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I'm planning a HB for this one and wanted to see if there are any other mama's who've had or are planning to have a VBA2C!!

A little background...

DS was induced at 37 weeks for supposedly being 'too big'. Ultrasound measured him over 8.5lbs the day of my induction. I wasn't ready, was in the classical 'flat on back' position (hospital policy) and they broke my water waaaay too early. He was born the next night weighing 5lbs 11 oz.

DD was an attempted and almost achieved VBAC. To this day (she's 13 months now) I wholeheartedly believe that my MW was too impatient and I NEVER should've been c-sectioned. To make a looong story short, I went from 7CM and 0 station to 9CM and +1 station in 90 seconds. Her heart rate skyrocketed to high 100's (to be expected with such a fast and hard transition) and came down nicely to normal range with contractions. The MW, who had been telling me all day that my labor was too slow (15 hours, start to 9CM) lost it and called the OB in who took a half a glance at the screens and said 'this mom needs a section NOW'. It took them 20 min to prep me. On the way to the OR they asked me if I had music requests. We have pictures of my daughter being born. It was not an emergency and they could've just waited for her to come out vaginally since she was RIGHT THERE. I could feel her head.

So here I am, 13 months later and expecting unplanned baby #3 due in September. I can't imagine laying down on an OR table, knowing full well that my body can do this and almost did.

Anyone else in my shoes? Or have been? I love VBA2C stories, especially ones I can share with my husband. He's supportive, but like any man, concerned for our safety in the instance of 'something going wrong'.

Looking forward to being part of the board for the coming months... And I will have a wonderful HBA2C story when the time comes

~ Fe ~
Mama to C (3-25-06) and A (1-17-09) and Jameson Grant (9-25-10) my HBA2C baby!
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YES me!!
Im planning vba2c with this one. Im due in April and starting to get scared.
My husband is nervous too, but is on board with me doing what I think is right.
When I was pregnant with my first baby I knew nothing about c/s or the corruption of the medical world. I come from a family of women who just have babies naturally at home or in the hosp with no drugs or interventions. I didnt do any research and was completely unprepared for all of the typical things said and done to women in labor.
so ... this is my story
with baby #1 I felt a little trickle of fluid coming out one night and thought it was no big deal since the baby wasnt due for about a month. I called the dr anyway just to make sure and she told me to come to the hosp just to get checked.
WHen I got there she said it was amniotic fluid leaking and went ahead to break my water with out talking to me first. Then she said we would wait for contractions.
Of course none came because it was not time.
Then she said we would try pitocin to get contractions going .....
(i didnt even know what that was)
After 18 hours and the contractions coming violently sickeningly unaturally fast they told me I wasnt dilating at all and that the baby had to come out or it could be damaged or infected...blah blah blah.
So there was my first one. She was so swollen from the pitocin. I had a horrible recovery and felt traumatized and had pretty bad ppd.
Then I got pregnant 15 mos. later with the next one and I was told by 5 doctors and the midwives that it was too soon between pregnancy and c/s to try for vbac.
Now 5 yrs later and after tons of research I am armed with knowledge and am taking charge of this one.
Its great to hear that someone else is having their first vaginal birth too.
Most of the people I meet have only had 1 c/s for their vbac.
Keep in touch!
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I am not prego as yet, but hoping to be by summer. I will be aspiring for a VBA2C. i had my first vaginally, my next was a c-section, b/c i was bleeding a week before she was due. They induce my labor unsuccessfully, by placing cervidil in my vagina. It seemed as soon as my hubby, and sis left the room, they needed to section me. 5 years after, i was pregnant again, i went to MW who worked under an OB, around 37 weeks, they began to talk about uterine rupture, i was a little concerned but did not want c-section... the OB stated at 39 weeks he wants to schedule a c-section, i sed no way. he went on talkin, to me he sounded like the teacher on Charlie Brown... bla, blah, blah wah, wah... Then on the next appt, they told me the baby was lying side ways and measured 8 lb. I asked what can be done, they said they would try a version, to try and turn the baby. (In retrospect, why? isnt that risky for some one 38 weeks pg who had a previous section?) N e way,i agreed, they told me not to eat or drink anything after midnight and come in to the hospital at 9:00. OK so here comes the okie doke, then they tell me i have low fluids, i"m thinkin, yeah u'd have low fluid too if you were near dehydration. Long story short ( a lil late, I kno) they wanted to induce since i was there, foley bulb, constant monitoring, 2 nights, nothing, but interventions after intervention, i ended up with another c-section.Three weeks after discharge, a small area of the scar opened up, smelled horrible, they cleaned it and told me becareful!

This time around, I'm doing research and trying to find a HBA2C/VBA2C friendly ob/GYN or PREFERABLY A midwife, if u kno any, in Brooklyn, NY let me kno.
So, i will be seeking a vba2c in the near future, God Willing
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Hey. I don't have a VBAC story of my own yet, but a good friend of mine just had a HBA2C just two days ago. It is possible! Have faith in your body and your baby!

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, support and resources for postpartum mood disorders. You are not alone.
Mommy to J (5) and S (03/2009) . Hoping for a .... in 2010?
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I had to come over and read your post after talking about scars on the other thread.

WOW is all I can say. Not even 6lbs for that BIG baby?! I'm sorry mama. And it must be so motivating to know that your last baby was right there and that you CAN do this!

I'm looking forward to reading your story

Amy, Army wife living in S. Korea, mama to my inverted t c/s baby 04.05.08 and my VBAC with inverted t baby 07.24.10
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I am due in October, planning a HBA2C, possibly UP/UC if I can't find a midwife.

My first baby, 10 years ago I was seeing a midwife at a freestanding birth center, she was very hands off, only coming into the room once during the 18 hours I was there. After 18 hours & only getting to 4cm she suggested we transfer to the hospital. Upon arriving at the hospital the OB there took one look at me & said, "Your having a 10-12lb baby, you need a c-section." I was 18 & believed him. At 8:12 pm my daughter was delievered weighing only 8lbs 7oz.

5 years later I chose to plan a homebirth with my son and an awesome midwife friend of mine. I went into labor 7am on a Monday morning, 24hours later my water broke, & 24 hours after that we decided to transfer to the hospital because of risk of infection. Once at the hospital they put me on antibiotic, but still allowed me to labor naturally, no pain relieft etc... that was 3 days into labor! We arrived at the hospital at 7am & at 7pm they put me on pitocin still without any pain meds. By 11:30pm I was wore out and only dilated to 6 so I threw in the towel myself and asked for the c-section. Everyone was surprised I lasted that long!

I've moved to a different state this time & would love to have that same great midwife I had with my son, but I'm too far away. I'm having trouble finding one here that will take on VBA2C, even anyone hospital based, so I may be going the UC route. I'm cool with that, but my husband says he would feel better with a midwife here, but I already warned him that I will be going UC if that isn't possible.

Mrs. (28) Wife to the Mr. (26) Mama to K (10g) & J (5b). Expecting #3 10/10. Hoping for a HBA2C.
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Hello, I'm due Mar 27th and am planning a HBAC with my fourth baby. My first was born vaginally weighing over 10lbs and had shoulder dystocia but came out fine with no injuries.

My next OB refused to even let me go into labor with my next baby and having military insurance I had no other provider choices. He came out 7lbs 14oz and was much smaller than me first baby.

With my 3rd I had a hospital based CNM and planned a vbac. After laboring naturally for 16.5 hrs and getting to 8.5cms the OB on call was not comfortable with me laboring any longer and ordered a csection. Nothing was wrong with my or my baby but his head was tilted and we just needed more time. I allowed myself to be induced so I feel partly to blame for that one. My son weighed 8lbs 4oz and my CNM was upset over the whole thing and incouranged me to have a vba2c with my next baby.

So this time I chose a CPM group and will be having a home birth with no limits on time or baby size etc. I feel confident and am excited. Good luck with your VBA2C journey.

SAHM to Kaylynn 12, Alec 10, Gideon 5 and Silas my hba2c baby born 4/12/10! h20homebirth.gif  vbac.gif cd.gif bftoddler.gif

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I too am planning an HBA2C. My first was a vaginal delievery in a hospital with a CNM. I was induced due to PIH and was in labor for 3 long days! My second was considered high risk due to 3 miscarriages between my first and my second, and a couple of cervical surgeries due to cervial cancer (my cancer was gone and had been for years). They said I was at risk for cervical incompetence and did biweekly transvaginal ultrasounds starting at 16 weeks, and even though my cervix stayed long hard and closed, they started doing weekly manual cervial checks at 28 weeks. I developed an intrauterine infection at 34 weeks and my water broke a few days later due to the infection. They put me on pit because my contractions weren't starting up and than despite me telling them I was having contractions they kept turning it up saying that I wasn't having contractions, that the monitor wasn't reading them. I finally insisted on an internal monitor and it showed that my contractions were lasting more than 3 minutes with less than 30 seconds between. My placenta abrupted and I was rushed in for a c-section. My son was over 5 weeks early and had breathed some blood into his lungs. He was rushed away and I was left alone in the recovery room. I didn't see him for 8 hours and didn't get to touch him till he was over a day old. I ended up with septic shock and almost died because the intrauterine infection was introduced straight into my blood stream because of the abruption and they didn't continue my antibiotics after the baby was born.

My second was an attempted HBAC in a very non friendly VBAC area. I was fortunant to find a midwife who would attend. My water broke at 8.5 weeks and labor was progressing smoothly. I was dilated to 5 and the baby was at +2 station. She all of a sudden pulled her head up and went oblique (diagonal). We transfered and by the time we got to the hospital she had turned completely transverse. I had a much better c-section. She stayed right by me while they stitched me up, and I was nursing her within 20 minutes of them pulling her out of me. She didn't leave my site the whole time!

This time I live in much VBAC friendlier area and have found a great team of midwives who will attend a homebirth with me. I am due the end of May and am getting soooo excited!

I can't wait to hear your VBA2C story!

Tara - nurse and wife to a nurse, mama to four, Izak (7/28/99), Liam (9/25/06), Freya (5/28/08) and Luna (5/19/10)
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I had 2 vaginal births, a c-section for a transverse/nuchal cord, and then a forced repeat scheduled c-section. Last June I had a VBA2C at a hospital with a good OB. The hospital was fantastic. I ended up having my water broken to go into labor, as my cervix was favorable....but, I was past EDD and working within hospital constraints. He broke my water at a little after 10 am, I began having light contractions around 1, after walking around. I went into really active labor around 4 pm, at 5 I was dilated to a 6, and he was born at 6:14 pm. He was 8 lbs 10 oz. It was great and I wouldn't change it...except that this time I want to have a homebirth with hopefully no intervention.

I'm nearly 12 weeks pregnant (yes, I EBF...he slept a couple of long stretches at night, and now he's going to be a big brother!) and I've hired a midwife who is one of only a couple who will attend VBAC here....we also don't have hospital CNM deliveries anywhere near us, as far as I know.

So, that's my history! I'm very proud of you, and rooting for you with your VBA2C!

Blessed Christian Wife and Homeschooling Mother to 10 children.

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‘To someone whose god is science, vaccination makes sense. But to someone whose god is God, it is appalling’ - Dr. Golden.
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I am planning a HBA2C, due in July.

My first c/s was due to breech presentation & my uneducation (should have found a new doc to do a vaginal breech delivery).

My second c/s was a failed hospital VBAC attempt. An infection go the best of us, but I did make it all the way to pushing.

I have no fear about going into my homebirth & know I can do it!!!

Christa ~ Mom to Hannah (5), Keira (3) & Lexi (17 months)

HBA2C mama


Student doula

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I had an HBA2C in December and it was awesome. It was the least stressful of any of my pregnancies and births.
My first was a classic failed induction and my second a failed vbac for no reason other than being "overdue".
I found a homebirth midwife for my third pregnancy and it was the best thing I ever did. My husband was also a little unsure about it but after he talked with the midwife was much happier with the idea.
You can do it!
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Just wanted to encourage those of you hoping for VBA2C, it can be done. Most of those are homebirths, they are less likely to be tinkered with at home, and the labor can proceed at its own pace. I have worked with ladies who had c/s, VBAC, c/s, VBAC, and three or more homebirths! So, it can be done! Looking forward to hearing your stories...
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I will be having a VBA2C in June.

My first two C/Ss were due to major birth ignorance, on my part, and I will not let that happen again. I have an amazing OB this time who doesn't even bat an eye at VBAMCs. His hospital and office are both over an hour away from where I live, but it is 100% worth it.

SAHM to a crazy little boy (4.5) and a silly little girl (3) and my VBA2C babe
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I won't be a VBA2C, but a HBA3C. Way to go! I can't wait to hear how your birth goes.

Wife to a wonderful husband, mom to 5 amazing boys, 2 m/c and Knox Cornelius our 5th son born at 15weeks 12/3/2011, Lillian Faith our 1st daughter, born at 14 weeks May 19, 2012 (Turner Syndrome). 

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Hi there!

Congrats to all of you ladies!

I am also VBA2C hopeful! I JUST found out I'm pg today, so am beginning the journey (after being VBAC hopeful with my last baby) again, this time with many hopes and prayers that God will lead me in the right direction this time. I stressed and had so much anxiety and depression related to trying for my VBAC last pg, I just cannot go through all of that again. I want a nice and peaceful pg this time!

I am also looking for any info on providers in or around Columbia, MO that support VBAMC. If anybody knows or has leads on anything, please email me!!! Thank you!!!

Take care girls! We can do this!

Blessings, Shannon
Mama to 3 Beautiful Boys - 10, 7, & 3 - and our 1st girl due 11/8/10! VBA2C hopeful!
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I had two coerced c/s for frank breech with no labour and then had 2 freebirths. I am pg now and looking forward to my third freebirth.

I personally couldn't involve any more OBs or midwives in my pregnancies. I nearly died during my 2nd c/s, and I was lied to and coerced into both c/s to begin with.

My pg and labour before ds3 was born was an enormous journey of self-discovery and renewal or just new faith that my body could and would do what was necessary and could and would do so with dignity and beauty. And it did. *I* did.

I was in nightly prodromal labour for at least four hrs a stretch for 4 weeks before ds3 was born at 44+2 from conception. He had long nails, but had no post-maturity symptoms and the placenta, while stained deep green, was healthy and also not showing any signs of post-maturity.

During those four weeks leading into the birth, my water broke twice. The first time it sealed back up and the next time was a week before birthday and it was just a slow leak after the initial gush.

While I contracted for hours every night, I felt the tearing of the adhesions from my surgeries. That hurt a lot and also gave me a lot of healing, like a breaking from bonds. I could stand up fully straight and take a full breath for the first time since my c/s's when certain areas of adhesions tore completely.

On the last night, my usual prodromal just continued and intensified in a way, but didn't really hurt any more than the prodromal ctx did. I felt pain only for the first hour and then afterward, I had no pain at all. I laboured for nine hours. Ds3 was 10lbs 3oz.

I didn't push or do anything but feel and be in the moment the whole time; it was awesome in the classical sense. I felt so grateful and joyful the whole time, being amazed at the sheer physical power of my body and the reality that I was completely in. It was a euphoric experience, but without anything that hindered my complete focus and sensate awareness. It was like opening my eyes for the first time ever in my life. It changed who I was and am, and I'd already done so much work to be who I am at the birth, so that it was so profoundly self-deepening was a surprise to me- but a great one.

Ds4, my second freebirth was preciptious- 3 ctx in 3 minutes after a sudden water break that splashed all over our bedroom floor. Dp spilled his coffee all over himself because it was so loud and he had just come in with it because our children had just come down with the flu I was finally that day finished with. He figured he'd be up all night with them, knowing that I really needed rest after having the flu for a few days myself. Ds4 was born at 42+3 from conception. He was 10lbs 8oz.

After his birth, I felt like I was recovering from a flu and not having a baby. That was a bit strange. It was so fast that I felt like my spine was being torn in two. He wasn't even engaged when my body began evicting him. So, I felt his big muscular body slamming into every bone on his way out starting with my ribcage and then, like a bowling ball, hitting everything super fast. It was intense, and so short that I didn't have time to do anything or even panic. I'm not at all prone to panic, but f that went on for much longer, I would have. I had no pain afterward though. I figure I can handle just about anything for three minutes. That was an utterly shocking birth. So, all the awe I had ready for the birth instead went directly to ds4, laying with me naked all night on our bed. I hardly bled at all, and there was just not a lot of stuff to clean up compared with ds3's birth- it took dp 10 minutes to clean up and join us in bed. Absolutely everything about this birth was fast.

Anyway, I look forward to having this baby this summer! I don't freebirth to avoid OBs or midwives, though, just to be clear. That was a necessary reason in the very beginning when I was faced with another c/s, but it quickly transformed into an issue of beauty and autonomy for me (which was a lot of seriously deep paradigm shifts for me). I just don't want or need anyone else thinking or acting as if they have authority in my pg and births. It would feel very intrusive and disconnected to me to have someone in that role in my life- in any respect, and no less in this one.

This is no doubt a journey for anyone in this situation. Please don't be afraid to learn who you are and what you can do; this is something that holds a lot of women back from having the experience they truly desire. Question your fears until they are something else. Don't let up. I don't think any aspect of this was easy at all; it was all hard-fought and hard-won for me until the last day of my first freebirth when I was truly ready and looking forward to the whole experience- it being completely my responsibility, my choice, and my joy.

Also, if I had taken the view that vba2c was an ideal or 'best,' it wouldn't have been enough. That is a position that is easy to exploit during labour by people who desire power, and sadly many hcps do and personally, I needed more for myself than the best option. I was freebirthing and that decision came first as necessity, then as joyful anticipation. I had to truly understand pg and birth's role in the natural unfolding of my own life. I had to be not just firmly insistent, but completely 'in' it, so that even my own thoughts had companion responses, as in even when I experienced doubts, my convictions and realities were responding already, without deliberate effort. I had to know that the birth would be an experience of truly being.

Obviously women have successful vbacs without that amount or quality of desire and certainty, but for me, it had to be that way because that is who I am, and who I am was present during the process. Only I could truly know what I needed to know, and I had to know that I would not need or desire any other person to take any responsibility or burden from me. This was the only way to assure, after two horrific c/s experiences, that nobody could take away my joy and autonomy either, although that is all just from my initial steps into my journey.

That's me, and it's up to you to know what you need of course, but I wanted to share some of this because it is important for women to support one another and to be willing to pass on what we learn about ourselves for the potential benefit of others. You've sought some reassurance and stories to help you begin the journey of gaining what you need in order to have the experience you desire; I hope that I can help at least a little when I am offerred that opportunity. So thank you.

Well, I've been absent for 8 months, and during that time, it turns out that I have completely transformed. You are all precious. Thank you for being here and sharing your lives. You are truly a gift. namaste.gif Jan. 23, 2012

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I am planning my hbac for this summer and was just watching HBAC videos on you tube and just came across this lovely clip for any moms who are looking for inspiration for vbac after multiple c-sections, take a look!

Canadian mom of Myron born in Japan, March 2007. Our second son born at home, wonderful HBAC in July 2010. I am a jeweller, I love creating things!

1***5****10****15****20****25****30****35**coolshine.gif*40****45, Due June 10th, 2014

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I am hoping for a VBA2C or even a HBA2C as well! I am due in October and only found I was pg a few weeks ago.

My first was a planned med free hospital birth with a doula. Turned into 40 hours of labor being stuck at 5cm for the last 10-12 hours as baby was posterior with his head twisted. He was stuck. After trying everything to move him even my doula agreed a section was probably best at this point.

Second baby was a hospital VBAC with a different doula (we moved). Labor started with water breaking at 10pm. Was at the hospital by midnight having good contractions. By 5am I was at 3cm and they wanted me to sit down and have some fluid put in my iv. Baby hr went way down and I was immediately thrown back and given internal monitor. Only position baby liked was hand and knees. Dr felt c-section was best and I knew I couldn't labor like this confined with the monitor, so in my weak moments I said ok to another c-section. Looking back the whole thing was ridiculous.

Until I got pregnant I figured I would just have a schedule section , but now my head is churning with the idea of a HBA2C. I really don't think a VBAC at the hospital would be best considering the constraints they put on you. (hello, stupid IV fluids when I was drinking plenty of water!) Reading everything I can get my hands on and hoping to get my husband on board soon!

Melissa knit.gifmilitary wife to C : Mom to Ben (4.26.06) ,Will (4.07.08), Sam (10.11.10), and expecting a GIRL in March 2013!

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This will be my second (hospital) VBA2C. Dd3 was born via vba2c St. Patrick's day '08.
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Originally Posted by CherryBomb View Post
This will be my second (hospital) VBA2C. Dd3 was born via vba2c St. Patrick's day '08.
Do you have any advice for making a hospital vba2c a success?

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I'm a pregnant now with with 3rd child. I'm very excited to try a VBA2C. I feel I'm as good a candidate as any. It will be 8 years since my last section by the time I deliver this baby. I've never even been in labor. My first son was breech and even trying to turn him did not work because he was sitting Indian style real deep into my pelvis. My second child was delivered 18 months after my first via a scheduled section because I was not informed of my options and was told I had to schedule a section as I've already had one. Now here I am 8 years later expecting my third (and last) child, I really want to experience the joys of a normal birth. I feel that my body was made for this and I CAN do it, although I'm having a hard time finding a Dr. to consult with me and actually look at my risk factors. It's frustrating but I AM advocating for myself this time.
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Hi Mamas!

i am going to have a vba2c in october 2010!

For those of you who have had a vba2c, how did you find a birth attendent? We have been turned down by one midwife and 1 hospital so far. I am wondering if this is just luck or if there is anything specific I should know about the process. We are hoping to find a midwife to attend the birth at our home.

Thanks and healthy birthing to all of you!
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