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I had c-section with dd (after laboring) with the main reason being cephalopelvic disproportion. (sp?) Anyways....I am 5' and 115lbs and she was 9 lbs.3.5oz and 22.5inches. I KNOW that just because I'm short doesn't mean I can't birth a large baby vaginally, there a way to know that my pelvis is large enough? Would my midwife or doc already have figured this out, or would I need to specifically ask them to check?

I REALLY want a VBAC, possibly a HBAC next time so any support/ideas will be appreciated.
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While true cephapelvic disproportion occurs, I believe it is an extremely rare event.

During labor, the pelvis widens to accomodate the descending baby.

I also believe that women don't necessarily grow a baby that is too big for them to birth. Biologically, this would be dangerous to the continuation of the species.


There are times when babies are in a less than optimal position for birth, prolonging labor and not fitting in the pelvis well. For more information on this, you can check out:

Induction of labor, especially artifically rupturing the bags of water, can further complicate this issue.

I think that sometimes failure to progress has more to do with putting expectations on a woman to proceed a certain way in labor, and when she doesn't she's deemed to have "failed".

I've seen so many women who had CPD as a diagnosis for a cesarean go on to birth vaginally - most even have bigger babies!

There's no way to tell for sure how a baby will fit through a pelvis (or not) before labor and even then, it's pretty brave to claim that you can.

I've seen one case of CPD that I believe was accurate. This mom held her baby OVER her pubic bone, made it to complete dialation while moving around and baby never descended. However, even though I was witness to this birth, I would never assume that it would happen again under different circumstances.
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The short answer is no. There are so many variables with birthing a baby - position of baby, ability of babe's head to mould, shape and size of Mom's pelvis, how much give pelvis has, power of the uterus, support, etc. About 70% of "CPD" ladies go on to VBAC successfully.

After years of practise as a L&D RN and some midwifery work, I agree that true CPD is rare. Ironically, I ended up having true CPD myself (homebirth, midwives, support, peace, full dilitation, pushed for 6+ hours w/o descent & with severe impacted pain behind my pubic bone with each push, trial of forceps (babe didn't budge an iota)...c/s : ). Although I was counselled by the OB who attended me to book repeat sections with subsequent babies, I am choosing to play the odds and try for a VBAC (which will be happening any day now! 39+ weeks along). My bet is on the fact that my DD had almost no palpable fontanel and had very little ability to mould her head to fit thru my pelvis. Maybe this baby will be different? And if not at least labour will most likely be good for us both. But as far as I know there is no one who can tell me with any kind of certainty whether or not I'll be able to VBAC- I have to try to know.

Sending you the good vibe for your own successful HBAC!
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The OB declared my pelvis too small to accomadate a baby bigger than 6ish pounds to get through after my 8.4 ds couldn't get through, he did have a big head, his head was also in the wrong position and had pitocin shoving it down. Looking at both mine and hubs family history of big babies said OB suggested Cs for any child we have (#2 was a repeat C, she weighed in at 7.9, two weeks "early"). In December last year I birthed #3, vaginally at home, he was 8.3
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My dd was deflexed and maybe asynclitic. She wouldn't descend even though I was in labor. My body would labor, dilate my cervix, then quit at 6cm and swell up. The next night the same thing would happen. It was so frustrating! Finally my MW came over and flexed dd's head, during which my water broke and her head was up against my cervix. I did end up with a lip that almost tore my cervix, but was able to get it moved. Had I been in the hospital, it's possible that they would have given me pit to keep my labor going and I might have ended up trying to push with dd unable to move down and been diagnosed with CPD.

I'm totally not saying this to be like, "See? if you'd been at home..." I read that you'd been complete for 2 hours, because of the swelling I couldn't get complete, so my labor is a different story. My point is that there is CPD, there is relative CPD, where baby's head isn't in a position that allows it to fit down into the pelvis, and then there is CPD diagnosed when a baby is induced and not engaged and the mom has to push the baby for too long to get it out.

The biggest thing is that even if it was true CPD, every baby is different, ever birth is different. Your pelvis has stretched to a point which will make it that much easier for the next baby. Also your levels of relaxin maybe different, there are a million factors with birth after CPD.

I am 5'1" and dd was 7'12", with a 14" head. My doula is somewhere around 5'3" and has had a 6 pound induced baby, an almost 9 pounder and an almost 10 pounder. Hip size and height don't really mean anything in terms of pelvic space. Well, hip size means nothing at all.

I hope that helps! Blessings to you on your journey!
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