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Haselnuss's Avatar Haselnuss 09:20 PM 11-26-2008
I've had 3 homebirths. They were absolutely not easy - especially the first - but I certainly wouldn't call them traumatic! It's like: when I was a kid, I used to read adventure stories and wish for a difficult, scary quest that would require all my strength, and from which I could come back feeling like a hero. I got that. (And if anybody says I don't get a medal - if you truly feel like a hero, you don't need one. )

camprunner's Avatar camprunner 10:52 PM 11-27-2008
The things that I am upset about with my homebirth could have happened in the hospital. I would be much more upset if I had been in the hospital...

1. My husband took the baby, left the room, and invited people to come an see the baby while I was being stitched up. I needed a hand to hold!

2. Not enough litacain was used when the stitched me up. All I could think of was that I did not want anything sharp in that area. Had I had someone who could think clearly to put things in perspective the outcome would have been better. Again, a hand to hold would have been wonderful!

I did not have a doula and next time we are going to have doula money saved before ttc! I'm hoping that if I pay someone to be right there rather than relying on my husband who apparently felt like a volunteer that I will not be alone with the midwife and a needle.
Rockies5's Avatar Rockies5 04:09 AM 11-28-2008
Originally Posted by Munki'sMom View Post
Would you ever describe it as being a bad experience? One you would not do again?

We are having our 1st HB in 3 weeks (yikes!) and I'm really nervous. My hubby always says "I have never met someone who had a HB that would not do it again, so it must have been fine/awesome".

Is this true?

Any words of wisdom for me? How can I control my nerves? What if I get into this and it is horrible?
I've had three homebirths. They weren't perfect (nothing in life is) but I would never change a thing and have no regrets, most especially when it comes to place of birth.

If you are having very strong fears, I'd ask yourself why. just find some peace, be quiet and empty and think of nothing until you figure it out.
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