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TwilightDance 03-26-2002 07:21 PM

Preggo with my first -and living in NJ -

Miss candiland rocks- she has inspired me to seek out my birth experience i rightfully deserve as a woman ... love you sister!!

shes the only one i know personally who has done this with her first -
unfortunately i live in NJ - and from reading other posts- it seems to be pretty hairy trying to get around the states laws ...

does anyone have any recommendations for a midwife?I live in the Jersey Shore area (Ocean County)

also - im trying to do this with much grumbling from my mom - (who BTW is a paramedic)- and has 6 of her own ... Im trying to make her realize this is what I want- and I dont need the stress of hospitals(which i hate anyway)- and people poking me everywhere - rrrr!

Id really like to have the beautfiul experience I want - any resources / help in NJ someone can provide would be awesome

Thanks so much~*
In Love & light*

SagMom 03-26-2002 07:50 PM

I'm way up north, so unfortunately I can't help with a personal recommendation to a midwife, but check out this site:

I'm wondering what problems you've heard about with NJ laws?

Serenity 03-27-2002 12:34 PM

There was a thread here on the old boards about NJ home birth where lots of NJ moms were talking about their NJ home births. It is LEGAL to have a home birth here, there really shouldn't be any problems for you. I went to to search for NJ midwives. I'm not exactly sure where you are but I know there are midwives in Shrewsbury, NJ that do home births--BirthWise Midwifery Care. I think that's close to the shore. Her name is Gigi Blair, she is a CNM, and works with a CPM, Linda McHale. #732-747-1235. Hope that helps. Good luck with your home birth!

TwilightDance 03-27-2002 04:13 PM

thanks ya'll ~
the info sure helps Shrewsbury is only a half hour up the road- and ive heard good things from there as well I never knew they did home births though...

thats wonderful !

about the "laws" - i just heard from my mom- who works in 2 hospital systems here- that the area around where i live is very political and difficult to deal with if you dont go with what everyone else does ....

I just have a strong feeling - very strong- from my intuition telling me not to go to a hospital ~ *
thanks mammas*

Becca's momma 03-27-2002 09:28 PM

Hi Twilightdance--

I'm originally from Ocean County and now live in upstate NY---hope you hook up with a good team in the area. Just wanted you to know that my mom (a RN-who still lives there) doubted I could homebirth, but after helping deliver my dd here in NY, she believes in all the possibilities.

Good luck and keep us posted.


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