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Midwesternmomma's Avatar Midwesternmomma 12:47 AM 02-08-2004
Does anyone know any information about having a VBAC after a t-incision c-section? My first child was a T incision, the second a bikini cut, I would like to have a third...but I desperately do NOT want another c-section. Can anyone give me any advice?


kids'ncows's Avatar kids'ncows 02:40 PM 02-09-2004
Hi Midwesternmomma,

Is the vertical part of the T on your skin or your uterus? If the incision on your uterus was horizontal, then I think you're biggest challenge will be because you had 2 c-sections. Lots of women have VBA2C's but it is harder to find a willing care provider. If the first incision on your uterus was vertical, your risks of rupture do go up because that scar goes with the muscle fibers and is not as strong as one that goes across the fibers. Again I know that people have successfully VBAC'd after this type of incision, but you'll want to read up on the rupture rates, and try to determine if they are quoting partial ruptures or complete ruptures. (Sorry, it's been so long since I researched rupture rates I don't have any good links. If you don't find what you need here, the ladies at the parentsplace VBAC board are great, too.)

Good luck on your journey. Isn't it the pits how a scar has so much affect on things?
Midwesternmomma's Avatar Midwesternmomma 06:40 PM 02-09-2004
Unfortunately, the incision on my uterus the first time was the T-cut. My skin is a bikini cut from both times. Not only that...but the doctor that did the first botched job made the T in such a place that the second doctor could not reuse even part of the incision. So, my uterus not only has a T incision, but another horizontal cut close to it. I don't think it looks good for me. I did A LOT of research when I was PG with my youngest and I in my case the rupture rate were around 7% (I am unsure if that was partial or full). My doctor was wonderful in many ways, but he could not support a vaginal birth in my case. He is a STONG believer in VBAC in general, so I doubt that it was an "easy out" for him... I SO badly do not want another c-section...I have even considered a home birth, but with my increased risk I don't know if that is the best option either.

LisaG's Avatar LisaG 01:33 AM 02-21-2004

If you subscribe to the ICAN email list there is a woman on the list who also has a t-incision and is exploring her birth options. She is an amazing source of info (as are many of the women on that list) and I'm sure she'd be more than happy to share the research she's found.


Good luck!
Midwesternmomma's Avatar Midwesternmomma 01:38 AM 02-21-2004
Thanks lisa...I will check that out!!
JayGee's Avatar JayGee 01:49 AM 02-21-2004

If you're interested, I can give you the name and number of my HB midwife. I'm sure she'd be happy to answer your questions about T incisions and VBAC. She herself had a VBAC after 3 classical incisions. She's in South County. Let me know if you'd like to speak with her.