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Busymommy3's Avatar Busymommy3 08:28 AM 12-02-2002
My family lives in a large house, but it ended up that all the neighbors were practically pounding down the door at 8 am. Jude was born at 3:30 am, but I was outside walking with dh for a large part of the labor. I say labor like nobody is listening!

3 little birds's Avatar 3 little birds 02:44 PM 12-06-2002
Our home VBAC waterbirth was in our daughters' tiny 8x10 bedroom in our tiny 796 sq ft house (with very close neighbors on a BUSY street). A friend watched my twins in the living room while my husband and I moved from our teeny bathroom to the tub in the girls room. Then the midwife and my friend came in (midwife's assistant didn't make it in time) and baby was born in the water. I got out of the tub right into the girls' bed and nursed and delivered the placenta.
It was cozy and convienient!
I was worried the twins would be alarmed by the noise I made but apparently they didn't even notice!
RainCityMama's Avatar RainCityMama 05:44 PM 12-14-2002
I too had a Home VBAC waterbirth just 7 weeks ago and I would choose to do it no other way!

Being at home was absolutely magical, I felt so comfortable and I know my body worked much better being in it's own environment.
Our neighbors were all waiting on pins and needles to see what we had because they all saw our birth tub being delivered and they KNEW I must be in labor - That said we own a 1906 craftsman that is in a constant state of remodel but it's ours and way cozier than a unfamilear location like in my first birth -
I acatually enjoyed being in labor for my homebirth.

I say go for a home birth if that's where you will be most comfortable, once you're in labor you will love the freedom that being at home brings and if you already have little ones it's SO much nicer - in our case our toddler played with my mom all day while I labored then witnessed his baby sister being born, then we had a celebration meal and we all hopped into our OWN big bed and were all snuggled up and sleeping by 10pm! For him it was a great day and such an easy transition to big brotherhood!

Good luck and congratulations!
JesseMomme's Avatar JesseMomme 03:50 AM 12-24-2002
I live in a modest two bedroom apt. and at first worried about neighbors "hearing" me. But living here after I while I realized that the walls were pretty thick, and I spent most of my labor in the bathroom and my bedroom, my bedroom is all outside walls and shares a wall with the other bedroom. The bathroon shares a wall wtih the other apt but luckily the person living there had moved out a month prior so it was vacant. I had also stopped worrying about it because when the guy did live there he was laid back and cool.

In other words I trusted that it would all work out in the end and it did. All of my other nieghbors assumed I had the baby in the hospital! LOL. (I Just let them go on assuming)
sevenkids's Avatar sevenkids 01:31 AM 12-25-2002
For my first 2 I lived in one room in a 3 bedroom house shared with dp's 2 sisters and their kids........
For 3,4,5, and 6, I lived in my own house, with several neighbors on all sides. I had all my babies in the middle of the day, so people were walking up and down the street and everyone saw my midwife come.......I labored with the windows wide open, and in the yard, and up and down the street...........my neighbors saw me and asked about my progress.......they sat on their front porches waiting to hear the news........after, they told me they heard the baby's first cry.
applejuice's Avatar applejuice 02:19 AM 12-25-2002
What a wonderful way to come into the world, sevenkids! To be welcomed at all stages of delivery by the neighborhood.
EmmaJean's Avatar EmmaJean 05:13 AM 12-30-2002
Oh, I love this thread! So cool to hear all the places you ladies have given birth. Ours is a decent-sized house, so I can't really add to the conversation on that part--sorry! But I just wanted to say to XM that IT IS GREAT to have options! That's what it's all about, isn't it? For women to be informed about their options and then make their own choices. So go for it, whatever you decide! It sounds like things will go fast, so who knows. You may be at home for it all, no matter what! But that jaccuzi tub does sound WONDERFUL! I borrowed a friend's pool and we had it in the living room, and boy was that the BEST thing EVER! But I was in and out of it the whole time b/c it really slowed my labor down, and after 12+ hours, that's NOT what was needed. But I did take a long hot shower during transition, or at least part of it, and that was just amazing. And I was sitting on the birth ball too which helped. So many options and ideas and wisdom those midwives have! I would be lost in Labor Land forever without them!

Best wishes, and you should do what feels right for you at the moment, no matter what the neighbors think, as long as you're comfortable. But if you're really self-concious about the noises you're making and who may or may not be hearing them, then you won't be comfortable...KWIM? And if you're nto comfortable at home, you may as well be in a hospital bed.

Anyway, happy birthing!


PS OT to ScerenityScott. I just wanted to say that even though someone else delivered your baby, you still *birthed* her, or at least that's how I feel. You didn't get to make many choices at that point since she decided to come early. But you are the one who carried her for all those months and made the placenta to sustain her and had the belly that she was born from. I have no idea what it's like to have a c-section, but it seems like it can be so disempowering, but it was still your daughter's BIRTH, not her "section", right?! I hope one day you will find the birth of your first daughter to be empowering in some way, instead of so sad. And I so hope that this next baby's birth will be positive and empowering for you, enough to help heal a bit more from your first birth experience. It is so wonderful to hear the sweet stories of mom's who have had homebirth VBAC's! Truly amazing. I hope I haven't stepped on any toes, SS. Just trying to encourage. Love, Emily
crayon's Avatar crayon 08:45 PM 02-16-2003
I was looking at old post and came across yours, I live in an apartment flat- I own it so they can’t complain to anyone else but me. But, still we are remolding it and all the bedrooms are torn apart. We truly have only the living room/where our bed is and the bathroom and kitchen! We are planning on buying another house but that is only 2 weeks before my due date so we may have the baby in the apartment after all. I told my neighbors so if I do make noise then they will know why. I say leave your neighbor a note, and if you are lucky she may not even live there when the baby comes!!! But if she does, then you have let her know and who cares if she hears you, it is not like she has not kept you up before! And if she tells your landlord, I think they will understand and sympathize with you! You may even want to inform your landlord prior to the due date. It is well worth it! Enjoy your birth- when you have it!!
hotmamacita's Avatar hotmamacita 10:44 PM 02-16-2003
Yep, I birthed twins in the living room of our small apartment. It was wonderful.

Our neighbors below us called about an hour after the babies were born to say congrats. Seems they came home from work and hear the new babies cry.

I am sure that our other neighbors heard me. Our apartment is the first one when you come in the front door. The twins were born on a Friday night and I am sure that many, many of our single neighbors heard the REALITY of labour. I did not even think of it and we had a small note on the door. "Do not disturb. Birth in progress."

It was great to be able to shower and crawl into my bed with my hubby and babies.
Ravin's Avatar Ravin 06:44 PM 02-18-2003
I plan on having mine at home, and I'll be living in an apartment (not the same one I'm in now, though).

I just thought I'd point out that the neighbors might as well hear you birthing. Even if they don't, they'll hear the baby cry from time to time, and you can hardly be given a black mark on your rental record or ticketed for disturbing the peace for that!

For me, it's all about being where I'm comfortable. Hospitals make me uncomfortable, hotel rooms make me uncomfortable, and I assume a birthing center will as well (because it's not MY space), therefore I'd much rather be at home.
moonglowmama's Avatar moonglowmama 02:44 AM 02-19-2003
Dh and I were commenting about this earlier today. We had ds at home 2 years ago and the neighbors did call once, but afterwards, when they realized they actually acted proud that a baby was born so close to them. Also, we had a sign out in front of our house for something like a month to announce to the world that our son was born at home.

Lately, when the neighborhood walkers have gone past when we're outside playing, several have commented, "oh, he's so big- I remember when he was boorn, " etc. Having babies at home builds community- they get to feel part of something miraculous.

The other thing I wanted to add about space is that if you read Michel Odent's book, "birth reborn" he says that a lot of women gravitate to giving birth in a small space- it feels comfortable. I for one, gave birth in my tiny bathroom, although I had been planning on the bedroom or living room.
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