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rianna's Avatar rianna 11:29 AM 08-09-2005
Hello everyone... can I join this thread?

I am due in just a few short weeks (sep 9th) and this will be my 2nd home birth and my third child. I have 2 daughters and this will be my third and last daughter/child. My oldest is 12 so she was a hospital birth.... my sencond is 3 and was born in Hawaii. This one will be born in good old PA and we will see how it goes. I dont have much ready. I am in a place of limbo and change. I live with my MIL and have a room.... but no room for anything as far as furniture goes. My last birth was long and hard and I am hoping for an eaiser time but if this one comes out anything like Aurora I will be lucky.

Good luck to all of you.....

Aka mommy's Avatar Aka mommy 03:00 PM 08-10-2005
Hi all! IT is so uplifting and reassuring to be able to read about all the other homebirthing momma's out there! So i thought i'd join the thread.

I am due October 24th-ISH with my 2nd child. My first daughter was born in october of 2003 in a hossy and it was a horrible experience. We chose a homebirth because i know without doctor interference my body will be able to do this birth in a manner that both DH and I are more comfortable with!! We are so excited to give birth in our home surrounded by family and our loving midwives. IT is all so new to me and im still learning about the field but it about blew my socks off when my midwives spent an hour and 15 mins with me at my first appt and every one since. And we knew it was the perfect fit when they hugged us both goodbye!!!

Thank you all for being here and lending support on a subject that is not very well supported for us-

Momma to lyssa 10/03 and jellybean octoberish 2005
kb225's Avatar kb225 07:09 PM 08-12-2005
Please add me to the list. This will be our 5th baby and 1st homebirth.
Gunter's Avatar Gunter 03:10 AM 08-15-2005
I am currently preggo with my first babe due around the end of Nov. or whenever it's ready! Very excited to have a HB, not at all comfortable with the hospital/medical model of birth. It's not legal in NC but we have found such a great support group of others who have done it here. Have a MW and a doula and plan to use the aqua doula/water tub.

Didn't know much about birth, esp. HB seven months ago. It has been a wonderful exploration for us and we are totally stoked to experience/see this HB happen by the end of the year!
guitarmama's Avatar guitarmama 06:10 PM 08-16-2005
Hello! Heather here, due in Feb. This is my first pregnancy and I'm SO excited about homebirth. I've been reading Spiritual Midwifery (Ina May Gaskin) and The Birth Book (William and Martha Sears) and recomend both.
My dh has been getting "the talk" from all his male friends who have kids. You know, "there's so much that can go wrong", etc. Luckily, he's not been listening. Then there's my mother...I should not disclose so much to her. I tried to explain the legal (or illegal) situation of midwives in my state (the practicing med w/o a licence bull sh*t), and now she thinks I'm doing something illegal. Sometimes it's better to keep you mouth shut!!!
teachinmaof3's Avatar teachinmaof3 06:58 PM 08-16-2005
Bad poster here. :

Just popping back in.

Do we want a new one?
I vote yes. That way I can try and keep up again. :LOL
phaeon's Avatar phaeon 09:29 PM 08-16-2005
Room for 1 more??

Jen here, excited about homebirthing baby #2. DD was born in the hospital 'cos we couldn't find a midwife that covered our area, but we learned enough beforehand to refuse most of the "necessary" stuff the hospital staff wanted to do and, in my humble opinion, saved ourselves from a c/s in the process. We're due again at the end of December and are looking forward to bringing our new baby into the world with Christmas tree lights instead of glaring fluorescent ones... Nice to meet you all!
russianthistle's Avatar russianthistle 12:51 PM 08-18-2005
I, too, would like to be included in this thread. I am expecting baby #1 somewhere in the middle of February...I'll say the 16th is a good edd.

I have had no plans other than to have a homebirth and the more I read, the more I feel like that is the most appropriate choice for me. Homebirth, where I live, is not as well-supported as it should be. Many people here just buy into the who OB-GYN practice of being told what to do throughout their pregnancies. I cannot stand for something as such...therefore, off the beaten path I go!

I am glad to see that I have support here!

Be groovy,
teachinmaof3's Avatar teachinmaof3 10:22 PM 08-18-2005
We're due again at the end of December and are looking forward to bringing our new baby into the world with Christmas tree lights instead of glaring fluorescent ones...
That sounds SO wonderful!!

Hi Erin
BennyPai's Avatar BennyPai 11:01 PM 08-18-2005
Hi everyone! EDD: 9/16/05 :
We had an intervention (even IV)-FREE hospital water birth in Lenoir, NC of all places with a CNM in 12/03. We weren't very impressed with the post-partum care, though - especially being bothered every 2 hours day and night to answer questions for nurses trying to fill out charts.

Now we have moved to the coast and the options are few. First I saw a female OB who informed me that she insists her patients be lying on the bed and strapped to a fetal heart monitor once 5 cm dilation is reached.

Not being impressed with our local hospital or the practicing CNM there, we've opted for the illegal homebirth . And we're sooooo excited!!!!!!
We have the opportunity to make our own decisions and enjoy the ultimate comfort. I can't wait!
RachelGS's Avatar RachelGS 11:26 PM 08-18-2005
Jumping in, too! I'm due 10/26 with my second baby. My first was born in a birth center, and this will be my first homebirth. It's a kind of last-minute change in plans, but I'm excited!
2+twins's Avatar 2+twins 11:43 PM 08-18-2005
Hi - add me to the list! Mid-April EDD (choosing not to know the date). This will be our 3rd child & 3rd homebirth!
marieandchris's Avatar marieandchris 01:39 AM 08-19-2005
Count me in here too.

I'm due October 4th with my second: 1st was a section due to breech presentation very late in the game AND I lost all my fluid at 38 weeks mysteriously. ANYHOOO...

This one, if she stays vertex, will be born at home away from the craziness of the hospital. I'm very very excited, although she keeps flipping (one week breech, the next vertex...) Wish me luck.

Saphron's Avatar Saphron 03:14 PM 08-19-2005
hey ladies,

this will be our second homebirth. the first one was great, beautiful and long. but peaceful. Our first one was in geogia where the law is not completly on your side. Now we live in colorado and have 2 wonderful midwives. One with 25 years of experiance and the other with 15.

I was born at home 25 years ago in colorado and the one with more experiance actually used to work with the woman who caught me. Small world. I am excited about this new adventure in my life. Any advice out there with having your older child around? I think it will be a wonderful experiance for him. Just some feedback from those who have already been through it would be helpful. We are due Dec 27th 5more months to go

Sleepymama's Avatar Sleepymama 03:16 PM 08-19-2005
Any advice out there with having your older child around? I think it will be a wonderful experiance for him.
Would like this advice too, esp. for toddler/preschool aged kids.
MelissaEvans's Avatar MelissaEvans 04:05 PM 08-19-2005
Saphron, where abouts are you? I'm newish to CO and just found out that some of the MDC mommies get together every-other Saturday at Central Park. Tomorrow, actually. There's a thread for it in the Find Your Tribe area. =)

As for having toddlers at the birth, I plan to have DS with me when this one comes along. From what I've read and people I've talked to, preparing the child is very important with videos and books. And having someone there to act as the child's doula, to explain what's going on and leave with the child if the child doesn't want to be there. My MW specifically asked that we have someone there for DS. The kid doula has to be prepared that s/he isn't there to watch the birth, but to take care of your DC and that may mean leaving exactly when things are getting "good".
honeybee's Avatar honeybee 06:50 PM 08-19-2005
I think it might be time for a new thread, too!

We've hired our midwife, and I have my first prenatal appointment on Sept. 9th. I'm very excited about our midwife. She teaches a birth class for her homebirth parents in their last trimester, so we can meet other homebirthing couples. So cool!
Baby Hopes's Avatar Baby Hopes 06:54 PM 08-19-2005
Started a new thread! Click here.
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