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3rd, 4th+ time moms - tell me your HB stories...

I am expecting my fourth baby and we're planning our first homebirth - in an area where most women never get to 3, let alone 4 or beyond.
I am having trouble relating to the experiences and birth stories of 1st time home birthers...I want to hear from women who've done it at home with little ones around (either in the room or just in the house).
I hear a LOT of slooooow labor stories where things progressed slowly and gently over the course of a day or two. My last birth was 3 hours from start to finish; I am optimistic that we'll have another short, uncomplicated birth...but reading all these slow stories makes me feel like maybe the relaxation of hb makes things more sluggish?? I don't know. That sounds irrational once I type it out. ;-)
I just feel the need to connect with homebirthing moms who have done it with a third or fourth (5th, 6th, 7th!) baby.

Share away Tips, tricks, Don't Do This or Thats, etc. Thanks!
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Each pregnancy and birth is unique.

My last home birth was just over an hour, and the one prior was just under 7 hours. Those times are from first contraction to the official recorded time of birth. I didn't have any young children present, as I require privacy in order to birth undisturbed.

I think you'll hear those "slow birth" stories, because you're not placed on an arbitrary clock at home like you would be at the hospital before they forcefully deliver your child (one way or another). Women can enjoy the birthing process as it occurs naturally at their own pace unless complications arise.
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If all goes well this will be my fourth homebirth. Do...what you want. Move how you want, squat or lay down or lean over things...get in some water (if you want) , trust yourself.

1st baby: went into labor at 37 weeks during my baby shower. I had no idea. I went home and went into full on labor-land. This was my longest labor, totaling 15 hours. But the first 11 hours were tolerable. I was on all fours, so he wasn't technically born in the water, but I did my heavy laboring in the water.

2nd baby: went into labor at 38 weeks. 7 hour total. First 6 hours were not very intense, last hour was transition with a two pushes at the end. My son was in and out of the bathroom during. He decided to be outside with Grandma during the last bit as I was loud. He came back in right after my husband put her on my chest. She was born in the water.

3rd baby: went into labor 39w 2d. labor was about 6 hours total, but the first 4 1/2 were very easy to handle. It was my husband's birthday and we had cake. My DH and I were able to spend some intimate time together. Things didn't pick up for me until I got the children to bed, and once they were asleep I went right into transition. I would say it was 2 hours of more intense contractions, with about 30 minutes of pushing. She was my biggest baby yet though, 9lbs 2 oz, born in the water. My kids slept right through it and were very surprised to meet their little sister the next morning.

It's me and DH
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, DD (6)
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I'm enjoying this thread, will be my first homebirth too if all works out.

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, DH
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My first was a hospital birth (12 hours).

#2 was an unassisted homebirth. Was a 5 hour labor starting around 3am. My daughter woke up and stayed awake for the whole thing, though at age 2 she wasn't TOO interested.

#3 was another unassisted homebirth, again starting around 2-3am, only this one lasted 8 hours, and again, both girls woke up and stayed awake. Ended up birthing him in the bathtub. My littlest one (she was just under 22 months) got in the water with me (she kept sticking her foot into the water trying to get in when no one was looking ).

#4 , another unassisted homebirth, labor started mid-day and lasted 16 hours total. This time everybody fell asleep and we woke them up when I was pushing (because for me, I push them out in 2-3 VERY fast pushes once I break my water). While it was my longest labor, it was also my least painful.

Me (30) - DH (32) 11.5 years!
DD (9) ~ DD (7) ~ DS (5) ~ DS (2)

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Mama to 10 babies in Heaven
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I don't have a third yet (hoping to soon!), but my second was a home birth and there was no slow start; it was much like my hospital birth....had contractions that started around, 6:30 am, progressed normally, ds2 was born around 4pm or so, I am not sure, lol.

I did have an extended pushing phase; he was post-due and was also not quite centered correctly; the first 1.5 hours of pushing just got him in the right position. He was large, 11lbs. I also had a long pushing phase with ds1, who wasn't as big, but he was face up. I really hope the next one is easier to push out!

My friend who had a homebirth with her second didn't have a long slow labor either. I think it just varies, and you'll be fine!

"Have faith in yourself and in the direction you have chosen." Ralph Marston

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birthing unassisted with young children in the home.

#1 - hospital midwives, 16 hrs start to finish

#2 - unassisted home birth in water, 3.5 hours. Labor began around 6pm while nursing 22 month old dd. She held my hand & mirrored my swaying side to side and low moans through each contraction until her sitters came to sweep her away for the night. If we'd known it'd be so quick, we'd have skipped this step. We praised God for the safe delivery, bonded and slept peacefully.

#3 - unassisted home birth in water, 6.5 hrs. Labor began around 6pm when granny's flight touched down. I showered and readied myself while dad took the tots to pick up granny. I called a friend to photograph this one and chatted with everyone between these easy contractions. Grandma fed and bathed the children and flipped on Netflix. They checked our progress at will. When I hopped in the water after 11pm to speed things along, my 22 month old REALLY wanted to join me, but was easily bribed away by granny. A short transition later and I pushed baby #3 's head out in her caul, just in time for granny and the kids to see it all. We all praised God for grace to deliver another healthy baby. We celebrated with fruity smoothies and a midnight breakfast.

#4 - unassisted home birth in water, 6 hrs. Labor began around 3:30pm. I'd been cleaning/organizing the garage with the kids and was just taking a break when labor began. Daddy put our 5 yr old dd in charge of Netflix for the younger two and shuttled back and forth to check in on them between contractions. The kids all wanted to join me in the 'swimming pool' as they called it. Daddy shooed them away somehow. And again, a short transition and some tricky pushing later and out comes #4 , who's very round head was like, 9.5 cm. The kids came when they heard one apparently loud mama roar during the last push. They all talk about his birth to this day. Again, we all praised God for a healthy baby and mommy. We ordered in our favorite Chinese and slept happily.

To summarize: Its nice to have a 'sitter' whom the kids love, to help in that capacity so you can concentrate on the one you're laboring with. I've enjoyed the family birthing environment. I take comfort in hearing little voices and seeing the wondrous faces of my littles. They serve as a reminder that I've done this before and I can do it again.

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I'll try this again. Lost my last reply.

#1 - Hospital Birth with Midwife. 3 hrs 45 min. Got to the hospital 45 minutes before the birth.
#2 - Home Water Birth with Midwife. Daytime, but my oldest went to the neighbors for the actual birth. 4.5 hrs from 1st contraction to baby. Midwife was only there for an 1.5 before the birth.
#3 - Home Birth with Midwife. Middle of the night. Older 2 slept in their rooms. Woke up in the morning to new baby. 1 hr and 44 min. and yes, that's from 1st contraction to baby. Assistant got to our house 10 minutes before the birth, Midwife walked in and caught baby.
#4 - Out of our Home Birth with Midwife. Was daytime. A weird all day labor. I didn't tell anyone, not even DH, that I was having contractions. They were random at 15 to 30 minutes apart. Older kids stayed home with a sitter while DH took me to an already scheduled prenatal appointment, and things got real. We came home with a baby. We were only there for 15 minutes before baby was born. My theory is my body wouldn't relax until it knew the midwife was going to be available. She had a long drive and many patients.
#5 - Home Water Birth with Midwife. Water broke at 11:30pm. Contractions started at midnight. Baby born around 3:30am. Older kids were all sleeping in their rooms. Doula was there for maybe 45 minutes beforehand, Midwife 30 minutes.
#6 - Planned Home Water Birth, Unplanned Unassisted. 1.5 hr labor from 1st contraction to baby. Again it was the middle of the night and the older kids slept. Daddy caught baby less then 10 minutes after he realized the midwife wasn't going to make it.
#7 - Planning a Home Birth. Just lined someone up to watch the kids in case of a day birth. Not sure I'd be comfortable with my kids around while I labored. I like to be by myself for the most part. I hate the feeling of being watched during contractions. With the last couple I even let my DH sleep until the last half hour.

SAHM  to 6run.gif

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1st - Hospital - Roughly 40 hours, but that includes some stopping and starting

2nd- unassisted homebirth -- 13 hours from PROM to birth

3rd - unassisted homebirth -- PROM, strong contractions, but no consistent pattern or real "labor" for long enough that dh and I were discussing at what point we would accept that it was necessary to transfer (knowing that would mean pitocin at the very least). I had already been pumping, walking, resting, showering, repeating for two days. I ended up taking castor oil in two doses separated by 4 hours. Baby was born about an hour or so after I was finally sure I was truly in *labor*. So I think of it as my longest (~65 hours) labor and my shortest (~1.5hours), lol

Pushing phase was maybe 5 minutes or less with all three.
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3rd - at home.
Contractions began at 1:00 am
Called the midwife who was at another birth.
Made a Waldorf salad
Sat in the tub with whirlpool going
Got in bed began pushing
Baby born at 5:06 am
Took pictures of baby and family
Planted placenta and white rosebush over it
Had to return the whirlpool contraption
No stitches, breastfed and rested the rest of the day.

4th - at home
Had been painting my rental unit all day.
*Called a company that advertised in Mothering for nursing bras and left a msg
Got children home from school, made dinner, made lunch for school, helped with homework, put them to bed
Cleaned dishes, set up for breakfast
Laid down
Felt contractions at 10:30 pm
Called the midwife
Boiled Water
Delivered baby at 3:06 am
Introduced the new baby to the siblings.
*Got a call from the nursing bra company that I called the day before.
I made sure I stayed in bed for two weeks solid. I really needed the rest.
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