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How long did you push? How long after dilation was complete did you feel "pushy".

With my first vaginal birth (VBAC) I had an epidural and pushed for 30ish minutes so I don't know when the "push" urge hit after I was complete.

With my second, I never got the urge to push (nuchal hand and acynclitic head). I was at a 10 for maybe 3 hours and everything in my body was screaming against me me when I tried to push, so I got an epidural. I pushed more effectively after that, but still had to push for another 4 hours until we finally got him turned from acynclitic and then he came out quickly.
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I have only felt the urge to push with 2 of my 5 pgs. One was were I just felt the baby descending once the drs broke my water.....and the other was several hours after my water broke and my body went into complete birth mode and was actually doing all of the work without me doing a thing! I couldn't stop it! It was a relief!
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I never felt the urge to push with my two oldest. Not sure why not, hospital births with a nurse-midwife and no epidural. So no idea how long after dilated that was. With this last one I felt like pushing as soon as dilation was complete and couldn't not push.

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First birth I had an epidural and when I told the nurses I felt pushy I was checked and found to be complete, so not sure how long I had been at 10 before I got the urge. I pushed for 25/30 minutes or so.

Second birth I didn't realize how far into labor I was and my body started pushing while I was still at home in the shower. I had to fight as hard as I could NOT to let my body push and barely made it to the hospital. Once there, my poor baby shot out in just a few pushes. He was bruised up from the fast delivery. Once again, I have no clue how long I had been at 10cm before my body took over.
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The first time, I have no idea how long I had been complete, I was getting tired and my MW suggested we could check dilation (for the first time during the whole labor) and I was complete except for a tiny lip. I hadn't had any pushing urges, but she asked me to try pushing while she was feeling the lip, to assess whether it was going to hold things up or not. It felt awkward to start pushing without any urge, but as soon as I started my body took over and suddenly I did have an urge! MW didn't think the lip would be a problem, but it still took me 2.5 hours until baby finally came. Pushing just didn't seem to come naturally, even after I had the urge.

The second time, I was never checked for dilation at all. I went through one hell of a transition and suddenly at the end of one of the contractions my body starting heaving the baby down. It felt much different and a lot more instinctual that time. I could feel baby really moving down each time I pushed, something I didn't feel the first time (probably because progress was so slow and subtle). It took 45 minutes from the first heave. I should add that the awesome instinctual pushing urge totally went away as soon as his head was out. I kept waiting for it to come back so I could push his body out, but finally I just decided to start gently going for it myself. It felt like a long time, but on the video it was really only 45 seconds between his head and the rest of him.

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#1 : 3 1/2 hours. I had an epidural and never felt the urge to push. He had to be vacuum extracted.
#2 : 4 minutes. I felt like I had to go to the bathroom and when I tried to get out of the tub to go, I started pushing.
#3 : 14 seconds
#4 : 23 seconds

With #3 and #4 , I just felt pressure and then my body just expelled them out.
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What usually happens with me, is my inability to cope, and intense pain where I want to crawl out of my own skin lets up. ...I don't usually feel major pushing prompts.

I have diagnosed (LOL!) what happens with me is, the baby comes rocketing extremely low during transition, and that's why my transitions are so hellish, AND, why even with a 10 lb 9 oz baby, I push twice and they are out. My homebirth of my biggest baby was when my contractions really turned to painless pressure and I pushed, and learned that's how I work. My transition is pain +pushing prompts, all rolled into one.

With my 7th baby, he was eyebrow presentation, I was at the hospital with my favorite Dr's partner whom I trust fairly well, also. I am a VBA2C x 4 times so I have a great relationship with them..because they trust and support me. Anyway, he was brow and the OB said that he wasn't doing very well and wasn't coming down how mine usually do..I was in horrible an epidural, it did nothing but crash my blood pressure. He gave me the option of trying like hell to push from 8 to turn him as he descended, or go for a section. I had gone into labor the day I turned 38 weeks, which is WEIRD for me..too I pushed like hell and brought him down from high and 8 cm in about 15 minutes, and he was out. He was very first the nurses thought he was blue from hypoxia, then they realized it was bruising!
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First was about 20 minutes of pushing semi-sitting, second and third under 5 minutes on hands and knees. Both of the first two I got the urge to push before I was complete and had to hold back because it was counterproductive and actually had me swelling.
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#1 - only a few pushes, so less than a few minutes.
#2 - I gave a couple grunts and she was out within mere seconds
#3 - he slid out
#4 - my uterus heaved him out. I went from 6 cm to birth in one minute (I wasn't in labor prior to that point)

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I pushed seriously for 6 hours. I felt the urge to push at 9 with a swollen anterior lip.... and was at 9+ the lip for 8 hours before she was born. For 3-4 of those hours of being "complete" though... even though i had the urge to push, everything in my body told me not to at the same time, it was like my body was heaving downwards but it hurt and felt WORSE, and didn't feel like a relief, it felt WRONG, so I was getting exhausted fighting the throwing down/heaving pushing urges for hours before I finally transferred to hospital to get pain relief to move the stupid swollen lip over her head manually. The midwife tried several times but couldn't do it.
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I didn't do any cervical checks so I have no idea about part of your question. But I pushed whenever I felt like it and pushed for, I think, a couple hours with the first and then 5 to 10 min with the second.
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Only one birth, I don't know how dilated I was, but my water broke during transition and I changed position instinctually right after, then my body started pushing (heaving would be a better word) and my son was born about 10 minutes later.

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