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I'm eagerly reading the pink kit, I only went through the the firt book so far (breath, language and touch)  and I'm looking forward to learn the rest.

There is something I'm very curious about. Did you find (with or without the pink kit resources) to be more aware of what was happing to your body and baby positioning during your second or subsequent labor/labors?

During my first labor I was not in control. I didn't know what was happening to me and I had to rely on mw or doctor to tell me how things were proceding.

This time around (I'm 27 weeks pregnant now), I'm planning to labor as much as I can at home before going to the hospital and I'm wondering if I'll be able to tell what's happening and if I'll know when it's time to go (unless other happens I cannot anticipate). And then, when in the hospital I'll feel what it's best to have things moving...if baby gets stuck and so on.


What was your experience in regard?


Thanks for sharing.



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Yes. I didn't have the kit you are speaking about, but I was in a much different "headspace" when I had my VBAC than with my other births. Baby #1 was born vaginally, but it was a long, high intervention labor and delivery that was kind of emotionally traumatic for me. I felt like things were being done to me and not by me. Baby #2 was a scheduled c/s for breech presentation post-40 weeks. Baby #3's VBAC was another long labor, but I had been meditating about it all along, so I was completely at peace with it even though it was slow. I had a doula and didn't get the epidural. I was standing, sitting very upright and walking the whole time (no lying down at all, because it was painful that way). I had only two moments of "I can't do this, give me drugs," but I was brought back to reality by my support team encouraging me, suggesting position changes and applying compresses to my back. I knew when I was in transition and when it was time to push because it all felt different from the hours of regular active labor. It was cool to be standing, realize it was time to push, and just sit down on the bed. I asked if I could adjust my position to push, and they said, "Sure. Do whatever you need to do." I felt like the process was all me this time.


The only bummer was that despite all of my chiropractic care and optimal fetal positioning, baby was still transverse (ROT) and asynclitic. I pushed him out in only maybe 15-20 minutes, but it hurt sharply, my OB had to manipulate DS's head as I pushed, and I got three tears, one of which was a Grade 2 but fairly deep along the vaginal wall. They weren't painful after the fact and healed fine, though.   

Katie (36)
Married mom to Patrick (2004), Noah (2006) and Liam (2010) VBAC!!
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Hi! I have been looking for other mamas using the Pink Kit! I am loving it so far. I am planning a VBAC at a free standing birth centre with a midwife for baby number two. I feel very empowered by learning about what my body will be going through during the labor.

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Thanks Katie for you reply.



Hi Makaylamama. I'm loving the Pink kit too. I haven't start practicing with my husband yet. He just came back for a business trip and I pushed him a little hard over the weekend because I want to start ASAP. Then I told him how much I need him this time, even more than last time, just because the system here is highly medicalized and we being very aware of everything is very important.


I do find there is abundant information out there and it could be confusing. I've been reading a little bit of the spinngingbabies website too, but I feel there are too many things there that if done improperly could do in the end more harm than good. So I decided to stick only to the info in the pink kit and other techinics I can ready about I would leave as last resort if I see my chances getting thinner and thinner.


I would be a great comfort to know that this time I'd be able to understand what's going on.

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I have thought often about the pink kit, but never did it...I'm 39 weeks today, so, obviously no turning back on my planning now!


Anyway, my first, my c/s was because I was pushing for 2 hours and apparently that was my time limit for my doc!  Grrrrr!!!!!!  :(  Anyway, I later found out he was malpositioned, but didn't think too too much of it.  I knew the induction was a big probable reason, he just wasn't ready!  My water was broken at just 2cm, so I figured he descended in a poor position.  I had an early epidural, so I figured between lack of movement and not being able to feel myself pushing and so on, it was just a cascade of interventions that lead to my c/s.  Plus an impatient doctor that only gave me 2 hours to push and then SHE wanted to go home!  Again...grrrr!!!!


For my vbac, because of the malpositioning I decided that natural was the way to go!  I patiently waited to go into labor on my own and when I did, I stayed up and mobile.  However, 90 minutes into pushing with this new doc, he started to pressure me a bit, partially because of "last time".  I too felt the pressure of, how long will they let me push.  So, his idea, because my baby was again malpositioned, was to give me the epidural so he could manually reach up there and turn baby's head so she could come down.  It worked.....but, at this point the light bulb went off with malpositioned babies!


So, this time, I've done yoga, chiropractic visits (which I found out I have a hip misalignment which TOTALLY went hand in hand with the malpositioning of my first two babies), and I again plan to stay natural and mobile.  But this time, with my prep work and again, new and actually very very very supportive doctor, I know my likelihood to succeed is much much greater!  He sees no reason to put a pushing time limit on a perfectly healthy mom and baby like the previous two times. 


Okay, so very long background and I haven't had this 3rd baby yet, but I will say I'm a LOT more aware of his positioning during I do hope I'll be more aware during labor and delivery as well!  I know for my first, I knew very little about baby positioning, the idea of knowing where baby's feet or butt was, was just far beyond me!  With my second, I visited spinning babies a few times and looked on there, but I didn't really think too much about it.  This time, I've really educated myself and since I can tell and do know where my baby is, I feel a lot more confident because my knowledge and my prep work to be successful in the ways I want to be successful!

I hope you enjoy the pink kit!  I'm sure it's a great buy!!!

Me (30), DH (31), DS (3.5 yrs - 5/07), DD (1.5 yr - 2/09) via VBAC!!! DS (newborn - 11/10) via natural VBAC! 2 angel babies - 06/06 & 04/08
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