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Time for a birth story and a baby story and an autism story....

Well, I got up at 3:00am Friday morning Nov 2 to watch the C-span special on the NVIC... Yes, I did watch most of it. Untill 5:20am. Then I went and took a shower. After a 10 minute shower - labor began in earnest! Now, I had not had a contraction in over 10 hours. But, when it started ... a minute later I had another contraction. I called 911 during the third contraction which directly followed the second. I yelled at the stupid dispatcher asking me stupid questions when we DO have the enhansed 911 system! Anyway, poor Lucy.

I got of the phone - phoned a freind during #4. Told her to get her fuzzy butt off that mountain I was having this baby now.

I went to kitchen got the bulb seringe, and a peice of shoe lace and the bandage scizzors. I walked down the hall grabbed a couple of towells and walked back to the living room during another contraction. Spread a sleeping bag out on the floor. I layed down as Daniel came out of his room. I told him to get his sister (age 14) up, and he just layed down beside me and asked if I was sick. I told him No, I was having a baby. and the baby was coming down the canal at this point. I reached my hand down and felt the baby crown and said "God, I hope that's a head." As my daughter came out of her room.... I got her to open the window in the living room. And the baby slid gently out!!!

Daniel watched the whole thing, so did Melissa. I picked him up rapped him in a towell. Suctioned his nose a little and he started to cry!!! I continued rubbing his back and my friend came in followed by the rescue squad.

Pushing the placenta out hurt! They tied and cut the coard. I went to the closest hospital (not the one I was susposed to go to...) I just thought I would go in be checked out and leave. No sence In driving 45 miles when the other one was closer. Well, on the way over, I let my fellow nurse. He was doing great.

Luckily, I did go to the hospital. I almost didn't. Becuase of him being over due (my third one over due and one of them much later)... well anyway, he had a bowell movement inside me and during the delivery aspirated some of that tarry stuff into his lungs.

They had to transport him to the NIC unit at the other hospital. One of the other ones in Charlottesville, but not the one I was to go to.

He was/is a sick little boy. This stuff causes collapsing of the lungs and allowws very little oxygen exchange to happen in the lungs.

I got out of the hospital at 4:00pm. And was at the NICU by 7:00. They had my babe attached to all kinds of equipment to help him breath, and drugs.

I couldn't even hold him. I couldn't nurse him. He knew my voice and everytime he hears me he fights all of his equipment.

I went home after 10 so, he could rest. I was still on an adrenoline high! I found it very hard to sleep and called the hospital several times. They called me and told me that they had put him on a ventilator and drugged my babe even more.

I was in saturday. most of the afternoon just sitting there. watching my babe. And sunday, he was doing some better. Resting better. But still got agitaed when he hurd me talk, and kept fighting the equipment and trying to stay awake. I had to leave.

Breast pumping has been interesting. I'm actually getting some. I need my babe with me. I need to hold him.

My four year daughter Michelle named him Thomas Edison... (leave it to a babe) and I let Thomas stick, still havent decided on a middle name yet.

When I went in this morning... he was off one of his machines!!! They have dropped his oxygen amount from 90% to 54 %.... He's getting better. They even had him cleaner. He TOLERATED it this morning!! Without a drop in blood/oxygen levels!!! WONDERFUL news.

But, he still fights the stuff when he hears me. I can't let him do that. It is so hard for me to leave, but I know rest is the best thing for him. All I have to do is question one of the nurses. But, he was alot calmer today when I was in. And I kind of kradled him in my hands for a while.

He is doing so much better!!!!

He weighed 7 pounds 2 ounces at birth and now weighs 7.9 and is 19 inches. All other organs healthy and functionin well without any assistance. He is under heat lamps because with all of the equipment they wont clothe him. Nice healthy little guy. Has blond hair - almost white!!!

Now, I did have my blood work checked. I do not have hep B, and my measles titre is immune. It is ALL OVER his charts NOT to give this babe HEP B. A few have asked. I HAVE PLAINY STATED NO NO NO!!!!


Had Daniels Tri-annual today! He no LONGER meats the diagnostic criteria on the CARS scale to be classified at having AUTISM@!!!!!! He is now only "developmentally delayed".... YEAH!!! His iep team has stated and has it on their records that he is receiving "medical intervention" (ie: chelation) and that he has progressed so much in the last year that they are all trully amazed! They have NEVER seen a child improve so dramatically in such a short period of time.

He still qualifies for ALL services at the current levels. But will be receiving more speach at their request. I said "Go for it".

Nov 22 news. My baby is hoome... doing wonderful and adored by us all....
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Wow what a great story!
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Hi Stacie,
I had been thinking of you while the boards were down.
Congratulations on the new babe! I'm glad to hear he's doing so well.
And I'm glad your older son is doing so much better.
Hugs to you sweetie.
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wow that is an amazing story! thanks for sharing.
It makes me think of my own birth story. I was wanting to have a home birth but after 3 days labor I ended up in the hospitol with an iv of pitocin to get my contractions strong enough to open. And since my baby was 3 1/2 weeks overdue she also had meconium but the doctors suctioned her lungs right away. I thought the doctors were just being paranoid when they suctioned her out and i was actually kindof mad because they took her away from me but I guess things like that do happen. it makes me think there was a reason for me to go to the hospitol and that i did not labor in vain!
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