children. The earliest of us being born around 41 weeks and the latest being my sister who was 43 1/2 weeks. We were all very healthy and just decided to come when we were good and ready :D

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Originally Posted by LeaPea View Post

I'm 41+5 today, and am very anxious. My daughter was born at 40+4, so I thought this one would be right around that same time. I am a complete hermit right now. No one wants to talk to me unless it's about the baby.



Totally the same boat over here.. My boys were 40+2 and 40+3 so being almost 42 is throwing me for a loop.  I think I'm going to take a social media break this weekend and shut my phone off.  


Meanwhile I am having the same annoying contrax that seem to show up every afternoon/evening the past couple days and then just stop when I go to bed.  ugh.

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My daughter (second child, first homebirth) was 41+6 days so almost 2 weeks past my edd. My labor and birth was awesome, she came when she was ready, and she was 7 pounds 12 oz.  (My mom said I was 3 weeks past her edd with me so it was payback. Ha!)


My son (first child, hospital birth) was 40+1 but only because they scared me and said he was going to be 10 pounds and I'd probably have to have a c-sec if I didn't agree to induction (I had GD.) He was 6 pounds 10 oz. They don't know anything. :P If I had more kids I am sure I would go past again, my babies just like a little more cookin. ;)

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Thanks everyone for your responses!  Just thought I'd update that my baby girl was born on 7/23 at 3:08pm at home and in the water with my husband, doula and two wonderful midwives in attendance.  She was healthy, perfect and even a little smaller than my last baby at 8lb 12oz and 22"

She was 16 days past her EDD and other than some wrinkly hands and feet and lack of vernix, you wouldn't know she was a little late. :)

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