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Hi there,
I'm new (been reading but only now a member). I'm 37 weeks and due October 31st. We are having a homebirth and this will be my first child. I was rather confident up until recently and I'm really starting to get nervous about managing the pain, whether or not i have everything i need and now come to find out my inlaws are showing up this weekend and have yet to say when they are leaving.. Fortunetly they are staying in their RV in the yard!
So i have my Birth kit, I have the Aqua doula set up we just have to do a test run, I have all new linens washed and bagged to keep sanitary, I have all the babies clothes washed, and i have bought and washed 5 white towels.

Can anyone suggest what they found to be an essential while they were birthing or the days following?
Also, Am I nuts for having a natural birth at home for my first time?
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First off, no your not nuts at all for having your first baby at home. I had all my kids at home and I'm so glad I didn't have to experience an ok or bad birth before having a great experience.

The things I like to have on hand are chux pads, towels, wash clothes, something to protect the mattress (if you're birthing there) and pads for afterwards. Clothes and diapers for the baby. Frozen meals for the next week or so are also nice to have on hand. It sounds like you have everything you really need.

Relax, everything will go fine. Wishing you a wonderful birth.

Rachel , wifey to best friend Karl ,
SAHM to Kaelan (11) Chandra (9) Liam (7) Lachlan (5) Killian (4),Riordan (1), Baby Boy EDD 11/14. All born at home!

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dried comfrey root (use in a hot bath, after giving birth, it helps with the pain and swelling).
arnica montana homeopathic tablets also help with swelling and bruising, as well as pain.
I froze maxipads and put them in my underwear, ahhhh it felt so good!
Lots of Dermoplast and Tucks pads (put em in your undies)
Peri bottle (put warm water inside and squirt entire vaginal/anal area after EVERY urination or bm).
Chux pads
Crockpot (either for food to eat after or to warm up wash cloths).
Good music, good candles(or insense, etc)
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you're absolutely sane!
as i approached my edd, i was nervous about the pain too. have you read ina may gaskins Giude To Childbirth? if not, please read it promptly!

it was by far the best book on labor & birth i have ever read. it really prepares your mind for the experience of labor & birth. i appreciated the section on sphincters. they do not obey commands. example: can you poop on command or when someone is watching you? i sure can't and don't know of anybody else who can either. we need privacy and the right time to do that. the same goes for birth.

as for supplies, you have all the basics and more. the pp had great suggestions. it's good to have some homeopathic remedies on hand as well. also, try to have some bland, nutritional snacks around during labor. they can give you a boost and a much needed distraction between contractions. i really liked organic peanut butter cookies!
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i forgot to mention another thing that really put me at ease.

i was insatiably curious about what EXACTLY happens PHYSICALLY during labor. once i understood the process i felt a lot of fear and trepidation leave me.

during labor i would think about what was happening to my body and why i was feeling certain things. it helped me to stay calm. i KNEW what was happening. i didn't feel worried that there was something wrong.

i also kept telling myself " my body will labor naturally" and i just thought of my body guiding me along!

hope that helps and good luck! having a baby is the most exciting thing that a woman can do!
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my midwife gave me a list of what to have on hand in the way of birth supplies.

btw: i'm a first timer planning a homebirth too.
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I think it is totally up to you. My midwife gave me a list of "suggestions". The rest was up to me.

We are planning an unhindered birth (midwife here but mama birthing baby unassisted)

So far, I have:

Silver water for clean up and to use as anticeptic (my dad makes it for me)

Purchased online from
birth certicifate
bulb syringe
2 cord tapes
foot imprinter delux
2 gauze trays 4x4/10
box of gloves
unbleached nb hat
pink newborn hat
2 peri bottles (one for each bathroom)
2 peri cold packs
3 mesh panty
retractable measuring tape
ultrasound gel for doppler
2 under chux 23x36
witch hazel 16oz
After ease tincture
digital scale
sling for scale
goldenseal powder
labor enhancer tincture
liquid chlorophyll
Placenta out
shepards purse
special sitz bath herbs
smooth transitions tincture
New Mothers healing balm
pink born at home tshirt
white born at home tshirt
waterbirth net

Have at home already:
large stash of cloth dipes
mama cloth
tons of washclothes
crock pot
heating pad
rice socks that can be warmed
dryer to heat blankets and towels in
tons of towels
receiving blankets
warm socks
music and cd player
extra batteries for back up
tv remote close to bed
shower curtain for under top layer of sheets
extra set of sheets
trash bags
laundry baskets
tripod for cameras
video cam, extra tapes, charger, plug in
digital cam, extra batteries, charger for batteries
prefolds to use as pads fir immediately after birth
bendy straws
grapefruit seed extract incase of infection
2 person tub dh put in for me
bowl for placenta
witch hazel pads
bleach on hand (only use once ibn a while as needed)
cotton balls
comfy clothing for me
baby outfits ready and organized
plug in room heater on hand
lots of pillows
phone #'s list
slings/pouches/wraps ready to go
tea leaves (red raspberry, peppermint, nettle, alfalfa)
Mothers milk tea
olive oil
hydrogen peroxide
rubbing alcohol

Still gathering/purchasing:
nursing pillow
comfrey tea
bottles water
goody bags for other three children (one for each day after the 3 days or so with dollar store gifts, big bro/sis shirts, snacks, activities, etc)
birth ball if I can replace the plug that I lost
Burt Bee milk lotion
mattress pad?
extra shower curtain?
epsom salts
comfort items for me (pictures of my family)
rice socks as heating pads if needed
car seat
fast thermometer w/ wraps
baby gentle soap(Dr Bronners)
underwater camera

That is all I can think of....

It really is your time. Gather what YOU need to make you feel comfortable, supported, and safe. You do not NEED anything really. Just you and your baby.....all this stuff is extras so do not stress!

Have fun getting ready!

Mama to 10 so far:Mother of Joey (23), Dominick (15), Abigail (13), Angelo (10), Mylee (8), Delainey (6), Colton (4), ID girls Dahniella and Nicolette (2 in July), and Baby 10 coming sometime in July 2015.
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AngelBee is don't really NEED anything. You definitely don't NEED baby hats or bulb syringes! You need towels, good food and a trust in your body and your baby.
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Lots of towels
lots of washcolths, great for perineal compresses, wiping stuff up, and as post partum pads and brest pads

I also had LOTS of prefolds. They are soft and absorbent, and ahve a million uses.
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Essential for having a homebith would be: a pregnant woman.

Stuff I am glad I had, and was really all I put to use: my bathtub, towels (just our usuals), plastic sheet for the bed, my partner as support person.

Oh, and have a bowl handy for the placenta, I had to send my partner to the kitchen to find one after I'd already pushed it out (then we were like, hmmm..what to do with this? Haha...quite the easy going affair , and scissors if you plan on cutting the cord.

I don't think you're nuts, I think good for you!
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I love St. Johns Wort oil mixed with a carrier oil for postpartum bum healing.

I like having a straw to drink my water from during labor.

And I love having good music that inspires me and a birth ball and a yoga bolster pillow to squat on.

I had a homebirth with my first and wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

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oh yeah, a placenta bowl comes in really handy, or a big ziploc, or a garbage bag, or something.
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your right breast, your left breast, dh and maybe a water bottle with warm-ish water in it for squirting on your yoni while you pee. all the rest is extra.

"Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this, too, was a gift." -- Mary Olivercoolshine.gif

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That's right! My midwife told me all I need is breasts to feed the baby, arms to hold her and some blankets...of course diapers are nice too!

There are some things I had that I think were helpful but haven't ever done with out either:

My favorite affirmation: "My cervix is opening and my body knows how to give birth." (That's not the exact one but something like it. Hang it on you wall but don't use it until 38 weeks.)
goldenseal is great for the umbilical cord; apply with a q-tip
Bach's Rescue Remedy found at natural food stores; for mom's anxiety
Flannel backed tablecloths to put around, under the tub
I used a healing salve with comfrey for my perineal area. "Scuff" was gone in a few days.

You'll do great! I had worries and the pain is significant but my midwife was there with the right comfort when she knew I needed it, yours will be too. Even when they had to "help" the baby along and break my water I was totally at peace and comfortable and that's not my typical nature...But you'll know when everything is okay.
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