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Homebirth > Lotus birth anyone?
indigolilybear's Avatar indigolilybear 03:02 AM 06-30-2002
hi lovinglife.

here's what *we* did...
I could of course still do lots of skin to skin. it's a little trickier as the cord dries since it's stiff but entirely possible. you just must carry the placenta too....some people have wrapped it up and kept it on the baby. don't know if this is a good idea but it is an idea.

we just followed the directions in Jeannine Parvati Baker's Lotus birth packet (you can order it from www.freestone.org) where you wait for the blood to congeal, wash it off a little and then place in a colander on something absorbant (we used a diaper) and sprinkled it w/sea salt. it was open for a while to dry out...you basically want everything to dry out as fast as possible. we resalted it only a couple of times during the first day i believe.

good luck!

lovinmama's Avatar lovinmama 08:19 PM 06-30-2002
Hey lovinglife,
We had a lotus birth in January, this is what we did-
after the birth the placenta was in a bowl until I got all
comfy and situated in bed. About 3 or so hours PP we
drained the placenta and patted it dry
wrapped the placenta in a couple diapers, and that was it.
I layed in bed naked with my little one almost continuously
for 3 days until the cord separated. We changed the
diapers once a day and sprinkled some rosemary and
lavendar on the placenta. We had plenty of skin to skin
and when the cord started to dry it did get harder to move him around but it did not seem to matter since we mostly laid there
together either him on the bed and me on my side, or him on my
belly. It was great!

oh yeah the placenta we just kept on the bed next to the baby
all wrapped up
lovinmama's Avatar lovinmama 08:22 PM 06-30-2002
how come my posts always look so funny?
never really a paragraph, to much space between
:-) Racheal
CrunchyGranolaMom's Avatar CrunchyGranolaMom 12:22 AM 07-01-2002
Cool! Thanks, ladies. Did either of you try "molding" the cord? I read online about one family saying that if they knew how brittle the cord would become, they would have put it to dry in a better position (I believe the way they had the cord it was pulling a little on their baby). It seems like maybe looping it up on the abdomen would be good, if it's long enough....

Also, Racheal, is something special involved in "draining the placenta" or was it just taking it out of the drainer? I feel so clueless!

Lastly, what was the reaction of your healthcare provider? (at the birth, and also your baby's ped)

Thank you!!!!!
indiegirl's Avatar indiegirl 01:56 AM 07-01-2002
I know what they are, but won't be having one. Sounds really interesting, but not my cup of tea.
indigolilybear's Avatar indigolilybear 02:23 AM 07-01-2002
hi lovinglife

we didn't try to mold it, though w/subsequent births, i might be a litte more careful. though I don't know how much more I could really do, aside from looping it up.....

as for what our practioners thought, we didn't really have any. we did a freebirth....no one else really there. actually we took him in around ten days old cuz i was concerned about his breathing....and i believe i told her what we did...it'd already fallen off obviously...she didn't really seemed shocked, just said his belly button looked great...but this is someone that knew how we were birthing because I had come in to see her early preg. cuz of back pain and had told her that I didn't need a referal to a dr. LOL.

anyway, i had a friend in SD who had a HBAC/lotus birth w/second child and the midwife didn't say anything. I doubt you'd be able to get a traditional OB to go along w/it..but who knows?

i would think that most "alternative" practioners might be open to it. in my experience, if you seem set and confident, they leave you alone. i really expected to get challenged more than i did by people re: the birth and lotus birth....but didn't get too much flack. in fact, most people thought it was interesting and were supportive. and even my RN mother didn't argue the lotus birth part, just the birth part!!! though i remember her saying re: the pix we sent them...."is that his *placenta* still attached to him??"
lovinmama's Avatar lovinmama 04:22 PM 07-01-2002
By draining, I meant just draining the birth blood, amniotic fluid ect that had collected in the placenta bowl... nothing fancy.
We kind of tried to mold the cord to where we thought it would be the most comfortable for baby and us.
When I was in midwifery school we had a midwife teaching from a freestanding birth center who said that she had just been with a lady who had a lotus birth and they transported to the hospital during labor. The nurses and everyone else did not know what to think but her pediatrition was fine with it so they were too. I thought it was odd though because I was the doula for a woman who gave birth at the same hospital and they had a fit just about her taking her placenta home with her.
lovinmama's Avatar lovinmama 04:57 PM 07-07-2002
I had a lotus birth, and would do it again!
USAmma's Avatar USAmma 01:00 AM 07-28-2002
I don't want to offend, but I'm just wondering what's so natural about a lotus birth? I read in detail Mango Mamma's info on it and also read a few personal stories on websites. All mammals that I know of chew the cord off soon after birth and some even eat the placenta. I've never heard of any mammal having her young attached to the placenta until it fell off on its own. I like the idea of having a period of isolation with a new baby (we had one with ours), but then there's the danger of the cord getting stiff and if you move the baby and not the cord it can pull on the tummy and cause injury to the baby. Or so I've read.

Also, is this a new thing or have their been documented cases of it being practiced in certain tribes or whatever?

indigolilybear's Avatar indigolilybear 07:49 PM 07-28-2002
USAmma--this idea had been raised in the other lotus birth thread previously.

Obviously, this brings into question the idea of "natural". It's hard to argue that something is natural....however I do really believe it is more gentle.
I would say that just because other mammals do not do it does not mean it's not beneficial to babe and family. We are not in the wild, in comparison to other mammals, as you pointed out. no predator is going to smell our blood, etc.

I think that there are some monkeys that actually do this.. but i can't remember where i read this. i will post if i come up with it.

it is basically just a furthering of the idea of gentle treatment. no violence done to the child, giving them the imprint of being able to let things go on their own, not being rushed by their parents.

Many believe that it is a subtle energy we are dealing with.

also, this brings into question the "honor" of the father cutting the cord...but as i said, the other lotus birth tread had extensive response to this idea so i won't repeat.

as far as it being new, Jeannine Parvati Baker started talking about lotus birth around the late 70's I believe. I have no idea prior to that.

and all i can say, that for our family, it was amazing and spiritual time. it did have it's difficulties, but i don't think i'd ever be able to cut or have cut a baby's cord in the future. and i have to say, ds seems to have benefited from it, as did we.
USAmma's Avatar USAmma 06:01 PM 07-29-2002
Thanks for your thoughtful answer. I think it's a nice idea with the sort-of forced retreat time where mother and baby and daddy nest and ease the baby into the world.

greensmile's Avatar greensmile 03:44 AM 07-30-2002
Claire Day actually introduced the idea of Lotus Birth to Jeanine Parvati Baker, who popularized it. Claire didn't cut anything with knives, only shredded her veggies etc.. Anyway she was killed by a falling tree the day my son was born. (She was told to remove the tree and didn't.) We lived about a mile away, very windy and rainy day. He was a lotus baby. He loved his cord, and would hold it while he nursed. She had gotten the idea from her travels among indigenous people somewhere, I believe. (Mexico?) I think it helps a child be more sensitive and open to the "spiritual" or psychic realms. We wrapped his in rosemary, myrhh, goldenseal and sage. No smell and it hardened into a "cake". When he was 3 he threw it into a pit for a cherry tree we planted. It was a fun conversation piece while we still had it!
indigolilybear's Avatar indigolilybear 08:11 AM 07-30-2002
did you know her? just curious.
how sad she died on your son's bday. i only didn't go into her part in lotus birth so as not to complicate the story....you're right, she did introduce JPB to it, as descirbed in the packet and Hygieia.

i am also interested in reading the lotus birth book out (haven't saved up enough yet...) has anyone read it? JPB always talks highly of it.
greensmile's Avatar greensmile 04:13 AM 08-11-2002
I was planning to meet her as we lived so close and other friends got info on lotus birth from her , but I ended up on bedrest for 7 weeks.
candiland's Avatar candiland 05:41 PM 08-12-2002
No, I wouldn't want one. Sounds fascinating, but it's definitely not for me
Especially since I take my kids to their ped. two to three days postpartum for a general assessment.
luvinlivin's Avatar luvinlivin 01:35 AM 09-27-2002
I feel that to put this beautiful organ into an incinerator is nothing less than a tragedy.

Our culture doesn't revere much and definitely doesn't see the placenta as the AMAZING thing she is! An organ who grows just for the purpose of the baby - unbelievable! Grows and then, when her times is done, she fades away.

My placenta was the first one to feed my baby. And for that alone, I think that the placenta deserves a heck of a lot better than to be discarded as they are in hospital. Much less ripped out of women's wombs. (sigh)

Our Lotus Birth was wonderful. I wept when I examined my placenta - it was SO beautiful! To think that it was she who was there with my sweet babe all those months - I wonder if he even nestled against her in my womb for comfort?

Chimpanzees (who have 98% of the same DNA as we do) wait for the birth cord to fall away, i.e. lotus birth.

I think other cultures 'get it' much more when it comes to a philosophy around the placenta. I believe we have much to learn, or perhaps, much to remember in this Amerikan way of birthing...
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