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Carolyn R's Avatar Carolyn R 06:19 PM 07-13-2008
This is my fourth pregnancy, and the baby dropped sometime slightly over a week ago. When I saw my midwife on Tuesday, she said often with mothers who have had several pregnancies, you can expect the baby to be born about 7-10 days after dropping. Just wondering what other people's experience was with this - I am almost at 10 days post-dropping and no obvious signs of labor yet!

roadfamily6now's Avatar roadfamily6now 08:00 PM 07-13-2008
my babies never "dropped"
KD's Momma's Avatar KD's Momma 08:33 PM 07-13-2008
it was 3.5 weeks for me with my 3rd babe
broodymama's Avatar broodymama 08:36 PM 07-13-2008
DD didn't drop until I was in labor, and labor was only 2 hours. This babe hasn't dropped yet.
madiesmommy's Avatar madiesmommy 10:06 PM 07-13-2008
Weird, I dropped (this is #2) week on Tuesday (or maybe Wed). And he has stayed dropped. I'd be curious if that 7-10 day time frame holds true!
maiaminna's Avatar maiaminna 10:19 PM 07-13-2008
None of mine dropped until I was in labor.
Mama2Xander's Avatar Mama2Xander 04:13 AM 07-14-2008
I think it really varies. Mine dropped at 31-32 weeks both times and were born at 38 and 39 weeks. I remember being 32 weeks with my 2nd and people would look at me and go "wow, any day now!" lol
xixstar's Avatar xixstar 12:17 PM 07-14-2008
this is my second and baby dropped around 36 weeks (we're at 40 now).. I've been thinking the baby actually un-dropped recently though, which is an odd thought.
CawMama's Avatar CawMama 07:04 PM 07-14-2008
I noticed my sister had dropped, and her baby was born exactly 14 days later.
dogmom327's Avatar dogmom327 07:20 PM 07-14-2008
About a week
MsBlack's Avatar MsBlack 10:33 PM 07-14-2008
It is also not at all uncommon among women who've had a few babies for a baby to drop...then go back up out of the pelvis again, more than once.

I have never seen any pattern in this, it is very individual--I'm surprised your mw said that. I don't consider dropping to be any predictive sign at all in a woman whose already had at least 1 other baby.