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ani'smommy's Avatar ani'smommy 04:49 PM 03-20-2007
I'm about 17 wks pregnant now, and at my appointment with my midwife, yesterday, she said that my uterus was measuring big, and that I might want to consider an ultrasound.

I'm first if all not sure what an ultrasound would show, except maybe twins, but I'm not THAT big. And secondly, the only thing that it would acomplish would be to push my EDD up, which I don't want, since I'm sure of my dates.

Is there anything else that an ultrasound would show? Does "measuring big" actually mean anything? Or just that the baby is growing faster than usual?

My uterus is almost at my belly button -- which apparently is normal for more like 20 weeks. She says it looks like I'm about a week and a half to two weeks ahead.

ashleep's Avatar ashleep 04:58 PM 03-20-2007
I always heard it was considered normal for 2nd time moms to measure ahead by about 2 weeks.

I was measuring 2 wks ahead until about 14 weeks and MW never said a word. Actually she said it was likely because my body 'remembered' what to do so everything was going ahead and getting out of the way for the uterus. lol Your body doesn't have to work as hard to stretch everything out (ligaments, abs).

What does your intuition say?
ani'smommy's Avatar ani'smommy 05:06 PM 03-20-2007
I feel pretty fine. I'm not worried about it at all, and don't really feel particularly big. I was kind of surprised when she mentioned it actually.

Yeah, I thought I had heard that second timer measure a little ahead.

I was just wondering if there was anything else to be worried about. GD maybe? I do feel fine, though.
kerikadi's Avatar kerikadi 05:18 PM 03-20-2007
The only way I would consent to a U/S if I measured 4+ weeks ahead for consecutive months. Anybody can measure big at any given time. I wouldn't give it another thought.

AugustLia23's Avatar AugustLia23 05:28 PM 03-20-2007
I was 13 weeks at my 1st midwife appt and measuring "big"(a few cm bigger than they would expect at 13 weeks), she said it was likely because it was not my first pregnancy.

I did have an U/S for an unrelated reason last Thursday and guess what. 1 healthy baby, measuring big, and it pushed up my OB back-up's due date for me. Of course I am 100% sure of my dates b/c I used IUI's to get pregnant, but what do I know?!?

If you are sure about your dates and are only measuring a few cm "ahead", I wouldn't think twice about it.
ABand3's Avatar ABand3 05:45 PM 03-20-2007
I think the only other thing an ultrasound might show, other than twins, would be a BIG fibroid.

I had the same situation in pg#2 - at about 18 weeks I measured 22 weeks; midwife was not too concerned, I was not, but DH was nervous about twins, so I had an ultrasound. No twins, no fibroid or anything else unusual, and babe only measured a couple of days bigger than my dates. I still measured big at subsequent visits, but less of a difference each time. I also typically put on a whole lot of weight (like 10 pounds in a month) around month 4-5 in each of my pregnancies, and then it tapered off so overall my weight gain was average. I think it's ok for there to be a "growth spurt" in your fundal height and/or wieght gain, as long as over the course of time it evens out.

Looking back, I would delay the ultrasound and see if growth evened out; if not, an ultrasound can always be done later if there's a quesiton of twins.
ani'smommy's Avatar ani'smommy 05:53 PM 03-20-2007
Thanks, all. Either way, we won't do anything for another month or so. I'm confident about my dates, and the midwife understood my concern for not wanting to change due dates based on an ultrasound, so I think we'll be fine.

DH almost fell over when I mentioned twins. I'm sure there aren't two in there, though.
sanguine_speed's Avatar sanguine_speed 07:28 PM 03-20-2007
I am 16 weeks and am measuring above my belly button. But I did have an u/s at 7 weeks so we're sure. Just throwing that out to say it can be normal to be measuring much bigger than expected.
kristen1978's Avatar kristen1978 06:29 AM 03-21-2007
ani'smommy --

First, your umbilicus isn't necessarily 20cms from your pubis, which means that you may be measuring closer to your gestation. Also, this early, it's not always totally obvious where the fundus is . . . even for an experienced midwife (especially if you have decent abs). And lastly, to even suspect anything out of the ordinary, you would have to measure above (or below) your gestation by 2 cms for a few months. No worries, mama!
ladybugchild77's Avatar ladybugchild77 06:07 PM 03-21-2007
I measured big with both my babies and just had big kids! Like all the pp said - you should be fine. (As a side note - I had u/s with both dd's to check and make sure there were no twins since my Dad is a twin) HTH and congrats on the new one(s) on the way!