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Theo's Mama's Avatar Theo's Mama 12:56 AM 08-13-2002
Mommy of Twins,

Wow, 3 1/2 hours. I've been concerned about them rushing the second twin, but I guess that is only if she is breech. Never really thought about how exhausting a second birth could be. I read on RadMid of a homebirth years ago where the first was born, mom and baby went to sleep and the second was born 24 hours later!

I'm actually planning a hospital birth at the one 45 minutes away, just gettting as much info as I can from this thread. I didn't want to have a homebirth and need to be transported and end up at the local one. . .

Twins b 3,

Lucky you. I know my doctor is good, but he really really wants me to do an epidural if they are breech. He says he is afraid I will kick him in the face. I guess I want to retain the ability to kick anyone in the face that I feel I need to!


I have a great mental picture of you on the couch. Hope you don't have to get up too often. People keep telling me that I don't look that big for twins and then I remind them I have four months to go. At five months, I look about how I did at term with my son.

Just read your last message. I'm hoping it is tonight too. Thoughts of love and strength whenever it is. Think of us all thinking of you!


actually I'm still having morningsickness! Trying to cram down food every moment I can though! Thanks for asking.

Augustine's Avatar Augustine 11:00 AM 08-13-2002
for you gogi!!!! I know you must be so excited and READY! I am so excited for you! Thanks for your post bout the contrax!! I am not taking care of myself at all.... I don't really ever feel hungry except in the morning and then sometimes it is nasea. I sometimes go the whole day and notice I really haven't eaten anything! (Which is completely unacceptable, I know the brewer diet, I teach it in my CB classes!) I would be horrified if one of my clients were acting this way! lol I feel like maybe you are right , I should get the ultrasound, just to have to do something more positive about my health, because I know. But I would just feel aweful if it was just a normal sigleton pregnancy and I had gotten an ultrasound., It is also the thing of price, we would have to pay for it on our own..... oh I don't know.... I did notice that I had a run of contrax for a few days and and now I am bigger. Well anyway, good luck to you this week, hope those babies cme quickly!! I'll be thinking about you!
momofmany's Avatar momofmany 12:44 AM 08-14-2002
Gogi, et al...

I've so enjoyed this thread! I'm almost 22 weeks with babies #5 & 6, my last three born at home. I'm lucky enough to have a midwife who will see me throughout. I do have a back up doctor for problems in a previous pregnancy that have never returned.

It's very nice to see that there are others planning a homebirth with twins. I know that there are risks, and I have plans for all scenarios. I just have to keep the faith in my body.

Thanks for reminding me of that!

Mommy of twins's Avatar Mommy of twins 01:19 AM 08-14-2002

You need to eat, eat, eat! Whether it's one or two babies. I think if you made it this far without an ultrasound you might want to consider listening for the heartbeat but continue to increase your protein just in case.


I can only imagine the excitement of wanting to get this over with! I'm thinking of you and sending some positive energy your way!
Augustine's Avatar Augustine 11:08 AM 08-14-2002
momy of twins,
you are right, I do need to eat, and I think I will just keep waiting to see.... I am trying to think of ways to get protein fast so I don't have to think about it. I like pretzels and peanut butter and tocos so that is what I am eating for breakfast now a days, wow can you say pregnant! lol ('') Thanks for the reminder, do you have any suggestions for eating something before you feel naseas?
that is exciting for you you, 5 and 6 wow! How far ahead are you measuring? I am 16 weeks and 22cm..... still trying to figure out if it is two.....
love to all and good birthing vibes to gogi!
momofmany's Avatar momofmany 12:37 PM 08-14-2002
I measured 29 weeks at 20 weeks, but I'm very wide as far as my uterus goes.

breathingmom's Avatar breathingmom 01:17 PM 08-14-2002
gogi, how are you? I wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you!

momofmany, welcome! It's great to hear that your midwife will attend you with your homebirth of twins! How does the rest of your family feel about twins?

artofbirthing, I found protein shakes a good way to get down some major protein. Especially in the last weeks when there was not much room left for food.

How are all you other moms doing? I hope you will continue to keep us updated! It sounds like we will be getting a "multiples" forum in the future here at MDC! I can't wait, it will be great to have a place to share and learn from each other!

Mom to identical twin girls (just turned five) and singleton ds (7)

TWINS-not "double trouble", instead "twice the love"!!
Mommy of twins's Avatar Mommy of twins 01:38 PM 08-14-2002

As soon as I started getting more protein my nausea feeling went away. I used protein powder in raw milk and the total protein in that shake was 34grams. I had at least 2 or 3 a day because it was much easier to drink things than to eat. The protein powder was by a supplement company that my husband sells in his office and it uses only whole foods. Hope this helps!
momofmany's Avatar momofmany 01:53 PM 08-14-2002
They are all very excited. I'm just shell shocked - still!

gogi's Avatar gogi 04:27 PM 08-14-2002
I went to my 39 week visit and had to get a non-stress test to make sure evrything was OK. baby A looked so good they took me off the monitor real quick to avoid more ultrasound exposure. baby B gives us difficulty when it is time to listen to the HR because he/she is face up and the arms and legs are in the way of getting a good reading. Although we could here the HR and it was obviously good, the machine kept blinking out because it was not a strong reading. Thankfully they got a continuous pattern for at least 3 minutes and decided that was good enough. Both babies had nice accelerations in HR's. I also had a short ultrasound to check amniotic fluid levels and measurements. The weight estimates are 7 and 71/2 lbs. It will be fun to see how accurate/inaccurate that is! If I don't have these babies by Friday I have to get another NST. They basically are treating the situation the same way they would treat a post due singleton. Now I am starting to get a little worried about the breech birth when the babies are in so long and obviously getting bigger, any words on that?

For morning sickness I had my husband bring me a frozen waffle to the bed before I even got out of it in the morning, and then immediately ate some kind of protien when I got up. Usually eggs. Now that it is summer, protien smoothies with frozen yogurt, fresh berries, rice dream, and protien powder have been a wonderful way to get protien when I can't think about eating anything.

Thanks for all the kind words. Oh, starting to have bladder control issues too.
momofmany's Avatar momofmany 05:08 PM 08-14-2002
I don't know how big your first baby was, but remember to have faith that your body has grown babies that are the right size for you. I truly believe that.

Then you also have to look at how poorly ultrasound is in predicting weight.

Hang in there!

breathingmom's Avatar breathingmom 07:06 PM 08-15-2002
gogi, there will lots of room in there for the second baby to move around after the first babe comes! Everything is going to be okay! You have taken really good care of yourself and these babies already have a great start! You can do this and you will be a fantastic mom to twins!!!! Sending you lots of strength and peaceful thoughts!

Mommy of twins's Avatar Mommy of twins 07:31 PM 08-15-2002

Even my husband is excited you made it to 39wks. we agree with breathingmom that the second baby has room to turn after the first is born. We are anxiously waiting!
Augustine's Avatar Augustine 09:12 PM 08-15-2002
You are awesome, Gogi!
Even if the baby does stay breech, you will be fine, your cervix will have opened for the smae size baby just a little while before and that baby will slide out just fine! A word to remeber with breeches is "Stand and Deliver"! For some reason gravity and free hip joints is really important for breeches coming our! I was at a singlton surprize posterior footling breech homebirth. As soon as that foot dropped down, the mom stood right up and leaned into her husband and the 7 lb 9 oz baby just slid right out! The other thing to remeber is "Hands off the breech" GLoria Lemay has written a wonderful article on that at , I think it was in the last e-news from MT....
AS everyone else has said, everything will be fine! Your body knew how to grow your babies and placentas all without any councious thought from you, it will know how to birth them too! Have faith!
gogi's Avatar gogi 01:44 AM 08-16-2002
Thanks all of you. I go to the Doc. Tomorrow again. I will let you know what happens.
Britt's Avatar Britt 10:22 AM 08-16-2002
Hello all,

No twins here, but I've been following this thread with interest. Gogi, I can't wait to hear how it all goes!

Mommy of twins and princess7199, I've sent you both private messages through the bulletin board system. Let me know if you haven't figured out how that works yet.

Best of luck to all you twin mommies!

gogi's Avatar gogi 06:07 PM 08-16-2002
I had a non-stress test and the babies look great. I am dilated to 3 cm., and am ready to go. Now I just have to convince the babies to stop relaxing and get a move on. My next appointment is Tuesday (40 weeks). I hope i get to cancel it.
Cakes's Avatar Cakes 01:46 AM 08-17-2002
I realize this thread is about homebirthing twins. However it seems to have alot of established twin moms on it. I have a question............. When did you get your peroid after the birth of your twins? I am still nursing my 11mos old twins and have yet to get a period. I ws wondering if I should be concerned?
KatherineinCA's Avatar KatherineinCA 01:59 AM 08-17-2002
Cakes--For me it was around six months (we weaned at 11 months). Then with my singleton, it was at three months (weaned at 13 months). So it did seem to take longer with the twins. I have no idea if there's reason for concern, I just don't know enough about breastfeeding.

Yours are eleven months! I loved that second year. I had more energy, the babies slept so much more, I felt like the fog moved out of my brain and I was myself again. Other twin moms would complain about the sudden mobility and trying to keep up with them. But I always felt that since I was finally sleeping, I had the energy to keep up with them. And by the way, I think you deserve your own party when they turn one. My sister and I have twins almost the exact same age, and we made sure to congratulate each other while everyone else was making a big deal about the twins' first birthday. We were so proud of ourselves that WE had made it through that year! So congratulations to you, too!
Mommy of twins's Avatar Mommy of twins 11:05 AM 08-17-2002

I'm still nursing my twins and they are 20months. I got my period about 3 months ago but I believe it just depends on how much you nurse them. Sorry to say but mood swings started because of the whole hormonal imbalance but I'm slowly trying to wean them. I think my body is telling me it's time because I've been too exhausted. I'm now down to nursing them once a day and 2-4 times each at night. They don't sleep through the night.


You are doing great! I hope you can cancel your next appointment also! Any time now, isn't it exciting!
New Moon's Avatar New Moon 02:39 PM 08-17-2002
Dont worry you are perfectly normal! Return to menses varies from woman to woman and from pregnancy to pregnancy. 11 months is not concerning...don't worry it will come back
Blessings to all you twin mamas,
New moon
breathingmom's Avatar breathingmom 01:31 PM 08-18-2002
gogi, how are you? I know you must be sooooo ready to meet these babies! Any day now and you will be holding them in your arms!! I am so excited for you! You have done such a wonderful job of taking care of yourself. I wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you!

How are you other mama's feeling?

gogi's Avatar gogi 05:15 PM 08-18-2002
Today I decided to get out of the house. We went to but my son a big brother present for when the twins arrive. I feel so tired and kind of sick from that outing. My legs are swollen and I just feel....sick. I can't believe I am nearly 40 weeks. I don't think women carrying twins are supposed to be pregnant this long. It is really taking a toll on my body. My blood pressure (which has always been normal to low) is getting kind of high and all of my joints just ache from carrying all this weight. I hope I am not really getting sick. Did any of you have any signs that labor was about to start (burst of energy, nesting etc.). I don't feel any changes except increasing exhaustion.
Jish's Avatar Jish 05:21 PM 08-18-2002
I just hopped on this board about a week or two ago to check it out and I've become totally obsessed with gogi and her twins. It's like a soap opera.:LOL I've been checking in everyday to see if you've had those babies yet. I went out of town this weekend and was sure I'd come back to find that you'd had a wonderful birth, but alas, you are still pregnant.

Just know that I'm thinking about you gogi, and I'm wishing you a wonderful birth (and soon I hope.)
breathingmom's Avatar breathingmom 05:51 PM 08-18-2002
gogi, I went shopping the day the girls were born. I was so tired of being big and pregnant that I figured I would move around as much as humanly possible! It worked for me, I hope it works for you too!

Please remember even though you are having lots of people there, you can always ask them to go out of the room to have some private space. I'm certain they will understand. Even though I chose exactly who would be at the births, I kinda let myself feel like "mom on parade".

You will have the energy you need to have these babies. Once you know you are in labor you are going to be so excited to meet them and weigh them!!!

Everything is going to be fine and you will do just great!! Hang in there, it will be any day now!!

Cakes's Avatar Cakes 10:05 PM 08-18-2002
I went 39 weeks and both babies were out happy and healthy four hours after my water broke. However, I believe I was in labor for three days before my water broke. I paced everynight due to insomnia and even took a tylenol one night because my back hurt( HaHaHa). It never occured to me I was in labor, why I'll never know. I hope you have a wonderful labor and delivery. i am routing for you. I wanted a home birth but my midwives would not do it. Everything was great except for the medical staff and having to deliver in an OR.
Augustine's Avatar Augustine 10:47 AM 08-19-2002
it must be hard to get all that is required nutritionally now that you have almost no stomach room!, but are you getting enough protein and albumin?
I got they with just one, although I carried to 44 weeks and I felt like the best thing that helped was swimming ! Can you go emerse yourself somewhere?
hopefully private?
Good luck to you!!
gogi's Avatar gogi 06:02 PM 08-19-2002
I have been doing OK with the protien. I don't think I am getting 150 grams a day anymore, but I am definitely over 100. I am eating a lot of smoothies with protien powder and I always carry a protien snack bar in my bag. I can't stress over it because i am doing the best i can at this point. It is hard when I gag quite often. I am so sick of eating. I was going to the YMCA for a while. Now my suit doesn't fit and the whole changing process is exhausting. I have been sticking with the birthing tub we have set up. It is heated and although it is not big enough to actually swim, it is big enough to float and turn and stretch.

Tomorrow I turn 40 weeks and have another dr. appointment. I will let you all know how it goes. Oh, I feel better today. My breathing is more difficult and I sound like darth vadar.
Mommy of twins's Avatar Mommy of twins 06:15 PM 08-19-2002

hang in there you are doing a great job!
Chloe's Avatar Chloe 09:25 PM 08-19-2002
I read Unassisted Childbirth by Laura Shanley after I had my first son, wishing I had read it before! I did have a hospital birth, and it went pretty well considering. But it could have been so much better! I read the book just before i got pregnant this time, and her book led me to Birthing From Within, Childbirth Without Fear, and many others! I just love her stories of birth! I loved the book so much I had my mom read it! And she's totally for it!! (but she also has a friend who had her last baby at home)

I am not having twins, but I had to say that reading that book WILL change your life! I look foward to laboring this time (in November) and though I'll be having another hospital birth (with a midwife this time) I will be FAR more prepared. I will labor at home longer...and use natural methods. I wanted to the first time, but I caved in to myself! I had no support, really. Maybe my third child will be born at home- my husband is not comfortable with the homebirth idea yet, but I am working on it. And maybe I can just have an oops homebirth.... I am not "high risk" or anything- just normal! So a homebirth could be ideal. Even before reading Laura's book, I wanted a homebirth.

I admire and congratulate all of the women here who have had home births! Sorry if this is off topic and so long, as I am not expecting twins!

I will be thinking of you all, though!!!! Happy home birthing! And GOOD LUCK GOGI! Hope those babies come soon, happy and healthy!

Anyway- if you haven't already- you have to pick up and read a copy of Unassisted Childbrth by Laura Shanley. Thank you, Laura!

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